Canadian Hockey Commentator Fired For Asking Audience To Wear 11/11 Red Poppy

Don Cherry fired by Sportsnet over ‘you people’ rant on Coach’s Corner | National Post


“I have just learned I’ve been fired by Sportsnet for comments made on Coach’s Corner Nov. 9,” Cherry told Warmington. “No problem. I know what I said and I meant it. Everybody in Canada should wear a poppy to honour our fallen soldiers.”


“I speak the truth and I walk the walk. I have visited the bases of the troops, been to Afghanistan with our brave soldiers at Christmas, been to cemeteries of our fallen around the world and honoured our fallen troops on Coach’s Corner.”


Liberals and anti-patriots across all of Canada stormed the TV station’s phone lines to howl in rage, demanding this guy be fired.  I seriously doubt if even a dozen of these outraged people pissed that this guy asked for patriotic actions, watches hockey games.  This is true of the leftist shame mobs that roam the planet, attacking anyone who is patriotic.


This goes on all the time here in the USA, for example.  Absolutely everyone in public must walk on eggshells lest they rouse this mob of foul language, violent, pushy people.  Far from wanting decorum or finesse, these mobs want to be rude, crude, ugly, nasty and vicious while the rest of us must be polite, gentle and silent.


This gang is out to destroy all things masculine.  It is everywhere.  In Hollywood, literally all brave, strong males are being replaced with feeble, nasty females who push much bigger men around, literally throwing them around like balloons.  We have all white males are stupid, ugly, nasty and evil.  All women are strong, heroic and Mary Sue perfect.


And movies are dying.  They are losing money.  The more they push this insane trope, the more money they lose.  Football decided to attack white males.  It began losing money.  Basketball has been pushing away white males, too.  So far, baseball resists doing this…barely.


But now hockey is being attacked and it is nearly 100% white, strong, he-man, working class stiff males!  Killing hockey is a goal with these people.  Muslims don’t play hockey, blacks don’t play hockey, women don’t play pro-hockey or pro-football, either.  So destroying it won’t bother any of these groups.


It will bother beer-drinking, working class white males!

“During the broadcast, he made divisive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for. Don is synonymous with hockey and has played an integral role in growing the game over the past 40 years. We would like to thank Don for his contributions to hockey and sports broadcasting in Canada.”


So, Don is ‘hockey’ and helped it ‘grow’ and…is now in the dumpster?  HAHAHA.  He was talking about patriotism in Canada and this is obviously a verboten topic.  Canadians are supposed to let in millions of aliens, legal or illegal, and let them set the agenda, just like the liberals are demanding here in the USA.

Rosa Hwang is Chinese.  She and her friends rage on and on at her Twitter page about how being Chinese means not being patriotic because the Chinese were abused in the past.  This is the exact same theme used by say, all minorities, ever.  They have collectively decided in the last few years…THANKS TO SCHOOLS…that they can hate their own country due to this.


Excuse me!  So, I should hate England due to my family being driven out many years ago?  These clowns are very aggressively anti-patriotic for a reason: they want a race war.  This is suicidal, of course, but in school, they are told that white males are evil and killing them is OK.

This is classic nit-picking.  He is wearing a coat in the video and the flower is on his suit inside the coat.  The far left wants to eliminate anyone and everyone who is patriotic or male or both.


In a 1990 CBC interview, Cherry proudly proclaimed himself to be a nationalist, and proposed to start a political party for people who are “ticked off at the foreigners coming over earning the dough.” In 1998, Cherry criticized Canadian Olympic flag-bearer Jean-Luc Brassard and called Quebecers “a bunch of whiners” just three years after the Quebec independence referendum. His remarks touched off a furor and sparked a debate in the House of Commons.


That same year, Cherry became a founding owner of the Mississauga IceDogs, a Canadian major junior ice hockey team. For the club’s first three seasons, Cherry boycotted the OHL’s import draft and barred the team from fielding any European players. In 2001, the team took Igor Radulov in the import draft after winning just three games the previous year.


Organized hockey in North America is a fundamentally conservative institution, partially because its decision-making entities—the NHL and the TV networks that service it—are billion-dollar enterprises run by white men and are therefore vehemently attached to the status quo. Cherry’s career spanned the NHL’s expansion to the Southern and Western United States, the first wave of European players in North America, the popularization and professionalization of the women’s game, and the gradual evolution away from the gooned-up bloodfest of the 20th century to the fast-moving, almost fightless professional game we see today.


And below is a video about pro-hockey fighting:

And I have posted this in the past, the WWII Disney cartoon about hockey which is incredibly hilarious, a must-watch cartoon.

And to show how things operate today, basketball is very violent, too but that is OK with liberals for it is all about blacks being violent:

Meanwhile, Google is at war with everyone who isn’t corporate America:

And here is Team YouTube explaining everything (not):

Already, YouTube is censoring millions of people, abusing their powers, dictating what gets on and what is removed based only on whim and political orientation.


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7 responses to “Canadian Hockey Commentator Fired For Asking Audience To Wear 11/11 Red Poppy

  1. Moe

    Don Cherry is hugely popular with hockey fans, (at least male hockey fans, not too sure about female). This guy knows more about hockey than any other commentator: others may know as much about records, personnel, history, etc., but they don’t have the historical knowledge and ‘down in the trenches’ experience of Cherry. Cherry was a player and coach and eventually coached the Boston Bruins to several Stanley Cup finals, though never winning the Cup.

