The Democrats Do Not Want To Talk About Their Treasonous Activities With Foreign Governments

Now Schiffty Schiff claims even he doesn’t know who Eric CIA is! HAHAHA.  It appears that everyone on earth knows who Eric is but not the DNC gangster who told us about this ‘whistleblower’ already.  We are definitely is comedy territory here, a Monty Python parody about dead parrots.  The loonie tune level of investigative actions in DC continue to amuse and amaze millions.  It is also very stupid.  It is increasingly annoying.  Maybe if they import a few million more illegal aliens, the DNC can simply have a violent coup and claim victory this way.  Arrest them all.

The DNC wants this farce to be all about Trump pressuring the Ukrainians when it is really about Biden doing this for profit for his son.  Trump asked for no money for himself, his family or anyone.  The bribery/thuggery was entirely and only on the DNC side.  Of course, the stupid Democrats thought they could pretend this is all about Trump and not Biden but this can’t go on forever, the crimes of the Biden family must be examined and then they should be punished for treason.

Below is a parody of all this:

All we can do is laugh.  Nothing is serious.  The criminals are gravely going about, trying to convict the Sheriff who came in to clean up the town.  They went after Giuliani, a former Special Prosecutor, for example, trying to make him look like a bad guy!  I am gobsmacked but the the mainstream NY media giants all know Giuliani arrested and put in prison a bunch of NYC liberals who were out to get ME, yes, to intimidate ME.  HAHAHA.  Well, this is falling apart despite the NY Times pretending otherwise.


The NY Times has a very long record of lying going back to before I was born 70 long years ago.  This is all they do: lie and lie some more.  They are war criminals, too and I wanted for years to drag them to Nüremberg for war crimes trials but no, they get to commit mass murder over and over again.  An utterly evil paper, that goofy NY Times which is going bankrupt.

Ukraine now realizes that Trump is their friend and the DNC is their enemy siding with Putin again!  HAHAHA.  This is very funny coming on the heels of Trump’s successful negotiations with Erdoğan, President of Turkey, keeping NATO from full collapse.  Turkey was going to flood Europe with a million of foreign Muslims who are camping out in Turkey at this time.  Interesting how everyone is now playing hardball and still, Trump can hit the ball and make it to first base.


We are in a very strange world now.  Israel is exchanging missiles with the Palestinians and this makes near zero news even in the very stupid New York Times which seems to be less and less Zionist as time passes which is interesting to watch unfold.

We do know that the Biden family certainly had a quid-pro-quo when Biden conspired with a Ukrainian authority to fire the prosecutor looking into fraud and bribery junk that involved Biden’s drunken son.  So why isn’t the DNC looking into this matter?  Clean your own room, kiddies!  Nope, they live in filth and claim that the bad daddy who came into the room and wanted it cleaned, he is bad, not these grimly little toddlers.


I wish the DNC would grow up.  But no, they insist on being childish.  Everyone has to pretend to be serious while this childish behavior continues.  The DNC is desperate to keep the foreign bribery gravy train rolling!  The Congress people running this farce of a hearings all collect bribes overseas.  So they are adamant in not examining this issue, they are desperate to shove it aside.  But this is the #1 issue and is attached directly to the army of illegal aliens invading and the loss of US jobs overseas and the gigantic trade deficits and all the things that are destroying America and which I rage on and on about, every day.  Arrest them all!

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One response to “The Democrats Do Not Want To Talk About Their Treasonous Activities With Foreign Governments

  1. AT

    Schiff is playing a word game. He knows the name “CIAramella” is a CIA undercover name. And, he knows he does not know the individual’s real name.

    Schiff is too dumb to see the dual endstates: (1) blowing a kiss of death to the corrupt Biden campaign, and (2) crafting the appearance of separation between Haspel’s CIA and Trump.

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