NATO Extinction Rebellion: The Collapse of Western Imperialism As Turkey Defies NATO Plans To Destroy Syria

One has to go to Twitter to get real news now as people post videos of actual events as they happen.  This one is very interesting: the End of Times Extinction Rebellion lunatics in London decided to stop commuters going to work.  They were dragged out of and off of the trains they tried to occupy by the angry workers trying to commute to their important jobs.  Chaos is spreading while the imperialists attack Trump for retreating from grossly overextended US empire goals.

The working class in Europe is under sustained attack by far leftist radical moralists who scream this is End of Times and everyone is going to die.  Draconian measures designed to make China more powerful and Europe and the US collapse into anarchy and starvation are being superimposed by leftists who think we are all doomed.


And if we follow the left, we really are doomed!  The far left isn’t attacking major polluter, China, they are attacking their own home base.  And this is highly unpopular with workers who are slated for removal from the earth.

Sargon says the Kurds should have their own state.  I find this constantly ironic how Europeans are told, everyone on earth deserves a ‘state’ if they are an ethnic or religious group…while Europe should never, ever do this, it is pure evil…but only if you are a European.  Anyone else: they have the moral right to attack neighbors and forge uniform states that don’t let in outsiders and kicks out insiders who are different ethnic/religious standing.

This famous battle happened when the New World was being populated by Europeans like my own ancestors who were invaders of the New World.  The major difference between my family’s invasion and the Ottoman invasion is easy to detect: the Ottoman Empire froze in place and refused to change what so ever and ended up rotting away, internally.

Travel to the Ottoman empire was seen universally as a chance to visit the Middle Ages in the 20th century.  Nothing changed except when European powers forced changes.  There was zero liberations going on except when sponsored by European powers who did this to tear apart the Ottoman Empire.

Battles over the dead Ottoman Empire ran along a 100 year cycle now and it is utterly destroyed.  The Turks remember all this, of course.  NATO has been in hysterics about all this and want desperately for Turkey to side with NATO destroying Syria which is NOT in Turkey’s interest at all.

The above comments are by Turks at You Tube.  The NATO alliance with Turkey has always been a problem which the Bilderberg gang solved by opening the doors to all Muslims and thus bringing in lots of very serious problems for Europeans still living in Europe.


Very foolish people think the Muslims don’t remember anything and are thus, no problem for Europe, for example.  This lunacy is betrayed easily, here are other comments at the above video, from English writers who make it very clear, no one is forgetting what happened 100 years ago.

This is German news, they do ask an important question: what about the Syrian refugees the Kurds chased out of Syria via armed violence during the last several years?  This information is utterly concealed by US mainstream media.


Putin’s diplomacy is paying off, big time.  He has now utterly split NATO in two.  NATO is basically nonfunctional now.  The fact that NATO Europeans are yelling at Trump to attack using our military shows how utterly useless NATO has grown.  Trump did all he could to force, via punishing European Bilderberg gang leaders, into contributing to NATO instead of having US citizens pay much more than 60% of the overhead costs.


We are yet again, by the Democrats and GOP Bilderberg gangsters, being herded into a major war with nuclear armed foes, all in the name of say, supporting the Kurds?  Is this the hill civilization will die on?  Good lord, talk about stupid.


Most of our nuclear missiles intended for attacking Russia, are in Turkey.  This is utterly ridiculous.  It is also why Europe and US Bilderberg gangsters don’t bother much with any diplomacy.

The Economist tries to explain why Europe wants to have us do all the heavy lifting when it comes to Europe’s saber rattling diplomacy with Russia.  Nato is a successful looting of the American taxpayers.  We spend a fortune, protecting these lazy Europeans from their own messes.  Now, Turkey is departing NATO and for good internal reasons.


These self-centered jerks want this status quo to continue forever. Why not?  They think we can be spooked into doing all the fighting for their leaders via traitors in the US pushing for us being cannon fodder for EU elites.  My family didn’t come here to become slaves of the European powers!!!


The insane man talking about NATO who writes for the Economist is a Bilderberg tool, he attends their secret meetings.  He is desperate to keep this ‘PEACE and prosperity’….for Europe’s super rich…going at our own expense.  No EU leader is sending their children into foreign lands to die!  They want us to do this for them.

Turkey is definitely moving out of NATO, step by step.  The Kurd business is accelerating this.  Here is what is really funny:

So, why is this?  Easy: remember Lawrence of Arabia and WWI?  European powers fighting over the Middle East?  And…the Brits created the Arab nations but then controlled them until after WWII weakened both Britain and France fatally.  Now, ancient rivalries are gushing like a broken dam.


