Congressional Democrats Demands War With NATO Ally, TURKEY

Since various interest groups want to attack Turkey, we will see the final triumph of Putin’s careful diplomacy once the doors were slammed shut in his face by the Bilderberg gang: the complete removal of Turkey from NATO!  I am just amazed how hard people in the US are pushing for crushing NATO.  Of course, hammering Turkey will cause Turkey to…join forces with Russia.  Trump will be blamed for this which is silly but then, I won’t forget who engineered the push to prevent any diplomacy with Putin: the Bilderberg gang and the DNC.


So, there is this stupid bill in Congress that will force Turkey to do what the Bilderberg gang wishes and Turkey has already made it totally clear, this will not work.  They will not be intimidated.  The US still hasn’t apologized for the attempted CIA coup which Putin thwarted by radio contact with Erdogan while he was flying out of Turkey, to turn around, he had Putin’s support.


The Congressman on the screen right now is whining, ‘Why is Turkey buying equipment from Russia?’  HAHAHA.  DUH.  If this Congressman read my news analysis for the last year, he would have figured out the obvious.  I read Russian news!  Way back in the sixties, I would read Russian news and listen to Radio Bulgaria on the shortwave radio so I knew more of what was going on in half of the planet earth compared to President Kennedy and I was barely 13 years old!


NATO is dead.  The EU members are all cheats who want the US to carry the entire burden and at the same time, buy fuel from Russia!  This post-WWII alliance has really been an anchor around the US neck, pulling us down, driving up our debts and trade deficits.


It is rich, the US politicians calling for war with Turkey!  A black lady stood up and attacked Turkey verbally and then said, she wants peace.  Yup, really.  Erdogan isn’t stupid, he knows he has the US over a barrel.  The DNC in the House wants war, WWIII, as I predicted during the previous Presidential election.  Hillary was all worked up for doing a WWIII event.  This is the #1 reason I supported Trump.


The DNC doesn’t understand we don’t control Turkey and that Turkey has a history which isn’t just all the tropes the liberals cling to, I know a great deal of Turkish/EU/Russia history, it has a great deal of warmongering and invasions back and forth, all the way to modern times.  Another Congressman rose up to talk about Cyprus, another war point that, years ago, I suggested would be a toe in the door for the Soviet Union when the US nearly attacked Turkey back then.


Um…the game of Thrones is all about power connections and Turkey has decided, precisely due to the attempted coup, to switch sides suddenly.  I watched the meeting this week in Sochi, Russia, which was when Putin and Erdogan cemented their diplomatic deal.  And the whack back by Congress will finish this for Putin, I hope he thanks the Democrats for assisting him in this effort.


The history of Russia is all about gaining power in Turkey and to control the Black Sea.  And now, they have it!  Ukraine will now bend towards Moscow for they are very exposed now.  With Russia and Turkey controlling key naval elements, they now can call the shots instead of Israel and Saudi Arabia doing this.


Today’s Charge of the Lightweight Brigade demanding force be used against NATO ally, Turkey, will go down in history as a significant defeat for NATO power for NATO’s underbelly is exposed and we have no allies, only hangers-on who want us to pay for everything and die for everyone and what have we gotten for the past six wars we fought for the Bilderberg gang?


Bankruptcy!  Russian power rising wherever we slaughter people!  Broken countries which Russia are gluing back together again!  Constant terror attacks against our country and troops overseas since the natives want us gone.  We gained NOTHING for the US except massive debts.


Note how California is burning and like Rome burning, like Rome when armies of illegal alien barbarians invaded, we will collapse.  We can’t worry about the Kurds when we have to worry about ourselves.  That is stupid.  The planet has many people who deserve something but won’t get it but we can’t fix all people and look, we are passive while blacks in Africa openly talk about and do racial cleansing via killing white people!  They don’t count!  But Kurds?


We have to start WWIII for the Kurds?  Really?  Why not fight for the Uyghurs?  We can’t even spell their tribal name but we could start WWIII about them!  Ever since Trump won the election, the Bilderberg gang has moved heaven and earth to prevent diplomacy of any sort in particular, with Russia.  Now they are screeching for war.


