Trump Tied Up In DC While Putin Roams Planet, Making Deals With Everyone

Thanks to mainstream media and Congress and other corrupt systems, Trump’s diplomacy has been nearly impossible.  So Putin romps around the world, signing treaties and making deals with all of Africa, much of the Middle East, all over Europe!  The brutal EU rule is ending.  The EU punished a number of nations for ‘not following rules’ and then refused to do their own duty to NATO which is why Trump told them to jump in the lake.’

There is this iron rule: the more the Democrats attack Trump, the more power Putin gains.  Too stupid to figure this out, I suppose they will blame Trump for Putin’s big wins when this is actually caused by the Democrats.  Who, when they can, lick Putin’s boots!  Too funny.

Meanwhile, as DC burns internally, California burns externally: Jerry the Red Commie Brown attacks Trump blaming him for the cold climate severe dry winds in California!


“California’s burning while the deniers make a joke out of the standards that protect us all,” Brown told the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday, as quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle. “The blood is on your soul here and I hope you wake up. Because this is not politics, this is life, this is morality. … This is real.”


Being insane is interesting.  Mother Nature hammers crazy people over and over again and they can’t figure it out.  They run around, screaming, to Her great delight.  Mistaking cold climate conditions and causes is fatal.  But then, the herd has to be culled periodically.


Brown was testifying against efforts by the Trump administration to rescind California’s waiver that previously allowed it to set its own emissions standards for vehicles — effectively giving the state control of the entire auto industry. The administration argues that California’s policy is actually worse for the environment because higher standards make new cars — which are more energy-efficient than old cars — more difficult for consumers to buy.


Jerry is directly responsible for the destruction of the firebreaks.  His ‘green’ game is destructive.  Jerry Brown destroyed the systems set up to control fires.  He also vetoed any attempt at doing the rational things.  Unable to take the blame for his own actions, he doubles down on disinterested outsiders.


Politically, California has declared war on Trump and so he should not save them from their own follies.  A comment from one of the posts at the above news site:


Gman writes:


Jerry Brown must be on drugs.  Perhaps he should review the laws that he signed giving the environmentalists their way: No plowing fire breaks, no clearing brush along right-of-ways, no controlled burns because of emissions.


Complete gross mismanagement of forest areas.


Spotted owls, pine beetles and Co2 were more important than people’s lives.  How’s the air quality now genius?


Record cold over much of the USA on Halloween which is far from winter yet it is way below zero in places like super liberal Colorado.  The leftists not only prayed for a colder planet, they demanded it be much, much colder and they ended up claiming that the Little Ice Age wasn’t cold enough.


I often note that the Gods love granting wishes and this is clearly a case of the Gods doing exactly that.

Everyone noticed this ‘tour’ features empty store shelves!  Yes, Bernie’s burn will burn down all systems just like all communists love to do…burn it down!  And here is funny news from again, California, the finest example of a DNC run state after Michigan and Maryland:

I bet it was the students who discovered this!  The # is fuzzed out in the above photograph, so you all can’t call the #.  Last comment here: I was going to post this last night but after doing roof work all day, was too tired.  So it is popping up early in the morning today.



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4 responses to “Trump Tied Up In DC While Putin Roams Planet, Making Deals With Everyone

  1. Petruchio

    You have to ask yourself a question: If the Fake News Media and the Democrats didn’t focus on Trump and the Russia hoax and Trump’s non existent ties to Russia, what WOULD they focus on? A real issue, like the Economy? Or rebuilding the Country’s infrastructure so the USA stops looking like a Third World Country? LOL!! These Political Wh#res in D.C. never even consider REAL issues. Why? For one thing, the ‘Ho’s’ are just plain too incompetent to do any real, constructive work. Also, they don’t get paid to serve the taxpayers; they just pay for everything! What would the MSM cover? Continued lying about the Economy? The MSM has a trust rating the same as the Political Wh#res: around 17%. It’s hilarious when you think about it. The Dems, the MSM don’t have any choice but to make themselves look like complete tools and idiots. Contrast what Putin gets done versus what Nancy Pelosi does with her day. The USA is not only collapsing as an “Exceptional” Nation, we are the laughingstock of the World.

  2. No one is laughing at Trump, all the elites overseas are terrified of him. This is why they are key to the conspiracy to impeach him so they can resume normal relations with traitors here in the US.

  3. Jim R

    I just read a post on another forum, a friend in Australia is saying that they are forecasting snow for Victoria today. And it is supposed to be summertime there.

  4. Yes, I noticed that in the Aussie news I read regularly.

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