Trump Economy Speech In Manhattan Infuriates Destructive Democrats

This communist won an election and immediately, he told everyone in San Francisco that as DA, he was no longer going to enforce ANY laws concerning keeping the city clean, safe and he intends to allow thefts, assaults and vandalism to run rampant because he doesn’t want to put poor people or any people in jail for destroying property or stealing stuff.  I relish watching this city die.  Liberals created this monster, they created this collapse, this is what they do everywhere when they gain power, they are insane and destructive.  Alas, they also leave after wrecking cities and continue elsewhere, doubling down on the stupid.

San Francisco’s New DA: Public Urination ‘Will Not Be Prosecuted’

Chesa Boudin, the urine-and-feces-plagued city’s incoming district attorney, pledged during the campaign not to prosecute public urination and other quality-of-life crimes if he was elected. Boudin declared victory Saturday night after results showed him winning a plurality of votes in the DA race.


Already, SF is an open sewer.  Now, it will be Stinking City.  Congratulations!  Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.


We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted,” Boudin vowed in response to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) questionnaire during the campaign.


Park Slope became one of America’s most desirable neighborhoods exactly because the Housewife From Hell lived there and cleaned up the crime with Captain Hill and the brave people at the 78th Precinct and a handful of brave politicians who thought it was a good idea to stop crime.  And big, big thanks to Rudi Giuliani, the Special Prosecutor for arresting the worst criminals: Democratic politicians!  Bang: Park Slope suddenly was successful, clean and a happy place!


Well, the people who poured into my old neighborhood obviously don’t appreciate all this and are systematically destroying the city again, especially my stupid former neighbor, the mayor of NYC.  This is the cycle of history: it relentlessly turns and people must learn lessons, not do stupid things over and over again.


16 minutes in the video, Trump gives his speech.  I chose NBC News to show Trump’s speech because it is a turning point here.  Even liberal rich can see they are committing suicide if they push the gang of Soviet Union lovers of communism.  Why the wealthy in California want to live in poop, crime and chaos is very interesting to me.  Ditto, NYC being systematically destroyed again by the Democrats: suicidal.


NBC refused to allow comments online to this speech while Fox TV does allow comments.  It is very revealing who wants to discuss politics with citizens and who is the traitor media who hates talking to citizens!

Celebrating driving out Trump from Manhattan was suicidal.  The Gods grant all wishes and their stupid wish to get rid of Trump will be granted and they will be destroyed by their own hubris. Alas, many innocent bystanders will die, too.


The tepid clapping in the audience is interesting.  They should be cheering.  Instead, they want self-destruction due to being basically brain-trained to believe that the Road to Riches is paved by exporting jobs, exporting wealth and transferring their own wealth overseas to protect it from taxes.  Since the rich send their kiddies to private schools, they don’t give a hoot about bad public schools and the destruction the integration mess has made of schools coupled with a collapse in discipline in these urban schools.


The stupid push to hide the name of the ‘whistleblower’ is finally collapsing in a very public way as politicians on the right finally decide enough is enough:

The DNC is desperate to claim Trump is collecting BRIBES.  Trump is rich.  Why would he do that?  The scandal here is, the people screaming about ‘collecting bribes’….collect bribes!  Nonstop!!!  They do this all over the planet earth!!!!! They are traitors!!!!!!


Click here to see the actual list of bribes paid to Hunter Biden by the Ukrainians. There are 46 payments in all totalling more than $3 million.


Enough yelling.  The criminals in the DNC think it is OK for them to collect bribes.  And they can’t understand that Trump doesn’t need to do this like they do this.  It is just amazing to watch.  Obama still travels the earth seeking bribes disguised poorly as ‘paid speeches’.  Who would pay $200,000 to hear Obama yap?  Only people bribing him.


Hillary: the bribers pay her to shut up.  Imagine sitting through one of her speeches.  When she gives free speeches, few show up.  When Trump gives speeches, the arenas are usually sold out.  Trump’s speeches overseas infuriate the other rulers.  This is intentional. We are in this trade war and been losing for years and years to the point of bankruptcy.  He is reversing this.


And he is talking about exactly this in his speech yesterday in Manhattan.  Here is an example of the Democrats winning power in a city that was well to do and clean and well run and turning it into a hell hole:

Did this ‘sweep’ last year work?  NO.  The drug addicts and illegal aliens returned and continued to destroy the neighborhood and guess who is being punished?

Coming Soon to a Democrat Run City Near You… Denver Business Owner Fined for Not Picking Up the Homeless Sh*t on the Sidewalk Outside his Business

The business being fined for not cleaning crap is called ‘’ which is an online internet services provider who can easily move from Denver to a cleaner place.  The business owners have to clean up the filth!  They can’t stop the filth happening, they have to have health problems, fixing the daily messes.  Aren’t stinky, filthy cities wonderful?  The DNC demands we run our cities this way!  I remember when dogs pooped on sidewalks.  I pushed for the dog poop bill and we won.