    Cherry talked the talk and walked the walk. He’s one of a kind, brash, offensive, opinionated but eminently knowledgeable. I’ve personally never agreed with his his blind patriotism and support of entering Afghanistan, though I understand the patriotic impulse for that support.

    Elaine is bang-on with her observation of the parties that object to Cherry’s acerbic denunciation of leftists, immigrants, pansies and non-patriots. Now at 85, his commentator performance has been slipping for a while, he’ll probably take this as a forced (but convenient and opportune) retirement.

    PS: Cherry’s Wikipedia page has already been updated to reflect this latest fiasco. Hmmm, that was fast.

  2. I used to hang around with the NY Rangers hockey players many many years ago, some of them were friends. We skated and drank and had a jolly time of it. They were surprised I liked hockey games more than football, for example.

    I got some of them to join me in medieval fighting while wearing armor. They LOVED it!

  3. Zeke

    What’s up with Hockey?
    Earlier this year, 6 mos. ago, the statue of Kate Smith, a favorite of hockey fans and especially known and beloved for her belting rendition of “God Bless America” and unabashed patriot, deceased since ’86, was draped in a burka like black shroud and carted off (in middle of night to smelters?) was ignominiously hauled away allegedly for singing two songs with lyrics she sang but did not write slighting minorities almost some ninety years prior. NINETY YEARS.
    At some point – there may be a backlash to all this hypersensitivity and repression of thought and speech.
    Seems like it’s useful to differentiate the fans from the “owners” of the franchises.

  4. Petruchio

    Liberals and anti-patriots across all of Canada stormed the TV station’s phone lines to howl in rage, demanding this guy be fired.” I’m a big hockey fan. I’ve known who Don Cherry is for a long time. This is what happens when you let a small minority dictate behavior for everyone else. I have said this before: it doesn’t matter their size. What matters is how much damage they can do. These anarchist’s/Maoists/libtards–call them what you–will must be confronted and discredited wherever they pop up. These guys aren’t gonna back off on their own. They are merely following Chairman Mao’s principle of how it is more desirable to have 100 people who are 100% committed to the cause than 1000 lukewarm followers. Force them to show their hand; their true Nature of being intolerant, violence threatening punks. And yes, we might even have to put a twist on Lenin’s maxim which means you can’t have a Counter Revolution without cracking a few heads just like you can’t have an omelet without cracking some eggs.

  5. Moe

    I visited my brother and sister-in-law today, and our conversation eventually broached the Cherry fiasco. My sister-in-law, who is genuinely a lovely person. is nevertheless a university educated teacher and devout liberal, which I find is prototypical of that type.

    She aligned herself with Cherry’s protagonists, not unexpectedly. I disagreed, presented my opinion on immigrants (bedrock position: I don’t want them). She responded with the shibboleth that ‘We’re all immigrants’, a prototypical liberal reactive response. I reminded her that the largest wave of immigration north of the Rio Grande consisted of Europeans, and that the US and Canada were peopled almost exclusively by people of European descent later than mid Twentieth Century (with minor Mexican and Negro populations).

    She failed to acknowledge this fact and went on the offensive with her line of questioning in an obvious attempt to elicit statements on my part that could be labeled as ‘racist’, cultural supremacist, bigot, or any other appellation that could deflate my defense of preference for my own culture.

    I have never indulged myself in these conversations, recognizing the blatant bias of my opposition and the trite arguments engaged to support the ‘Diversity Is Good’ position. Suddenly I had an epiphany: why is it that those of us of European descent have to continually defend our cultural preference? I don’t see any other cultural group having to do so. Why is it when I express my preference for my own kind, I am labeled as a racist? I don’t see that with other races either, by default they are not expected to raise a defense, the unstated assumption is that they have no racial bias which is entirely BS. (Do liberal Americans actually explore the racial bias of Mainland Chinese? How is it that the pronounced cultural and racial bias of the Japanese is never cited? Etc., etc).

    I’ve decided that I no longer will tolerate liberal-leftist attacks on my heritage, cultural, racial, or linguistic. Someone wants to confront me in the future they can expect a stout defense of my preferences, and f**k their opinion.

    PS: I am not oblivious to what Elaine has often cited here, the historical prevalence of invasion of a territory or country by an alien entity. It happened in North America with the displacement of the native population by Europeans. One doesn’t have to justify this because it can’t be justified, at this juncture it is merely a reality. Similar realities exist all over the globe. I am also cognizant of the US mixed-race issue incurred by slavery and propose no solution to this bifurcation since that is not the thrust of my stated position here.

    But invasions, as Elaine is wont to point out, are an ongoing phenomenon, and just as I anticipate that North American indigenous peoples attempted defense against their displacement, I resist my displacement, hopefully with more success than the aboriginals.

    It really is ‘us against them’.

  6. All humans are racists. It is natural. All populations evolved to suit their environments. White people are northern climate people, dark skin is bad up north not enough sun in winter! Even summer, it is too little. This is a major example.

    All the black populations moving north to get welfare will move back south when civilizations collapse. White people evolved a mere 15,000 years ago, a short time frame in evolution. All humanoids before then were dark skinned. Except Neanderthals.

  7. Moe

    Tucker interviews Don Cherry

    Transcript: Carlson shot back telling Cherry that “they’re not sensitive at all, they’re fascist. They actually have no real feelings. They’re faking their outrage. They’re trying to crush you because they want to exert power because it makes them feel big when actually inside they’re small. …”

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