What is funniest with the CBS fake news story is, Kurds fought ISIS with the help of the US.  But wait!  The US created ISIS when we illegally invaded Iraq!  And ISIS was fighting ASSAD and the Syrian government and…the US and NATO refused to allow Assad to fight back, this invasion of Syria.  AND, Israel wants it this way, too.  That is, Syria destroyed and cut into small bits.


One of these ‘bits’ has made it clear, the Kurds want a hunk of Turkey, too.  This is never, ever mentioned in the news stories.  Imagine many Mexicans coming illegally into America and then demanding we cut out the Southwest and return it to Mexico?  This is looming in the future, trust me.  It has a 100% chance of happening.  They already made this very clear and the DNC has made it clear, they have no intention of protecting OUR borders.


Nope, we are to spend our troops and money protecting the Kurds so they can erase borders and create their own place while excluding all other people including driving out people who already lived there.  This is utterly insane.



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10 responses to “NATO Extinction Rebellion: The Collapse of Western Imperialism As Turkey Defies NATO Plans To Destroy Syria

  1. I am doing stories fast and furious lately because I am rather alarmed at the gross stupidity going on now…we are seeing the status quo collapse rapidly as the end game of all ethnic group demands for being separate, closed border societies clash with imperial demands for no borders for all NATO allies.

    Indeed, the collapse of all moral systems coupled with demands we follow lunatic social rules while at the same time, importing intolerant religious groups reminds me of something…ah, yes: the collapse and fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Muslim invasion of the Eastern Empire! Yup.

    A perfect match.

  2. NATO members in Security Council of UN demand Russia and China terminate Turkey’s invasion of Syria which Syria’s government wants. The EU and the Bilderberg gang don’t want this invasion.

  3. Lou

    #1, yes. collapse due to so many 3rd worlders showing up.


    In the Netherlands, thousands of farmers take to the streets in their tractors and utilitarian vehicles, blocking traffic, protesting the Dutch govts moves to make diesel and gasoline more expensive and less accessible in their efforts to enforce the Paris protocols to fight ‘Climate Change’.

    Similar to the Yellow Vests, it appears working class and rural Europeans aren’t buying into all this XC bullsh-t, and see it for the anti human hoax that it is. I don’t have the link right now, but check out the Guardian video of middle age protesters climbing up atop a commuter train and gluing themselves to the hull of it, and enraged commuters dragging them off the train and beating the sh#t out of them right on the platform. It’s quite comical.

    Take a look at the protesters, they look familiar, the same anti world thugs who turn out for the anti nuke marches anti war marches, anti imperialism marches, anti racism marches, pro muzzy marches and so on.

    The causes are interchangeable, the cranks taking part in them, for the most part, remain the same.

  4. snoosebomb

    i notice tony Heller is increasing his output also

  5. Things are happening very fast now. The US election is looming and the DNC is a total mess with all of them claiming to love aliens more than citizens and all of the DNC gang yelling about pronouns!

  6. Jim R

    The US troops are being pulled out of Syria simply because they can no longer be there. The troops can’t shoot at the Syrian Arab Army, because they are theoretically fighting ISIS, and not at war with Syria. They can’t shoot the Kurds, because the Kurds are our little friends over there helping us fight ISIS. They can’t shoot at ISIS, because it is really the secret proxy army working for the See Eye Aye and trying to overthrow the Syrian government. They can’t shoot at the Russians, because that would start WWIII. And finally, they can’t shoot at the Turks, because Turkey is a member of NATO.

    Hillary always said she wanted a no-fly zone over Syria. And it is there now. But of course, it isn’t being run by the US/NATO, it is being run by Syria/Russia.

    It was extraordinarily foolish of the planners of this shindig (remember Wesley Clark?) to think that Russia would simply hand over the keys to the Russian Navy and Army bases that the USSR built in Syria over a half century ago. So, now the Russian military is on RT showing how the US handed over the keys to the base at Manbij.

    The empire’s propaganda machine will spin this, but there is no other truth than that the war on Syria has been lost. And don’t worry about the Kurds, they will be given a place at the table when this conflict is resolved. But it will be a Russian table, and the Kurds will not be permitted to start their own country. They will continue to live in their traditional lands.

  7. Everyone cheers while Extinction protestors pulled down.

  8. Zeke

    Don’t know what kind of or origin or nationality of Imad and Bahaa Dawara but they are charged with unspeakable crimes today in Phila.
    Their tradition and ‘culture’ are not ours.
    Diversity is our downfall.
    That subhuman garbage shouldn’t be allowed in the country. They have complete contempt for our laws, our way of life, and us as people.

  9. Zeke

    Accused – not convicted – of burning down a city block in a landlord / tenant dispute. Landlord was near evicting them. Their store was small part of property. They threatened to destroy property, took out fire insurance policy – – with horrible, horrible results.

  10. Lots of interesting history in this one. Thanks.

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