Wall Street Rich Vietnam War Liar Senator Blumberg Wants To Choke Trump Lies

As a test, I tried googling this video using key words that used to work in the past.  No video came up.  I did get it via Infowars!  Google’s search system is in full collapse now.  The Senator who lied about being in the Vietnam War when he hid in DC during the war, is calling our President names again like he is some sort of ‘patriot’ when we know he is a traitor who is also a coward.  One thing here: the Democrat machine forgave him for lying about fighting commies.  This is because he supports commies now, I am presuming!


As Blumenthal was running for U.S. Senate in 2010, the New York Times reported that on a couple of occasions, he had talked inaccurately about his Vietnam years. He pretended he fought in Vietnam when he actually spent the entire time protecting his own ass in Washington, DC!


May 17, 2010, that in 2003, Blumenthal had spoken at a rally supporting troops overseas. The newspaper reported that Blumenthal said, “When we returned, we saw nothing like this.” That was a comparison with soldiers who came back from Vietnam.


He was very sly here.  He said ‘we’ returned without saying ‘I returned’.  This way, he could safely piggy back ride on the real vets.


Blumenthal repeated a similar line at a 2007 Memorial Day parade in Milford, Conn. And at a 2008 ceremony for veterans and senior citizens, Blumenthal said, “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”


Emboldened by this lie, he expanded and said ‘I served’.  Thinking he was very clever, he thought no one would notice him stealing the valor of real fighters.


In 2003, the Connecticut Post referred to Blumenthal as “a former Marine sergeant who served in Vietnam.” The paper repeated that in a 2008 article, but in 2009, called him “a Marine sergeant during the Vietnam era.” The New Haven Register wrote in 2007 of him as, “Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who served with the Marines in Vietnam.”


At the time, Blumenthal did not correct any of those descriptions.


Indeed!  And that is a crime.  Pretending to be a vet for political game is illicit as well as nefarious and cowardly.  When confronted with these blatant lies, this is how this evil little creature amended it:


“I routinely describe my pride at having served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves during the Vietnam era,” Blumenthal said, flanked by veterans. “On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service. And I regret that, and I take full responsibility.”


This little man, screeching for Trump to be kicked out of office for doing basic diplomacy and who suggested the tangled relations of Ukraine with Biden and his son should be examined, did NOT take any responsibility, much less full responsibility, for lying to voters for political gain!


Blumenthal released a statement about a week later saying, “I have made mistakes and I am sorry.”


Seeing that his ‘apology’ which was more like, ‘sorry I was caught’ had to be ‘amended’…this creep called his disgusting lies ‘MISTAKES.’  They were not ‘mistakes’ at all, they were attempts at deceiving voters!  They were deliberate lies for political gain!


All liberals ‘apologize’ and then are forgiven.  If anyone else, politician or mere citizens being attacked by liberals, if they confess and apologize, the smearing, screaming and attacking intensifies, it doesn’t go away at all!  The point is to annihilate anyone who opposes global open borders and freezing us to death in the future.


And this is a rotten double standard which the mainstream media ignores which is why trust in mainstream media is collapsing.  Ignoring this collapse, the fake liberals who are actually Maoists, continue relentlessly with their fake news, double standard outrage, their incessant attacks on anyone arguing with them…they do this all the time, blatantly, in our faces while openly sneering at us.


Look at Blumenthal, the Jewish man whose family got very wealthy on Wall Street, he went to Yale, the home of the Skull and Bones black magic gang.  He is a member of the Bilderberg gang.  Look at the video above, his sneering face, his hatred of patriotism.  He hates patriots with a passion which seems to be the biggest element in the DNC at this point in time.

This evil man is trying desperately to bury his own news.  He wants the media giants to conspire with him to prevent citizens from learning about his dirty under the table deals and his open boasting about strong arming the Ukraine government into firing the prosecutor looking into his son’s bribes.  He wants to dictate what news we get!  This, despite previous mainstream media burying all the child molestation proofs we post online.


