DNC Congress Fiddle Only About Trump Not Biden Bribery Charges While California Burns

The hysteria continues unabated: the mystery guest in the DNC impeachment is a hearsay (no proof) report by a security person working for the White House who makes a claim about what the President said in the past.  And the mystery guest even says what the President might have said is ‘not PROPER’.  Well, that is not grounds for impeachment and it again proves that the DNC riddled the White House with spies.  Of course, they will claim this is grounds for impeachment since even sneezing, now, is grounds, not Obama saying on video, he will work behind everyone’s back to insure a deal with PUTIN!  Nope, that is obviously OK.


According to the DNC and mainstream Bilderberg media, now making any deals, even talking to Putin is grounds for impeachment.  Wanting information about CORRUPTION with Biden due to he and his son running around the planet, collecting bribes, is now grounds for impeachment.  Indeed!  Up is down and in is out today.  Note how desperate the mainstream Bilderberg gang is to protect an obvious traitor, Biden, and attack Trump for building walls to keep out criminal illegal aliens, for example.


Well, there is no fixing this.  The Bilderberg gang is bent on destroying civilization and it is very hard to stop this self-destruction, History lets us see this clearly over and over again, she is a bitch whose pen is dipped in blood.  On to some good news which the mainstream media is avoiding like the plague due to it being sane:


A good judge reversed a bad (DNC) judge who said children defamed by mainstream media can’t sue:


Judge William O. Bertelsman of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, a Jimmy Carter appointee, partially reversed his previous ruling in which he dismissed Sandmann’s $275 million lawsuit. The reversal will permit the Covington student’s lawsuit to proceed, reported LifeSiteNews.


This is only in fringe media because the mainstream news hates real news that runs counter to their propaganda.  The very same people who scream at us to listen to a deranged Swedish teenager the same age as Sandman and we can’t question this ‘child’ turns around and claims they have the right to openly defame and lie about another teenager who supports Trump.  This is a classic example of liberal double standards.

Right now, while trying to impeach Trump basically for defending America, the same mainstream media and liberal Democrats in Congress are siding with a cruel, vicious Muslim terrorist who was finally run down.  He refused to surrender and the team going after him wanted him alive, not dead, so he blew himself and his children up instead of surrendering.


This upset liberals who wanted him to be free to attack and kill or drive millions of people from their homes!  Siding with terrorists is a political mistake.  The next President won’t be a liberal anxious to destroy our borders and eliminate US jobs and ship these overseas again!  Nope, it will be someone to the right of Trump who is a mainstream former liberal.


People are pissed that Biden isn’t being investigated by Congress, they are mad that Trump is being investigated when Trump tried to uncover obvious corruption.  The reason for this is easy to spot: MANY in Congress are in the same boat!  That is, they go around the planet earth, soliciting bribes in return, they vote for things that destroy our nation.  The list of people doing this is very, very long.  Biden is simply copying the sainted Republican, Ronald Reagan.


NO ONE mentions where this mess began: when Reagan retired and collected his $2 million bribe from the Japanese.  Back then, politicians retired before collecting these bribes.  Today, they do so openly and constantly while still in office.  Mainstream media praised Reagan for collecting bribes and is OK with this whole business, indeed, they encourage it.


Now on to another case of someone being persecuted by the DNC and mass media giants because he supports Trump:

HUGE! Judge Emmet Sullivan CANCELS General Flynn Hearing Set for Next Week Following Explosive Comprehensive Briefing by Attorney Sidney Powell

Flynn is fighting back.  He will win in the end unless we have a leftist coup which is always possible but not likely since most military and police are quite angry about leftists trying to take over America via tricks and treasons.

All the Bilderberg media sided with a vicious known Muslim terrorist!  HAHAHA.  So anxious to attack Trump, they put themselves firmly in the camp of the violent, merciless terrorists who were supporters of the 9/11 terror attacks.  Yup.  Great company for the Washington Post’s terrorists.  They hate us, they hate America, they hate civilization, look at California and NYC, two crazy places falling off the cliff, self destructing rapidly!

All this is caused by typical winds that happen every fall.  Due to global cooling, the cold waves out of Canada are even worse than usual!  If people were sane, they would understand cause and effect and realize that this sort of event is due to a cooling planet but the liberals are bent on it being warmer and warmer and thus, the need to end modern civilization and kill most humans via starvation and cold in order to stop it from warming up which is not happening in the first place.


Due to this lunacy, they cannot discuss what to do to deal with this cold cycle.  They are fixated on fixing the opposite.  Since this won’t work, many people will die or lose their homes due to deranged plans.  California has been stripping itself of all systems and handing over the place to illegal aliens, drug addicts and mentally ill people who are systematically destroying the place, making it uninhabitable in the future.  And now Mother Nature is joining in the fun.


California is literally turning into hell and the leaders of the DNC who live there are in DC trying to burn down the Presidency so they can have total power.  To do what?  Turn the entire USA into California.


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2 responses to “DNC Congress Fiddle Only About Trump Not Biden Bribery Charges While California Burns

  1. T. Erickson

    I wonder if the “elites” want us to think the planet is warming up is because history show us what happens to them when the planet cools down.

  2. The Little Ice Age was a very interesting time. It sent my own ancestors fleeing Europe’s chaos.

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