EU Makes Brexit Deal With Boris, EU Continues To Collapse

Did England escape the Bilderberg gang at last??? Wow!  This means, they regain control of their own borders, their own economy.  It isn’t happening, yet, there are more hurdles to jump.  Extracting the UK from the German/French operation was made easier due to home revolts in both countries as alarmed citizens realize they are open to invasion and destruction by foreigners.  Survival matters!  The EU’s attempt to ape the Roman Empire is crashing just like…the Roman Empire.

And here is the Russian news (as per always, being one of the few real news services left) which is providing us with the Bilderberg gang yapping about the global messes they enable and create.  They want to stop the Turks invading the lands the Kurds have taken from Syria after chasing out citizens of Syria.  So, England is escaping the EU while Turkey is ignoring the EU demands, all at the same time.


This means, the EU itself, is dying.  Bit by bit and so is NATO which has been a huge burden on US taxpayers while Europeans refuse to protect their own silly borders which they claim, they don’t really need, hahaha.  A fine review of how ‘peaceful’ Europe erupts into tremendous violence:

So, England back then, during the Napoleonic attempts at violently or via marriage, take over all of Europe and to impose an economy that locked out ENGLAND…HEY.  They are doing this now!  The EU is a scheme at punishing US and English manufacturing and it succeeded in nearly utterly destroying England’s industrial base.  This is, and I have said this many a year now, a successful ‘win’ for the French and Germans both of whom have seen dreams of utter control of Europe thwarted by the English navy.  Oh, and Spain’s attempts at this, too.


The Brits voting for freedom is a direct hit on the snout of the Bilderberg beast.  Little Napoleon in France, Macron, can’t stop his own people from protesting him every weekend.

And Project Veritas continues to irritate CNN.  The Trump Network is like the NY Trump: all these lefties stupidly feature Trump nonstop and he gets stronger.  Right now, they are claiming a poll…remember how useful polls are?  HAHAHA.  A poll shows slightly over 50% of Americans don’t want Trump.  This is so silly.


Or maybe they want Pense as President?


And here is the black political giants whining that they are fat because racism:

And look at what white women did to black women’s hair!

Everything is the fault of white people!

Blaming everyone else for being fat is the ultimate scam, it requires us to fix this via cutting food to black people?  Is this their demand?  I would suggest to them, they not follow this thinking to its logical end conclusion!



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5 responses to “EU Makes Brexit Deal With Boris, EU Continues To Collapse

  1. Kerry

    Being overweight is a two fold problem, it is both physical AND psychological. The psychological factor overrules the physical. Weight is a sign of deep fear, victimization and abuse.

    When losing weight, the person needs to find the fear based reasons that keep them eating and holding weight to their bodies. Once that is addressed, just about any diet will work because the factors that cause overeating will be gone.

    What we see in these stories is that the powers are moving the focus of trauma away from the real problems (social disintegration in back communities/single parent households/high crime) toward nebulous psy-ops such as “White and other Non-Black People Are Always Bad!”

  2. Ignore the ‘lazy/self indulgent’ aspect, eh? I have considerable life experience in all this ‘living life’ thing. Skinny usually is due to stress like disease or overwork or lack of food or even insanity.

    Fat is due to laziness, lack of control over sugar addictions (including booze) and eating to feel better when things are bad. None of these have a thing to do with racism.

  3. Kerry

    Lazy/indulgent is psychological, isn’t it?

    Again it leads back to FEAR. Fear of lack, fear of violence. Victimization.

    Paradoxically, being overly thin is also a product of fear and psychological abuse. It is fear of being fully in the world. These people are barely tethered to their bodies.

    There are people in the world who are not extremely thin and not heavy and they eat all they want. They can do this because they are psychologically balanced and they don’t eat to sooth fears.

    Where we get into quibbling areas are what is the proper amount of weight for women. Our elites push male transgendered bodies on us in mass media and men are thinner than women. Because they have greater muscle mass and they don’t need extra weight for childbearing and nursing. Until the transgenders are outed and then shown the door, allowing real females to be celebrated in culture, women will never know what truly healthy female bodies look like. They will certainly be heavier looking than a transgendered castrato boy.

  4. snoosebomb

    Huh ? if the EU agrees its got to be bad , did Boris turn out to be worse that TM ?

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