War Crime Criminal Bush Jr. Attacks Trump Pulling Troops From Syria Illegal Invasion

A Dutch family hid in their basement for nearly a decade fearing End of Times.  A young man escaped and ran to a pub and begged for help.  This sad family would fit perfectly inside the present Democratic Party whose official position, starting with Al Gore, that End of Times is here and we are all going to roast to death.  The Bilderberg gang continues attacking Trump for pulling out of Syria, they created endless wars there and want these to continue with US citizens dying there for some of the most evil globalists on earth.

Just got more news: the family hidden in cellar are victims of a kidnapping by a neighbor by an Austrian neighbor living in the Netherlands.  The family lived ‘off the grid’ before being taken to the farm and I suspect, they were told it was the ‘end of times’ before being ‘sheltered’ in what became a prison.


More possible news: the wife of the recluse and his buddy who imprisoned the children in the cellar moved away from the above houses after the wife suddenly died with no explanation (most likely, murder) and buried in the back yard!


This is even stronger proof that deranged beliefs are dangerous.  Clever criminals play off of these sorts of fearful thinking and note how the entire DNC and the leadership of the Bilderberg gang is yelling about how we are all going to roast to death unless we run and hide in the cellar due to the world ending.


They even have little girls who are actually nearly adult teens, parading about the planet, telling us we are all going to die.  These are the people trying desperately to both drive us into WWIII with Turkey and Russia and China and also are yelling at us, we should live in cellars with no consumption of energy lest the earth burn up due to too much energy being burned.


A DNC politician at the top of the heap died last night.  Cummings is from Maryland, headquarters: Baltimore, a dying city that is self-destructing like all DNC-run cities.  Destroy the schools, chase out the middle class and voila: a DNC enclave is born.  All our major cities have this problem including massive ones like NYC which I fled due to horrible schools.


War criminal, Bush Jr., claims Trump pulling out ILLEGAL troops from ILLEGAL Syrian invasion is…dangerous for world peace?


Bush, according to Rogin, also said his biggest regret as president from 2001 to 2008 was not passing an amnesty for the 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the U.S., seemingly attacking the Trump administration’s focus on enforcement of immigration law that has helped boost wages for blue-collar and working-class Americans.


Obama didn’t do this, either.  Duh.  Now, they want to do this if they gain enough power and it looks like Trump has the next election in the bag.


“We are a nation of immigrants but the language coming out of the system today is rejecting immigration,” Bush said.


I see more and more Spanish signs everywhere as the invasion continues.  The DNC hopes to have a captive voter base who will always be replenished by newcomers thanks to open borders.


In total, Bush’s post-9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and intervention in Pakistan have resulted in the deaths of between 480,000 and 507,000 people — including nearly 7,000 American soldiers who had deployed to the regions.


This invasion was utterly illegal.  Iraq was blamed for the 9/11 attacks on the US by Saudi and assorted other terrorists.  Bush Jr. assisted the Saudi royals in their flights out of the country afterwards.  The only civilian flights allowed after 9/11 were the Saudis fleeing the possibility of being questioned about the attacks by bin Laden’s buddies.


When asked why he never talked about anything Obama did that was bad like similar illegal invasions, Trump said:


“I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former president undermine a current president,” Bush said in 2014. “I think it’s bad for the presidency for that matter.”


But now, when a President does NOT go to war, it is OK?  HAHAHA.  True Bilderberg gang nonsense. The attacks on Trump are now full throttle.  Many DNC leaders are ancient and Cummings passage through the Gates of Death (I bet he said hello to Saddam there) is just the beginning of the die off of the elderly leaders of the DNC.


Fake news was blatantly used to shove the US public into yet another war on behalf of people hostile to the US.

ABC news (sic) should pay a penalty for pushing for war via fake news.  This is a literal war crime.  The Nüremberg war trials included the Nazi press gang, they were accused of cooking the news to make excuses for invasions!  Well, I said years ago, why aren’t our own media being arrested for these identical crimes?  I have been saying this since 1967, in fact.  Lying about wars, cooking up excuses to invade, is an international war crime with a death penalty.


GOP giant Lindsey Graham attacked Trump for stating the obvious:


“I am looking for President Trump to change this. I will do anything I can to help him, but I will also become President Trump’s worst nightmare,” he reportedly said.


“I will not sit along the sidelines and watch a good ally, the Kurds, be slaughtered by Turkey and watch Iran move into Syria and become another nightmare for Israel. This is a defining moment for President Trump. He needs to up his game.”


Since when have the Kurds been ‘allies’?  Oh, when the US/Israeli gang decided to attack Syria!

What is very interesting to me is, this headline at the London Daily Mail:

So, the US mainstream media is attacking Trump for not being enthusiastic about invading Syria while at the same time, the same clowns are attacking him for supporting the Kurds, too.  Yikes.


Naturally, the GOP war criminal, Graham, hauls out our previous illicit and illegal attack on Iraq to justify this on Syria, another sovereign nation our real rulers decided to invade.  Graham also asserts that Pence and Pompeo’s ‘ability to END the conflict’ has been destroyed by…ending the conflict?  HAHAHA.


What a wonderful world the Bilderberg gang lives in!  Stopping wars via launching invasions is great fun for them.  This also green lights the Hispanic illegal aliens to demand several states be turned into a Hispanics only state, too.  I am very serious about this.  It is no joke.  Indeed, it is now inevitable.


