Tulsi Gabbard Shoots Up In Polls, Bilderberg Gang Silences Her Sites Online!

Tulsi Gabbard has finally crossed the Bilderberg gang’s path to power to the point, they decided to eliminate her presence at You Tube and soon, all over the internet.  These stupid conspirators are meeting right now to decide whether she should be CIA-fixed via assassination.  Then they will try to blame Trump and Putin while all this began with them lying about her being a ‘Russian agent’ working for Putin.

You Tube election Blacklist by Steven Crowder.


Here is the emergency broadcast by Louder With Crowder about the Google executives efforts at removing Tulsi Gabbard from You Tube:

Tulsi has made huge news when she went on full attack against the top Bilderberg gang members running for President in particular, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, both big shots within the conspiratorial international criminal organization.  Tulsi is very vulnerable to being assassinated because she is naive, young and has no idea how much danger she is in.  I have been literally attacked by armed assassins in my younger, more active years.  They come literally out of the dark and begin shooting, for example.


This possibility of assassination is very real and very easy to do and having ‘eyes in the back of the head’ and plenty of animals to guard your territory at night is highly important.  Trump has been attacked by assassins regularly and some barely make any news but top Bilderberg gangsters making cartoons, music videos, Broadway plays, TV ads, TV dramas, speeches about KILLING TRUMP are constant and ongoing and aimed directly and encouraging assassins.


But they have failed the CIA and the Bilderberg masters.  Trump is heavily protected not by the Secret Service but by his own hand picked protectors and if you observe him in public, note the regular placed people whose backs are turned from him who are constantly scanning the territory, these are his guards.  Tulsi has none of this, she is very vulnerable.


The Real Rulers are absolutely terrified now.  Their fake polls still show Trump winning the election.  They keep issuing fake polls showing that Trump is unpopular but the stats don’t lie: videos and stories that agree with Trump are doing very well while Bilderberg propaganda yelling about killing Tulsi and Trump are unpopular or mocked online all over the place.

Tulsi is attacking Google itself.  Google is pure evil now.  They are Maoists who love the dictators in China.  Tulsi has also been locked out of buying ads to run on You Tube.  She is the ONLY candidate for President. forbidden to run ads on You Tube.  And she is suing You Tube!


This, on the very same week You Tube banned Project Veritas videos about CNN faking news.

I can’t find any Project Veritas videos posted BY THEM on You Tube.  Various people post something talking about these videos like the young ex-BuzzFeed journalist above.  If you click on the Project Veritas link above, you can see the video but the actual video is very hard to find.  I check at Project Veritas every day so I get raw news all the time from them.


But silencing this brave group of citizens is a high priority item for the Bilderberg gang.  Featuring videos is how the gang has power over the transmission of information.  They are in a panic when Tulsi smacked Hillary down, to hide this information from the general public.  This is pure ‘communist 1984 control of media’ going on via fake liberals who don’t practice what they preach.

It isn’t just Tulsi, it is everyone now being controlled, banned, eliminated, misled, hidden from view:

The NY Times has been evil ALL MY LIFE.  They lied about ME frequently years ago.  They even lied when I was standing right next to top reporters, when everyone could see ‘news was happening’ and they would pretend, in the news, they didn’t know who that strange woman talking loudly and waving her arms, was!  Most annoying, this ghosting was in the past.

This host of videos of Tulsi reaming out Clinton are all over the place now.

I knew Geraldo in Tucson many years ago, he ran in my social circles at the University of Arizona and we both moved to NYC at the same time in the mid-1970s and he knew way back then, I could not appear in the news easily but he carries the torch and has pushed news along that the Bilderberg gang hates and I marvel he is still alive but his open, enthusiastic support (and she is also pretty, a big plus to Geraldo, for certain) is going to cause him troubles, too.

This election is going to be one of the roughest, ever, I suspect.  Reminds me more and more of 1968.

Sanders better be careful, he nearly took down Hillary in the past and she hates him, too.


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15 responses to “Tulsi Gabbard Shoots Up In Polls, Bilderberg Gang Silences Her Sites Online!

  1. snoosebomb

    i can get Tulsi youtube here in CDN , so it maybe just censored in the US as crowder suggests

  2. Jim R

    It isn’t that you can’t SEE Tulsi on U2be, it is that her channel does not come up in a search. You correctly type her name in the search box, and a bunch of stupid Hillary videos come up. Some of the videos from CNN, etc. might have Tulsi in them, or mention her name.

    You can still see her channel, if you type:

    But her personal channel is being blocked from searches.

  3. Correct, I had to use all my detective skills to find even one video from her own domain. 90% of what showed up, as I illustrated, was negative but then, so it is when you Google me.

  4. Zeke

    Is DuckDuckGo any better than Google? Did Internet search for your name using DDG and results seemed unbiased imo.
    YouTube, due to manipulation via ads is a big disappointment.
    Internet search companies and providers wield a lot of power in controlling and editing what they decide to present to the viewer as valid or worthy. I suspect ‘the algorithm’ can be rigged to be a biased editor.

  5. Jim R

    @Zeke, YMMV. Your Mileage May Vary. There is also the RT Network.

    Yandex has a set of services roughly analogous to the Silicon Valley services, but it is based in Russia. It will have a ‘Russian bias’, but you can frequently unearth truths about America there. Articles about high-tech whiz-bang new Russian weapon systems are likely to be advertising. Use it wisely.

  6. snoosebomb

    @ jim, ok, tried that , i do get her channel here in CDN , like ,3-4 down

  7. Lou

    4–I use duckduck go…I read its owned by a jew or jews.
    I avoid google.

  8. Pete

    How to control the narrative…..

  9. Johnny Wild

    Gabbard is supported and funded by creepy John Podesta – Hillary’s pedophile manager. She was also raised in a cult and still worships the leader. Watch out – she’s a shill too.

  10. Moe



    Say it isn’t so JJ!

  11. SorfBoy

    Is this some backhanded way of the DNC supporting Gabbard? Reverse psychology at work?

  12. Bloomberg is her friend, goes to the same temple.

  13. Moe

    Jimmy Dore interviews Gabbard

    Dore sees right through these righteous bitches on The View, as does Gabbard.

    I like Gabbard as an individual but not all her policies (nor some elements in her background). She’s obviously outside the ‘Club’ (“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” – George Carlin),

  14. The Bilderberg gang HATES Tulsi. She is not one of them. Never attended their meetings. She was ignored for a while but now is shaking them up greatly so they will lie about her, abuse her, try to have her arrested (like me) they can arrest her for jaywalking, after all! And they will!

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