Biden Collecting Bribes OK, Trump Trying To Discover How He Collected Bribes Is Impeachable???

The NYT is a global warmist Bilderberg operation. They are pushing a new story that a man who ‘listened in’ (SPY) to Trump’s phone calls…ahem….claims the transcript for the calls was not correct.  The real story is, Trump was seeking information about Biden’s corrupt activities overseas and…asked for any information confirming this.  That is not ‘treason’ nor is it ‘impeachable’ it is the job of the President.  I have said frequently, the core reason we have a gigantic trade deficit with everyone is due to our politicians and media excusing blatant bribery and corruption starting with Reagan collecting $2 million from the Japanese.


BREAKING NEWS left out of mainstream media: the ‘witness’ is a UKRAINIAN who is an immigrant!!!  Vindman is a foreign operative!!!


Why was Col. Aleander Vindman listening in on Trump’s private phone calls with the President of another country?  If it was to be a witness to the call, why on earth would Trump lie about what was said, if there was someone right next to him, listening with Trump knowing this?  And worse: when Biden was VP and making deals with the former President of Ukraine, why wasn’t Vindman reporting all this, too?


If not Vindman, why didn’t whoever was attending the Obama VP report the stuff Biden was saying to the previous President of Ukraine?  And isn’t the scandal at the bottom of this the matter of the previous VP running off to Europe to make dirty deals so his own family can benefit?


Throughout this whole silly mess, the mainstream media never ever raised any red flags about Biden and his son even after Biden openly boasted, on TV, about muscling the top Prosecutor in Ukraine to get rid of him so he would not investigate Biden’s son collecting bribes????


And which is worse?  Asking for information about bribes with a foreign president or collecting bribes from a foreign president???  


One is normal activity, the other is a crime.


One is relatively small, nay, it is necessary.  The other is treason.  This is a day and night difference which the mass media owned by traitors who meet secretly to pitch the news so it gives more power to foreign powers.  This massive conspiracy has a name: the Bilderberg gang.  Talking about this organization is illegal and no media ever mentions these secret meetings except to lie about them.  The most recent meetings had two topics: silencing Trump supporters on the internet and framing Trump and thus, effectively engineering a coup.


The very same gang that is praising Vindman are the same ones who deliberately lied about General Flynn and tried to throw him in PRISON.  Why should anyone believe Vindman who is being pushed forwards by the same media/political party that framed General Flynn?  Are these people honest?

Note the difference between General Flynn and this man who suddenly put on his military outfit when going to testify! 

This is all about political theatre.  This is deliberate and the ‘witness’ is obviously playing along with the people pushing for a coup. It also turns out that this military man shared his information with the Democrats instead of reporting it properly.  That is, to push for a coup, they kept him hidden illegally.  They knew who he was and what he was doing and why he was doing it so they wanted this concealed.


They are a gang and they believe that lying is OK.  For goodness sakes, they even lie about the weather!    Many record lows are being broken now and this week,  many as 70 others will fall.  Halloween will be colder than January! Yet they still scream at us that global warming is killing us, not extreme cold!


Multiple record lows were set in northeastern and central Nevada on Monday. The mercury dipped to 2 degrees Fahrenheit at the Ely, Nevada, airport, while at the Winnemucca airport, a reading of 3 degrees surpassed the previous low for the date of 10. Both records date back to 1970.


Subzero temperatures were reported in Wyoming Monday, smashing another round of temperature records.


Just when the media giants and Democrats attack Trump in a frightful effort to control the US people so we can be ruled by foreign powers, we have the same gang bent on freezing us to death, deliberately wanting it to be fatally colder.

California Democrats waste billions on useless climate alarmist schemes while the state burns uncontrollably

“State law mandates that utilities obtain 33% of electric generation from renewables such as wind and solar by 2020 and 60% by 2030.  Utilities must spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to reduce the cost of green energy for low-income households. PG&E has prioritized political obeisance over safety.


California has been hard at work letting all systems rot away as they chase after various schemes that don’t work.


In 2018 PG&E spent $509 million on electric discounts for low-income customers in addition to $125 million for no-cost weatherization and efficiency upgrades for disadvantaged communities.  Utilities also receive allowances from the state’s cap-and-trade program—$7.5 billion since 2012—to pay for other “ratepayer benefits” that reduce emissions.


That is, they gave money to slumlords.


For instance, the Legislature in 2015 mandated that utilities spend $100 million annually on solar systems in low-income communities.


Slapping solar panels on slum housing is insane.  So what they did was, give ‘credits’ to large solar and wind farms in Death Valley.  Low income people got nothing from all this except a bit of help on the electric bills which are higher than poor people pay in Arizona.


Is this normal, or is it global heating? asks the Guardian in London.


Wildfires are a regular part of life in California and a natural part of the ecosystem, and autumn is the traditional high-risk season for fires to break out.  However experts broadly agree that the climate crisis is making the conditions for wildfires worse, and extending the season for longer.


I see the writer of this article has poor English skills.  ‘for longer’ is inappropriate for ending a sentence properly.  ‘Extending the fire season’ would be the correct wording, a lot less awkward.


“Climate change is increasing the vulnerability of many forests to ecosystem changes and tree mortality through fire, insect infestations, drought and disease outbreaks,” a major climate assessment by the US government states.