5 times the rich and powerful gave Hunter Biden goodies to gain influence in DC:


Shortly after Joe Biden was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, his largest campaign contributor, the credit card issuer MBNA Corp., hired Hunter for an undisclosed role. The job raised eyebrows from ethics watchdogs since MBNA employees had just donated $63,000 to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign in what appeared to be a coordinated manner designed to sidestep federal campaign finance regulations.


This is why all reforms fail.  The politicians deliberately dig escape holes so they can do stuff illegally while citizens trying to run for office, too, must obey all laws. This double dealing junk is common with liberals to the point of comedy.  They do this reflexively and when caught, simply keep on doing it.


Clouding the picture even further was the fact that then 26-year-old Hunter Biden was a recent graduate of Yale Law School with no banking or business experience. Both father and son defended the job offer, claiming nothing improper had or would result because of the arrangement.


Peddling influence and looting countries is why these clowns run for office.


In the early-2000s, Hunter Biden remained on MBNA’s payroll as a consultant while his father was writing and pushing the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. The arrangement, which did not become public until after the law was passed, started in 2001 after Hunter Biden had left his position in the Commerce Department. Hunter Biden was paid monthly consulting fees, with some claiming they ranged upwards of $100,000, to advise the company on online banking issues.


Biden always hides his son’s activities because he knows he is cheating, he is corrupt, he is assisting in crimes.


The 2005 bankruptcy law tightened regulations to make it extremely difficult to declare bankruptcy. The law was heavily favored by MBNA and other giants in the banking and finance sectors. Many consumer protection advocates, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), have claimed the bill benefited special interests at the expense of consumers. Some have even suggested the law only served to hasten and aggravate the recession of the late 2000s.


Dear Elizabeth Warren, spouting total communism rhetoric right now, she is a faker just like Biden is a serial liar.


In 2006, shortly before Joe Biden assumed the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and launched his second presidential campaign, Hunter purchased a hedge fund called Paradigm Global Advisors with his uncle, James. Although neither had a strong background in finance, James and Hunter believed they could leverage Joe Biden’s political connections to their benefit.


Paradigm’s executives claim that James and Hunter Biden saw the hedge fund as a way to “take money from rich foreigners who could not legally give money” to Joe Biden’s campaign account.


Ever since Reagan openly collected bribes after retiring, all the Bilderberg gangsters now collect bribes while still in office.  Arrest them all.


Hunter Biden’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with the Bank of China only days after his father paid an official visit to the country.


When the Chinese officials lived with me, we discussed how the elites in the US are corrupt and easily bribed.  I also warned the State Department that the Chinese were planning to bribe everyone.  I suppose when this information was transmitted to President Bush Sr. they viewed this as good news and ran off to collect bribes!


The Obama-Biden administration helped facilitate the sale of U.S. company with insight into military technology to BHR and a Chinese state-owned defense firm. 


They are all traitors.  They all openly hate the USA.  In state where the DNC controls all systems, they immediately pull down the US flag from schools, never say the Pledge of Allegiance at meetings, etc.  They hate the USA with open passionate disdain.


Here is yet another news story the Bilderberg media won’t report:

HAHAHA, looks like the entire DNC leadership (sic) are up to their chinny chin chins in dirty deals with Ukraine’s former corrupt government!  These fools don’t understand, the new leader of Ukraine can now release the Kraken of Corruption on the DNC team!  Wow.  Since none of this is being reported in the news right now, the DNC gang can sail onwards for a while longer, but not for much longer since they are now being investigated.


Finally, another goofy announcement from the ADL which has joined with the ANTIFA gang:

So, making fun of ANTIFA is now a ‘hate crime’?  HAHAHA.  So many organizations and systems are being systematically destroyed by the far leftists, eventually, there will be nothing left!  How ironic. Speaking of these devils:

They physically abused this elderly lady.  This is pure Nazi behavior.  Arrest them all!  Of course, none of these people were arrested or even supervised by the police because this happened in a city run by the Bilderberg gangsters in Canada.


Canada criminalized the wearing of masks, 10 years in prison!  But at the same time, if this law is never enforced against ANTIFA rioters, then it is another Bilderberg scheme to imprison anyone else doing this!  Disgusting double standard.

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