Two Oil Export Powers, Russia And Saudi Arabia, Friendly Meetings!

Putin flew first to Turkey, then to Syria and then off to SAUDI ARABIA and will end up going to the Sheiks running the smaller kingdoms in a massive oil-producer operation whereby Russia strengthens ties with Muslim oil producers.  Trump could do this, too, but is hamstrung by NATO messes which is why mainstream media is screaming for WWIII over the Kurds who want to impose a religious/ethnic state locking out all other people.  So we still are in grave danger due to stupid policies that are utterly contradictory on all levels.


The above video is a must-watch video.  My parents worked in Saudi Arabia (and many other countries) and my mom remarked how the royals had this band that played British music always off beat and out of tune because it clashes with Arabian music which is always minor key and no march rhythms.  Note, also, how the NATO troops are all wearing camo pajamas!  No formal uniforms.


Poor Putin, has to endure this music!  Note also how the elderly king is even more bent over than Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Putin continues his diplomacy in the Middle East.


Vladimir Putin is also expected to take part in the inaugural meeting of the Russian-Saudi Economic Council.  He has laid out the diplomacy for this mission and it is very much based on oil issues and common goals.  Israel, of course, is utterly unhinged about all this and this means twisting arms in the US.  Too bad nearly all the pro-Zionists in Congress openly hate Trump!


They can threaten him even more but they are already doing this, anyways.  Too late to do it on this issue, too.  They shot their wads, so to speak.

Putin discusses how Russia is building oil refinery system for Saudi Arabia and plans to resolve the Syrian crisis working with Turkey and Iran as well as Syria.  Trump can’t do this thanks to our media giants and Congress being infested with people who hate any diplomacy that works in the Middle East.


Former President Barack Obama has inked a ninety-million-dollar deal to produce a Netflix series about Donald J. Trump’s impeachment, Netflix confirmed on Friday.


Obama said that casting for the roles of Trump and Mike Pence had already begun. “Pence has a much bigger role in this than you might think,” he added.


The former President acknowledged, however, that dramatizing the story of the Trump impeachment was not without challenges. “Right now, the main character reveals the smoking gun himself in the first episode,” he said. “There’s virtually no mystery.”


This is truly insane and reckless.  But then, Obama, living in the Bilderberg coon of ‘no news about this’ can do and say anything and get away with it.  For a previous President to pull this sort of stunt is stunning and grounds for re-opening the investigation of the obviously forged birth certificate which was killed four years ago.  The certificate produced by Obama’s group was totally a forged document.


The above story is from the New Yorker magazine.  Also from the New Yorker magazine which has gone utterly insane:

This is a made up story, a ‘parody’ but it is actually what the Bilderberg gang has been pushing so very hard: the utterly false Trump/Putin collusion story.  The joke is on Borowitz who has no wits left.  Or rather, his leftist beliefs are witless.


Here is their poorly drawn cartoon about all this.  Very sad.  Not even slightly funny.  Looks like something produced by a communist cartoonist during the Cold War.

Replace Trump with Biden and yes, at least it would be a correct cartoon and not a stupid one.  Trump forced China to negotiate better trade deals for the US!  Trump isn’t controlled by China, BIDEN is controlled by China!  This upside down world occupied by crazy leftists is most astonishing to watch.

Another poorly drawn cartoon from a dying publication.  Their ‘humor’ has become quite threadbare.


Nearly every cartoon at the NYer is about Trump and shows him as violent and evil and hating America.  Which is odd, the left hates America openly!  They are proud about hating America.  They sneer at the flag, desecrate the flag and physically attack anyone wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.


From the London Daily Mail:

The Biden call for elections being run entirely and ONLY by the government is the typical fascist communist solution.  Naturally, they will limit funds to only candidates the State supports!  And yes, trade fell when Trump fought the Chinese communists and he is winning due to this fact which the Chinese cannot ignore.


Also, the news admits Syria’s President is happy that Turkey is invading his country, backing him in his fight to stop all the uprisings and invaders.  Duh.  It is over, NATO European troops could re-invade but they don’t, they want Trump to be stupid, not themselves.


Now on to Bilderberg lunatic magazine, Forbes.  They are also going insane and this week, issued an article about how white European Christian females should visit violent Muslim male countries ALONE.  This way, they get to enjoy rape and murder, close up, first hand!

Send more women to Muslim countries alone so they can entertain the men there.  Changed the title after readers complained:

The new title is still insane.  It is tremendously dangerous for European Christian women to go there even with an armed guard.  It isn’t run by the British empire anymore!


This video lists a number of dead/raped females from Europe and America going to Pakistan and other male-dominated Muslim countries.  What fun!  All of them were feminists who thought, living in countries where men even looking funny at them can get the men in serious legal trouble, that they had this magic protection in Muslim countries!  Utterly insane but then, liberals don’t like the reality thing, very much, do they?


These same women would end up raped and thrown off of roofs in many DNC-run cities in the USA, too!  It is maybe even more dangerous here, if the city is run by Democrats.  For some reason, these brave young and very stupid ladies don’t bother with checking out the scary people living in their own countries.


Heck, have these females visit the average high school run by black mayors in black cities which vote 100% for the Democrats!  That would require paratroopers and police dogs and tasers to visit properly.  Trust me on this.


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3 responses to “Two Oil Export Powers, Russia And Saudi Arabia, Friendly Meetings!

  1. Moe

    Completely off topic (slow comments day 🙂 ): Pesha Warrior Trump

    Ed: Easy to make fun of Bollywood dance routines but this one is decidedly masculine. It’s quite possible (sarc) that the majority world male population does not reflect the soy-boy attitudes of developed countries.

  2. Kerry

    This is what everyone should be pondering now. Yeah, deepfake CGI tech is treated as a big joke right now. And they portray it by putting other actor’s faces in famous movies. But the real focus will be to FAKE news. Mainly their fake stories of shooters and slimers against people they don’t like. How are we going to know if video has been altered? In fact they TOLD us that they were going to do this waaaay back in the 1990s by showcasing it as a predictive programming story line in that silly Sean Connery film, Rising Sun

    So is this spoof really a spoof? Or is it a threat?

    I’m telling you there are a lot of Antifa crazies who will glom on to deepfake news reports as the God’s honest truth. That is what they are counting on.

  3. Moe

    For Bollywood fans, the full original (Pesha) Malhari Song (3:52)

    Ed: Views of this video total 116,547,559: that i s not a misprint. Now how can one correlate this huge number with the minuscule number viewing Pesha Warrior Trump, some 400.000 between two videos? Methinks YouTube is screwing with the numbers…

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