El Chapo Drug Lord Full Battle Border of Texas, Drug Lord Freed By Violent Gang

As Congress and US media giants collude in screaming at Trump because he won’t defend foreign borders way off on the other side of the planet, meanwhile, on our own doorstep, our next door neighbor, Mexico erupts into a massive paramilitary gun battle when the son of El Chapo was arrested. Then this happened:

The government of Mexico surrendered and released the criminal drug lord!  This is our literal ‘war on drugs’ which is a total failure.  At the exact same time, Congress decided to demand Trump stop securing our border from invaders coming from these violent, out of control countries south of the USA.  Liberal judges in the USA demand all spending on building security on our southern border cease.


The NY Times did carry this story…on page 11.  HAHAHA.  No big story, just on the other side of the border where Trump is frantically building a border wall!  No need for citizens to see top headlines about this business!

Note also, the ‘reporter’ who sat at his desk in NYC, is an alien Muslim they hired.  HAHAHA.  Fun times at the NY Times.


As I keep pointing out, the two biggest issues facing citizens is the alien invasion and our grossly overextended empire obligations which is connected to our immense and very destructive trade deficit.  The Mexican government warned citizens to cower at home while battles with drug lords rage in the streets!  This sounds exactly like DNC-run cities that chased out all the middle class families due to insane school integration rules that run co-current with the idea that having order in the classrooms is evil, children should be allowed to run wild.

We see with Syria what happens when borders cease operations.  Assad is now angry with Turkey invading Syria due to sovereignty issues which is correct.  This means Assad is backing Trump who is imposing a cease fire there.  The mainstream Bilderberg media, working for Israel, still demands that Assad be annihilated, physically.

The US southern border matters greatly.  The DNC and Bilderberg gang, learning absolutely nothing from history, think that an open border will gain them more power.  Why would chaos and gun battles in streets bring more power?  I would suggest this ‘power’ thing is…illegal drugs that render people useless and placid.  Look at all DNC-run cities: littered with human debris, people lying half dead or fully dead in the streets, people with blank faces and sagging eyes, wandering about.

This ‘amusing’ video was produced last winter and of course, the Bilderberg joker makes fun of Trump while at the same time, pretending the trial of an illegal alien drug lord who came to our country to scout how how to peddle illegal drugs to DNC-run NYC, well, that chap is now in prison but for how long?  Why is he there?


Oh, TRUMP put him there!  And of course, this enrages the elites who expect to be entertained with illicit drug parties.  They urge young audiences to indulge in illegal drugs which is why we see drug zombies littering all DNC run city streets.  This silly comedian at the Daily Show mocks Trump for being unable to stop the importation of illegal drugs.


What is the solution?  Nothing, of course!  Trevor wants the drugs to come here!  Duh!  Trevor’s family comes from South Africa, a nation on the brink of total destruction.  South Africa barely makes even the slightest news in US mainstream media.  Like Mexico and Central America as well as the communist countries like Venezuela, these places are kept firmly out of the news because they clearly show what is at stake here.


Pure survival.  News is supposed to bring information we need to survive.  But political operatives use news systems to impose their will on people, not give them useful information.  This is why I attack mainstream news nonstop: they are nothing now but a lying bunch of losers determined to lock us into a system that will literally kill most of us via either starvation or bullets or both.


As per always, the NY Times has zero mention of this massive gun battle right on our border with the issue being, smuggling illegal drugs into the USA.  Nope, not a peep about it, as per always, the top story is an attack on Trump.  Dropping all previous ‘scandals’ they cook up new ones daily.  Normal diplomacy actions are now hysteria points of attack with the hopes of stopping any successful diplomatic solutions to anything, anywhere.


And then, there is the silly liberal messes that have rolled along for half a century which the NY Times pretends is a puzzle no one understands, namely, white flight from schools with too many out of control black children!

The ‘segregated schools’ are ones that encourage smart children and protects them and gives then high quality lessons.  The other schools, after chasing away almost all white middle class families, are all ‘minority’ all the time in all DNC run cities.  It is universal.  Parents pack the bags and flee cities when schools become violent and destructive.


Instead of fixing this, the Democrats make it worse each generation.  The present generation of leftists have decided that you can’t even force a violent child out of a school, the kid gets to remain there, running wild and is to be allowed free rein.  Then they turn around and yell about why all the white middle class children are fleeing the schools!  Duh!  It is painfully obvious.


And Google is dying, too:

Virtually all the first picks by Google are the exact polar opposite of my query!  100% failure rate here and this is quite deliberate by Google.  Worse, I googled ‘You Tube’ and got only three responses, all wrong.  Then nothing else!  All the rest are non-You Tube sites!  Utter rubbish, this search engine.

I got slightly better results that is, everything is on You Tube but again, nearly all of this is about black children being attacked by white adults, not black children attacking white children.  The bias here is extremely obvious now.  On the second page of the Google search, we do get a smidgen of what I requested:

Two stories about white children being attacked by gangs of black children appear!  But this search is surrounded by stories above and below about how black children are victims of white adults.  Immediately below my correct search results is this totally opposite result:

Again. the polar opposite of my search.  Google has deteriorated to the point of utter uselessness and they do not care at all.  They think they are winning by lying to people making queries, pretending these are the only things one is searching for, not the opposite.

Odd how my next attempt does bring up stories of black kids attacking teachers and one story about a white girl in a black school.  The last story is a propaganda story about this nice white girl whose mother decided to make a political point by forcing her into an all black school.  Naturally, this girl, being singular and important for DNC propaganda, is protected…so far.


This girl was featured in many Bilderberg media systems like the BBC, National Geographic, all the big TV stations.  I just found MyKenzie Free website which was run by this child but no longer active:

Just in via the London Daily Mail:


A Wisconsin security guard is appealing his termination after he was fired for allegedly telling a student not to call him the n-word, using the slur himself – which is against school policy.


He claimed that a student repeatedly called him a ‘b***h a*s n***a.’


‘I responded “do not call me n***a !” And I got fired,’ Anderson said in the post that has been shared more than 500 times and has more than 1000 shares.

The ‘guard’ looks like a Rastafarian thug!  HAHAHA.  And note how black students call each other the verboten word but the adult aping them is punished.

Back to adult news:

WWIII is still on the table as our Real Rulers keep on pushing hard for this ugly event.  Well, nuking cities will fix the schools, I guess.

And our New Rulers in China control many things and liberals think this is OK while a protective wall is horrible and dangerous.  The upside down world of our traitors is endlessly amazing to chronicle.

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One response to “El Chapo Drug Lord Full Battle Border of Texas, Drug Lord Freed By Violent Gang

  1. Kerry

    I don’t know what it is with the name but I always read it as El CHEAPO.

    The CIA controls the drug gangs. That is how they keep Mexico destabilized and a constant thorn in our sides.

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