Mexico President Sees Nothing Wrong With Releasing Drug Lord After Battle


This entire story is utterly amazing.  The President of Mexico, of all people, thinks it is OK to release a captured drug lord because ‘it saves lives!’  Insane.  The DNC does everything in their power to keep our vulnerable southern border wide open for drug lords to do their business.  This lunacy is what Trump is fighting and we should support this fight, it is life and death, literally, for our nation.


“Decisions were made that I support, that I endorse because the situation turned very bad and lots of citizens were at risk, lots of people and it was decided to protect the life of the people,” Mr. López Obrador said. “You cannot value the life of a delinquent more than the lives of the people.”


This has to be the craziest statement, ever.  I suspect some bribes were handed out, first.  How does releasing armed, violent drug dealing criminals is going to ‘save lives’???  Utterly unhinged here and I suspect drug money flows directly back into the Presidential Palace.


The scope of the violence on Thursday, and the decision to release the son, was stunning even in Mexico, where life is frequently punctuated by drug-related violence and impunity by cartel fighters. It was a major humiliation for the government of President López Obrador, who has struggled to articulate a clear security strategy to combat Mexico’s record violence.


Mexico is hopeless.  And we imported millions of people who think this is how all normal societies function.


Questions over it quickly came up at Mr. López Obrador’s regular morning news conference on Friday, but he sought to frame what had happened as a responsible action by government security forces.


“The officials who took this decision did well,” the president said, arguing that it had averted civilian casualties.


Utterly insane, so crazy, he should run for President on the DNC ticket.  The entire left is crazy in this way.  But when outright communists take over, they kill all the drug dealers and thus, stop crimes even though they also destroy many citizens.  This yin/yang problem haunts all Hispanic as well as Muslim countries.


Meanwhile outright battles rage tonight in Spain as Catalan leaders in Barcelona are sentenced to long terms in prison.  I have watched these riots and there is intense singing, throwing things, fires everywhere, utter chaos when the sun set.  It is now past midnight as the live video from Russian TV shows, the battles rage on, increasing in violence, it is fast becoming an outright revolt.


The EU is dying.  Tensions all across the EU are rising rapidly as the EU continues negotiating the English flight from this frightful mess.  Meanwhile, in the US, we have more people who are not ANTIFA being removed from the internet.  You Tube now is in full nastiness, banning everyone, even people with half a million followers.  Click here to see the latest banned channel, Red Ice TV.



Thanks to Russian news, we get to watch a two hour attempt to remove an insane Extinction Rebellion protester doing annoying things.  This guy wasn’t beaten up like the rioters who stopped the commuter trains.

A must-see video about Zuckerberg, very funny.  Zuckerberg lied totally when asked about censorship.  He pretended he isn’t censoring everyone.


And the great Cuban ballerina, Alicia Alonso, died just before she reached 100 years.

The communist regimes produced amazing dancers, chess players, artists, and great novelists, all quite ironic considering that revolutionaries hate these exact same ‘retrograde’ and ‘nobility’ arts,  Very funny, that, it constantly irritates me, why do despots do so well for the arts?  Argh.  Anyway, I always admired her dancing skills, even in her later years, she floated like a feather on the wind.  A lovely lady.


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2 responses to “Mexico President Sees Nothing Wrong With Releasing Drug Lord After Battle

  1. snoosebomb

    why do despots do so well for the arts? ”
    my father was a devout marxist [ just like the uk guy sargon profiled recently ] , they hate capitalism with a passion but revere the upper classes. they may lack the STEM field skills and so join the underclass / highclass of artist.

  2. AT

    My reading was a bit different?
    The Mexican government didn’t release the drug lord; the drug lord released a dozen or so security forces captured in the botched raid and held as hostages?

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