All these things happen during cold cycles, too.  More ice in the Arctic=less rain in temperate regions.  Lying about this is core to global warmist dreams of scaring everyone into destroying civilization. The transition from a warm/wet cycle into cold/dry cycles features many blizzards.  Then, the warmth is gone and so is the excess moisture from melting ice.


Prominent figures, including the congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the environmental scholar Bill McKibben, have called the fires an urgent reminder that we need to cut carbon emissions drastically or face irreversible climate breakdown.


California is ‘breaking down’ due to humans building and then not maintaining dangerous energy systems which are now in full collapse whenever the wind merely blows!  What needs fixing very badly is the infrastructure.  Instead, the Maoists want to destroy civilization, claiming this will stop the fires and destruction.


Here is the funny part of the article:


Strong fall winds are typical in California, so typical in fact that local residents refer to them by proper names – “the Diablos” in the north and “the Santa Anas” in the south.


HAHAHA.  These winds happened when I lived there many years ago.  But it was very wet back then because we were going into a global cooling cycle.  The past cycle began with it being very hot in California but much colder in Arizona.  It was a warning what was going to happen next.


The winds are caused when high-pressure air inland warms, dries and picks up speed as it travels down the Sierra Nevada mountains toward the Pacific coast.  This year’s record heat in Alaska, as well as unseasonable cold in other western US states, have made that wind pattern even more extreme than usual.


Never, ever have I seen any articles about the weather mentioning that large herds of grazing elephants called ‘mastodons’ roamed Alaska during all Ice Ages!  The flat lands in Alaska are green in summer…during all Ice Ages and never covered by glaciers.  The refusal to note this is deliberate, the people manipulating the population into doing stupid things leave out vital information that anyone who studies Ice Ages should know.

The Real Climate Crisis Is Not Global Warming, It Is Cooling, And It May Have Already Started

It is obvious what is happening and due to this, the Bilderberg gang is going nuts.  They can’t demonstrate against global warming in Colorado anymore, the state is absolutely buried in deep snow now and is seeing subzero temperatures!  Even the stupidest liberal there has to wake up or die.  Oh, HAHAHA.  Yup.  They hate Trump for telling the truth about the weather and want to get rid of him.


Watching people dig their own graves is most fascinating.


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10 responses to “Biden Collecting Bribes OK, Trump Trying To Discover How He Collected Bribes Is Impeachable???

  1. Kerry

    “The flat lands in Alaska are green in summer…during all Ice Ages and never covered by glaciers.”

    They are using the Inuit to push the global warming scam in Alaska. The Inuit (Thule) used to be a very nomadic and AGGRESSIVE tribe. They spent most of the Ice Ages far up in the arctic circle because they made their living on the ice. That was the only life they knew and would follow the ice.

    Most of them now no longer migrate because they have to stay in villages to collect that sweet, sweet welfare paycheck. They are panicking at the ice breaks in the Ice age temperate zones because the tribe NEVER EXPERIENCED IT in their history. Why? Because their ancestors hauled ass up to the arctic

    No one ever stops to think how the Native Americans got into North America and eventually South America in the first place. None of us skied into the area. We were following the green paths and Alaska was a green oasis in the middle of ICE.

  2. Zeke

    I remember when Reagan did that speech in Japan for mega “fee.”
    Benjamin Bernanke did similar as soon as he left his job :
    Of course we know about Hillary and her “speaking fees.”
    These are all ‘wink wink’ bribes or ‘pay for performance’ payments imo.
    We’ve all been sold out by the elites (Dems and Repubs) for a long time now.
    “Speaking fees” are one but not only method of ‘payment’.

  3. AT

    Manafort went to jail for similar conduct as Biden. The main difference was Biden’s son managed Rosemont Seneca.

  4. AT

    Putting solar panels on housing, low incom and high income, is actually good idea given peak oil.

  5. Yup, on low income houses which BURN frequently…arson a huge element, stupidity also big but also old, weak buildings with bad electrical wiring…

  6. Jim R

    Yeah, the solar panels probably work better when you have a financial interest in them working. If you don’t own the panels, and your electricity comes from the grid anyway, and especially if you aren’t responsible for a utility bill, then not-so-much.

    Those ‘innovative’ companies that put their panels on your roof, and then lease them back to you, are some of the biggest scams in business right now.

  7. Mewswithaview

    Looks like 17 year old Greta Thunberg will be wandering aimlessly around the American continent until she finds a boat to get her home. Maybe shoe should book a slow boat to China Chile has cancelled the latest climate shindig.

    Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests

  8. AT

    Better if building solar panels was valued and not so scammy.

    Regardless, most of our economy at this point is a scam, a scam based on cheap oil pricing and debt printing.

    However inefficiently, any energy source we manage to build with subsidized oil and funny money is easier and better than the hardship of trying to build it with scarce energy, no oil subsidy, and hard currency.

    Rethink it.

  9. Jim R

    Well you know, AT, when the tide goes out you find out who has been swimming in their birthday suit.

    And when the _real_ energy crisis hits, we’ll find out which of those rooftop solar installations are just plywood painted black. Battery farm setups will be more popular too, for complete grid-independence. Many current setups are useless when grid power is out (as Californians are discovering now).

  10. AT

    Yeah agreed, still better than wasting god’s greatest gift to mankind (at the fastest possible rate for economic reasons) on anything else non-energy producing related.

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