Ham Radio Operators Terminated By DNC California Liberals! You Tube Searches Wipes Out All Citizen News About Fires


I found this video while writing a story about how You Tube has wiped out almost all citizen-created videos about the massive firestorms in California, showing only mainstream Bilderberg news media videos, not one citizen’s video.  By adding the word ‘amateur’ to the search, I finally got, after several other tries, a handful of videos not made by mainstream media.  And this turned up: the ham radio people upset about DNC push in California to shut down short wave receivers and other citizen systems.  I believe this is in preparation for a complete wipe out of all citizen-to-citizen communications.

When I typed in ‘news videos of fires in California’ I get ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN etc. videos over and over again and just one Fox news video.  Even CBC from Canada gets more ‘hits’ reporting US news than Fox does and not one citizen’s news story of the fires makes page one or page five or any pages in the searches, these have been utterly wiped out.


When I put in the word ‘Fox’ in the search words, suddenly Fox TV does show up…briefly.  The top 7 videos that show up are Fox TV but half of these are old, year old videos!  And then Fox vanishes as up to date videos from Bilderberg media show up.  I know Fox has more videos online, there are other ways to find these.  But not via a simple search.


While searching for any traces of videos made by the people of California filming these fires, I did stumble on the world of the short wave radio groups who are under attack by the State of California which wants to wipe them out!


From October 7, just a few weeks ago:

The DNC ditched ham radio operators from police systems in order to prevent citizens from participating in disaster events.  So, just before all these dangerous fires, the authorities running that state off the cliff decided they need to stop citizens from preventing the destruction so they are killing off all systems they don’t control.  The radicals destroying California have figured out how conservatives who live outside the cities communicate with each other and now are systematically destroying this network system of ‘repeaters’ which help reception of short wave transmissions.


All observatories have these shortwave systems, I played around with these when still a child.  We had no telephones at first on Kitt Peak and so shortwave was our communication systems.  The above video explains how this system works and why it is important to keep it up and working for citizens.

Yes, this was done right before the massive fires.

Glen Strecker of Louisiana writes:


I think Cal Fire has missed the point. They are looking at the repeater of no longer being of benefit to THEM. However, the repeater was not meant to be purely of benefit to THEM, it was meant to be of benefit to the public at large.


The repeater could be used by hams in the community threatened by the fires to call information in when the other means of communication were down. It was also meant to help assist other agencies besides Cal Fire. The Sheriff’s office was mentioned, but it would also be used by the American Red Cross in support of shelters in the area for folks being displaced by the fires.


Even if it is only one or two repeaters at one site and not the whole State of California, it would still affect the citizens of that community. For folks to just dismiss the thing out of hand is irresponsible. What is really telling is they were willing to further discuss the matter if the repeater owners threw additional money at the situation.


The repeater owners had already paid for the equipment and were maintaining it. You could understand if it was a matter of paying for the additional utilities to keep the radios running. It appears that the writer of the letter is saying the equipment can’t benefit CAL Fire anymore because we now have our own stuff, so get it out of here. There was no thought about the other groups and the community at large that benefited from the repeaters being there.


All this right on the eve of crazy fires in California.

What is so amazing is, no matter what words I entered in the You Tube Google search, not one video made by any citizen showed up when I tried to get videos made by amateurs instead of news services run by the Bilderberg gang.  These videos just don’t appear in searches and you can bet, many people have posted videos of the fires ravaging California this last two weeks!  But find them via Google?  Good luck with that!  NOTHING shows up.


I used the word ‘drones’ in my search.  Didn’t get a single citizen drone video of the fires but did get this:

Well, transmitting drone information is now getting difficult, that is, search engines are hiding this information, not transmitting it.  Also, all the videos are OLD!  I didn’t get a drone video of the latest fires at all!  Here is how mainstream Bilderberg media thinks about drones:

So, a general search turns up nothing from this month but adding a date to the search and I got a big surprise:

On Demand News showed up as #1 !  This is a new news service run by conservatives.  The old drone story showed up as #2 but some more recent ones from October showed up only all of these were mainstream Bilderberg gang garbage sites.  Still, not one video by a citizen published by a citizen showed up.  This proves it is all being hidden by Google, deliberately.

The power lines caused one of the fires so far.  The fragility of the systems is the problem and California can’t really fix this due to it being a dangerous environment for any systems in the long run.


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3 responses to “Ham Radio Operators Terminated By DNC California Liberals! You Tube Searches Wipes Out All Citizen News About Fires

  1. While Rome burns…eh? HAHAHA.

  2. Petruchio

    Now the fires are getting into the “good” neighborhoods! Maybe the CA crazies who run the State will finally do something?? LOL!! Like what? :

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