Now, I could get someone ticketed if they refused to clean up!  One dog owner tried to kill me for this but I decked him and the police arrested him.  Yes, people who were making the city filthy were quite adamant that they wanted to do this no matter what and it took force to stop them.  Voila: the city smelled better, looked better and was more valuable, not slummy.


What is amazing to me is, we had a dog poop law which was wildly successful and making streets cleaner and safer…and then the Democrats replaced this with HUMAN POOP.  Diseased human poop.  Huge hunks of human poop.  And then they win elections in cities which are flooded with illegal aliens and drug addicts.  There is a connection here: voting has been extended to illegal aliens and others who normally can’t vote and voila: they vote for chaos, open borders, poop in streets and rampant crime.  What a shock!

See, I did exactly that: I would pick up dog poop years ago, follow the dog owner home and leave it on their own doorstep.  One of these was very angry I did it, he hit me and I decked him.  I am a huge believer in ‘fighting’ literally.  None of my activities would have worked if I didn’t show a willingness to physically fight.  The people destroying our cities fight all the time.  Seriously, they understand ‘fighting’ the same way I understand it.


Cities do not thrive when handed over to criminals and wastrels.  Controls are necessary in cities.  Letting chaos reign is suicidal.  So the question is, why are the Democratic leaders suicidal?  They think they are ‘saving people’ when they destroy cities.  They endorse policies that destroy cities which kills people, literally.  Criminals kill!  By enabling criminals, they are killing citizens and they want to kill citizens because the criminal class supports the Democrats for obvious reasons: pure business.


They make money if Democrats allow them to steal, rape and burn cities!  Wow!  This is a one way street.  A city dies and then it is dead.  Useful only to house welfare mothers, these places all go bankrupt.  Trump’s speech is beautiful, he talks about all the positive things he has done so far and he is openly saying, ‘Make America great again.’  This is the last thing the Democrats want.  They don’t even want the most basic patriotism anymore.


‘Hate America Again’ is their motto.


Super rich man, Mr. Hess asks the President why he is at war with China: a trade war.  Mr. Hess wants to betray America and surrender to China so HE can be richer while our nation goes bankrupt to China due to trade deficits.  I call this attitude ‘treason.’  We cannot run trade deficits forever.  This salient fact is ignored by the super rich who are internationalists.  They can fly away to private homes elsewhere if the country goes bankrupt and burns down due to riots.








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8 responses to “Trump Economy Speech In Manhattan Infuriates Destructive Democrats

  1. Niels C Laughlin

    “I relish watching this city die.” I don’t. I live in Santa Rosa about 50 miles north in Sonoma County. People used to refer to San Francisco as “the City” — a term of respect.

  2. AT

    Legislatively changing the laws you think are bad is the better decision. Selective prosecution is not constitutional. What’s more, it alienates and demoralizes the police from enforcing the laws you do care about very much. That kicks off the lawlessness.

    Chesa is essentially a de facto anarchist DA in his approach. I agree.

  3. The stupid people of SF voted for this destruction. They wanted this to happen, they created this monster, they refuse to fight this destruction so…they get to suffer the consequences. This can lead to mass deaths, huge fires, riots, mayhem but they created this just like stupid people in NYC created the messes I had to clean up.

    I have grown cynical. Seems liberals learn nothing as they do stupid things so it is time again for them to reap what they sow. I will buy the marshmallows.

  4. Hell Soonish

    It’s quite bizarre to hear Trump talking about economics.
    The DJIA is clearly in a bubble, any responsible government will know to control a bubble instead of further inflating it. Trump thinks 2.5% interest rate is too high.
    This bubble inflating to the max and bursting when interest rate hits 0% will be total destruction for USA. Not that Trump seems to care. Elaine, any intelligent comment on this?

  5. This is called ‘being normal.’ You leave out the key issue here: TRADE. Trump is doing all he possibly can, in the teeth of violent opposition from the elites, to stop the trade deficit as much as possible. THAT is the key issue. Markets always go up and down. They should not go OVERSEAS and never come back. That is true suicidal.

  6. Hell Soonish

    Name me 1 thing that USA started producing locally and no longer import after Trump has taken office.
    On the other hand, there’s a ton of things that he has banned Chinese companies from buying.
    Simple math says he has made trade imbalance worse.

  7. Jim R

    A trade imbalance that took 30 years to create is not going to disappear in one. And it will require patient planning and resolve, which US politicians do not have.

    On another topic, I see here that U2be is now going to simply delete videos it does not like. Or maybe delete entire accounts.

  8. Yes, YouTube is going full Pravda Publisher now.

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