Trump Triumphs Again: Pense and Pompeo Secure Ceasefire In Syria/Kurd/Turkey Fight

So…just as the Machine run by Bilderberg globalists goes into high dudgeon rage at Trump over the issue of Kurds who are mainly a communist operation, his team makes a goal, stopping the Turks and maintaining the status quo which is of course, continuous wars in Muslim countries.  Whew.  This will utterly enrage all the globalists.


Once again, Trump wins as a negotiator compared to the weakling, Obama or the deranged warmongers, Bush Jr. and Hillary Clinton.  And not one US soldier had to die for Trump to do this.  Oh, the shame!  The DNC heroes would have killed at least a few hundred soldiers, first.


Today is very instructive: the DNC and mainstream media pretend there is no border crisis, refuse to report any news about the invasion of the US or Europe, for that matter, they won’t cover news which is life and death for citizens in the US or Europe.  They love covering news elsewhere except a lot of news from the Turkey/Kurd fight was FAKE.


They used videos and pictures from everywhere on earth but Turkey or Syria to illustrate their propaganda stories.  It was nauseating and they were utterly unembarrassed when these frauds were discovered by sharp eyed internet users.  The people who the media hate, that is, anyone sane who can see real news.


Well, looks like NATO will limp along some more.  I expect if the DNC wins, we will  have zero security on our borders and all our money and energy will be spent controlling borders thousands of miles away that are zero danger to US citizens.  And this is the #1 reason I support Trump.


He isn’t perfect but then, he also is NOT A TRAITOR!  A huge difference.  Very great of him to negotiate a situation without killing a single US soldier.  And Nancy and Chuckie can go jump in a burning lake.


MORE BREAKING NEWS: Trump is so busy now!

The 2020 G7 summit will be held at TRUMP TOWER in Miami, Florida!!!  HAHAHA.  Touché!

And…this is really funny stuff.  Trump knows the Bilderberg gang will grind their fangs over this but then…HAHAHA…will hang out, drinking free drinks while crying about how abused they are…HAHAHA.  Love this.


Another funky story:

The GOP tears into the DNC coup attempt and want to censure Rep. Schiff.  This video is interesting because nearly all of the Bilderberg media REFUSED to show up or cover the story.  This naked refusal to give us real news is most interesting.  I find it funny, too.  This reminds me of ostriches with heads in sand visuals.


I am very amused by how the media giants are struggling to destroy Trump and they do play the ‘let’s pretend these people don’t exist’ game with most of the Republicans being concealed from view like I am hidden away but they concentrate daily on Trump and this is backfiring on them.  Absolutely everyone, even clueless millennials know who Trump is!  Gigantic!


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4 responses to “Trump Triumphs Again: Pense and Pompeo Secure Ceasefire In Syria/Kurd/Turkey Fight

  1. LOU

    off topic..Baby trafficking,

  2. Pete

    Deep State attacks Tulsi

  3. HAHAHA. White media bully boy attacks Woman of Color. True moment of power inside the DNC.

  4. lou

    Of Color? she is maybe 1/4 Samoan.

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