Lindsey Graham’s voter base is very pro-Trump.  I seriously doubt they all want another major war in the Middle East over yet another religious fanatic group demanding they carve out a state in the middle of all that mess there.  There are literally thousands of tribal/religious entities that hate all other entities in that entire region.


They were all ruled by the Ottoman Empire which was basically Hun tribalists who took over Islam.  And they enforced peace on all the different Muslim sects, forcing them to live under the same laws all the time until the 20th century.


Now to visit England which is being systematically destroyed by the international conspirators:

Look at that dead eyed face.  England is being swamped by violent Muslim radicals attacking citizens, attacking the police and the police are worried about…’misgendering’ someone if you don’t know what permutation of sexual designation they are!  This is insanity but the lady here is obviously brain damaged, it shows in her ‘crooked’ face.


The Brits made fun of her, of course:

Everyone laughed at that ad.  They sell these shirts only to men or women!  HAHAHA.

This internal destruction is running alongside destroying patriotism in general.  China can be patriotic but not Europe or England.

This tragic tale is very similar to today’s news system: the son killed his mom, then called the cops lying about it, blaming his dad, and then runs riot and is shot dead.  All this, in the Happy Wonderland of California, the state that is desperate to take over power from Trump and continue shoving the US off the cliff.  Just amazing.


Impeaching a President over trivial junk while desperately trying to prevent him from securing our borders from obvious illegal invaders!  Truly amazing, watching this and watching mainstream media push for alien invasions/no borders/international control of our economy!  There is a name for this: TRAITORS.



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8 responses to “War Crime Criminal Bush Jr. Attacks Trump Pulling Troops From Syria Illegal Invasion

  1. Moe

    Twitter comment found re: misgendering: (Thank God some retain their sense of humor, obviously can’t be leftist…)

    “We have a lot of pronoun crime in our district. Just the other day we had a villain in court for misuse of a bookmark. It had skidded off a page end and caused havoc, the book was closed by the pronoun special squad for two hours and readers were backed up to the prologue.”

  2. Zeke

    I don’t know how W lives with himself or sleeps at night. All of the killings and grave bodily harm done because of his lies.
    The subsequent consequential events continue into the present and foreseeable future; millions of dead and displaced persons, waves of migration, evacuation and invasion.
    The shock & awe was his monumental hubris and stupidity – and his ability to get away with it. Lawlessness at the top.
    Although, supposedly there are some places on this planet where he will be arrested on sight for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    He loved illegal immigrants and war (my translation: he hates America and Americans). What kind of a sick, twisted character was elected?
    We’re still paying for his malice and will have to continue to pay for decades.

  3. Kerry


    W and the rest of them are religious fundamentalists for whatever religion they worship. Whether it is Ba’al, Ishtar, Satan, Lucifer or the flying purple people eater, they are all in 100%. THAT is how they do what they do.

    Now, it will be hard to do but have compassion. Can you imagine what was done to each and every one of these people to make them what they are? True psychopaths are rare, most of them are created, MK Ultra style.

    I would surmise George W Bush was significantly abused. Probably by his father (a rumored pedophile). And he has all the signs of it including the alcoholism.

    Another sign of MK Ultra’s psychological alteration is crooked facial asymmetry. You see it on both Bush Sr and Bush Jr. You will see it on many actors in films. You can even see it on Queen Elizabeth II. What is inconsistent is the side that droops. This is Split Brain programming as in literally each side of the brain doesn’t know what the other side is doing. Which side that is effected depends on how the person was programmed and their own psychological makeup. Left side of the brain equals female. Right side equals male. I would surmise that a droop to the right side would mean the person was betrayed or he/she thought she was betrayed by the Father, Father Figures or Masculinity in general. A droop to the left side would be Mother abandonment/betrayal, betrayal by mother figures and/or femininity in general.

  4. Well, I was openly raped as a child. And it changes a person, greatly. And then hit by lightning bolts a couple of times didn’t help much.

    On the other hand, I can see these people for exactly what they really are which is very unsettling for them.

  5. Petruchio

    “Impeaching a President over trivial junk while desperately trying to prevent him from securing our borders from obvious illegal invaders!” Well Elaine they really don’t have a choice. The Corporate owned MSM HAS to have a Lead Story. and since they don’t want to cover the Illegals Invasion the MSM has to have a Smokescreen Story. Their choice? The MSM goes after Trump and Russia Gate. Trump getting Impeached. They gotta come up with SOMETHING to talk about! It’s a bonus for the MSM of course, that they–and their Owners–hate Trump with a passion. I wonder if it ever dawns on the MSM that their credibility is at around 17%, the same level as The Political Wh#re Class?

  6. Lou

    3–have you studied the Franklin Cover up and Pizzagate [that all 6 top media channels denounced, furiously]?
    Never believe it until it is officially denied. [Like the Cathedral was old and its burning an accident].

    There is a pic of GW kissing a man on the head. That man is said to be Johnny Gosch.


  7. snoosebomb

    here in Canada , obama just interfered in our election by endorsing Trudope.
    they have no end of gaul.

  8. AT

    Shifting troops around in Syria is not “pulling out,” not when we’re pouring troops into KSA to prop up a kleptocracy with its oil running out.

    One likely end-state seems to be Syria strangely allied with Kurdish separatist militias inside its own borders. That’s a lifeline the Kurds could cling to for a seat at the table when the US finally leaves, for real.

    Looking past the hypernormalised political theater, perhaps this is the diplo-Military goal.

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