What is very infuriating now is, the Kurds and Uyghurs are allowed to fight for ethnic/religious ‘for ourselves only’ sovereignty at the same time the same people in Congress screeching about this, are also yelling at us that we have no right for ethnic/religious states for ourselves that exclude all others.  Israel is a fine example of doing what we are forbidden to do, ourselves.

Suddenly, we must not have any ethno-states, nor can Europe.  This bizarre business of ‘ethnic states for me and not for you’ is very obnoxious and infuriating.


Uighurs[22] or Uigurs, are a minority Turkicethnic group originating from and culturally affiliated with the general region of Central and East Asia.


The Uyghurs have been recognized as native to only one region, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. They are considered to be one of China’s 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities.[23] The Uyghurs are recognized by China only as a regional minority within a multicultural nation and rejects the idea of them being an indigenous group.[24]


How did the Uyghurs get to where they are today?  Oh, they invaded!  This is a Hunnic tribe that rode horses into countries, killed many people and took over all systems!  They are related to the Turkish tribes who also arose on the great open plains after the Fall of Rome and the collapse of the Chinese empire over 1,000 years ago.


The World Uyghur Congress estimates the Uyghur population outside of China at about 1.0–1.6 million.[citation needed] Significant diasporic communities of Uyghurs exist in the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.[27] Smaller communities live in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Australia, the United Statesand the Netherlands.[citation needed]


So, they are in the Netherlands?  HAHAHA.  Time to save them?  SWEDEN???  And…Russia.  All these tribes want was Israel wants: ethnic cleansed ethno states that are totally controlled by themselves and which abuse all others.  What a wonderful thing for our soldiers to die for, and for us to get involved in a dangerous global nuclear war.  Yes, what a wonder that is!


President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he was lifting all sanctions on Turkey after it agreed to halt its attack on America’s former Kurdish allies in northeastern Syria, shortly after his special envoy to Syria told Congress Turkey’s incursion was a “tragedy” and that Ankara-backed forces are likely behind several war crimes.


This happened a few days ago and it infuriated the ethnic cleansing lunatics who infest our government.  Or rather, they want ethno states for everyone except Americans.  Trump invited Erdogan to visit Washington!  So now, Congress is crushing that diplomatic push and replacing it with threats and punishments aimed at Turkey.


“Let someone else fight over this long-bloodstained sand,” Trump said, but added that some US troops would remain to protect oil in Syria, “and we’ll be deciding what to do with it in the future.”


Kiss that all goodbye!  Congress wants war and I have said over and over, liberals are not liberals, they are Bilderberg gangsters who believe in killing people including killing people via starvation if this will stop the mobs from being a problem.


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7 responses to “Congressional Democrats Demands War With NATO Ally, TURKEY

  1. Pete

    The failed CIA coup against Erdogan in 2016
    has made a strong alliance now between
    Turkey Russia and Iran.

    This alliance is now the dominant force
    in the MidEast. We will be kicked out of
    Syria and Iraq. Watch for changes in Baku.

    Russia is finishing Turkstream and building
    Nuclear Power Plant for Turkey. Also now
    Turkey will buy Russian missiles aircraft
    and military equip. Turkey is with Russian now.

    If Putin can flip Saudi that’s it for US in MidEast.

    Next is the end of NATO. EU is planning EDF
    which will replace NATO. The 4th Reich is rising.

    Then the plan is for EU (4th Reich) to flip alliance
    to Russia (Nordstream I and II).

    Putin plays chess.

  2. Europe has to side with Russia due to being internally extremely weak, feeble and confused. Right now, they freeload off of the US taxpayers.

  3. AT

    The “great game” was for when growth was net positive.

    Now that growth is net negative, that devolves into a game of “good-cop, bad-cop.”.

    The commonality in that game is that the little guy loses, regardless whosoever takes turns playing the bad cop.

    If the coup against Erdogan hadn’t been Kayfabe, the air-to-air missiles wouldn’t have mysteriously malfunctioned.

    Now let’s see if Russia can use this to strike a rapacious deal with Turkey for Turkish resources as much as they are about to rip-off Syria for the privilege of our exit?

    Clown world.

  4. Lou

    2–how much have we Zion? EU, etc?

  5. As I predicted for quite a while now. This is why the State Department never hired me.

  6. Jim R

    I wonder how many State Department employees could even find say, Jordan, on a map. We are living in an idiocracy now.

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