Trump Impeach Hearings Accidentally End Up Discussing Biden Demanding Bribes Overseas

The DNC coup attempt in Congress keeps floundering on the rocks of reality.  In a vain attempt at misdirecting attention away from Biden and his son roaming the world, soliciting and collecting bribes from foreign governments, is ignored studiously by the DNC impeachment gang but it keeps popping up.  The core of this impeachment is, after all, Trump and Giuliani finding out how the Bidens collected bribes!  And they did collect bribes and the old Biden dude even boasted about muscling Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was looking into…Biden bribes!


This can’t be swept under a dirty rug.  It is unavoidable: did the Bidens commit crimes, did they sell out to foreign entities and thus, were treasonous?  No one but a few (myself, for example) openly calls for treason trials.  But it is…treason.


This interesting video made in Europe is from 2014, half a decade ago.  It has only 760 views…so far.  It is all about how Biden went to Ukraine to ‘help’ them and made BRIBERY offers and the key issue here was Ukraine’s former government which was corrupt and now out of power, then had their energy industry hire Biden’s son as an ‘advisor’ costing around $3.5 million.  This is corruption, utter and open corruption.

Comments to this interesting video are less than two months old:


So why isn’t this video in the mainstream news?  HAHAHA.  The Bilderberg gang doesn’t want any of this in the news.  This isn’t being reviewed in Congress, either.  It is just amazing how totally this has dropped out of the news cycles.

The Atlantic Council is one of many systems run by the Bilderberg gang.  It is just amazing watching this liar talk about how amazing it is how corruption works!  This same man is now claiming that the hiring of his useless son was totally normal and not bribery.  This is obviously pure bribery and it was part of what brought down the corrupt government of Ukraine in their last election.


Biden promised $50 million in ‘aid’ to the corrupt President of Ukraine back in April 22, 2014.  Then his son was suddenly ‘hired’ by a state-run energy provider.  At a ridiculous salary and with zero experience, this reeked of bribery.  The $3 million cut from the $50 million in aid is…BRIBERY.  Looting us taxpayers level of bribery.


Russia, back then, accused Biden of breaking deals Putin had with Ukraine.  This increased tensions there and caused the crash in relations between Kremlin and Ukraine.  Today, Putin is in negotiations with Ukraine again now that the corrupt government supported by the CIA and Biden, has fallen.

Just last June, this was the issue concerning Ukraine and the Biden family looting the place:

ABC news, back then, covered the real story.  ‘You have to fight the cancer of corruption’ Biden told Ukraine on his visit where he demanded they pay his son for doing nothing.  The news even mentions ‘no experience’ and ‘cocaine addiction’.  Amazing.  Today, ABC news is now pretending this news story ever happened.


They even mention Biden soliciting bribes in China, too.  Two weeks after Biden’s visit to China, his son has more loot.  What is most alarming is how all this information including the video of Biden boasting about firing the Federal Prosecutor in Ukraine is very hard to find via normal google searches.


Here is August news:

The video of Biden bragging about firing the prosecutor. I used all sorts of search terms and nothing shows up easily.


Here is my old story from August this year about how the DNC females cannot see obvious child molestation by Biden. They also can’t see obvious bribery by Biden, nor extortion like the trick he pulled in Ukraine.

I cannot find, anymore, the actual stand alone clip of the CFR speech where Biden openly boasts about muscling the Ukraine prosecutor out of office but it is buried inside the original video put up on YouTube by the CFR gang.  Google continues to deteriorate as a search engine.


After using quite a few word searches I finally found, low down on the list of videos, the one I was looking for.  It is from Russia Today news!  HAHAHA.  The news of the prosecutor going forth to talk about how he was fired made RUSSIAN news back in April, 2019.  This news story includes the clip of Biden boasting about firing the prosecutor who is in the story.

The above screen shot is to keep a record of what I was searching.  This was my fifth change of words to find these videos.  Talk about nearly impossible!  I used a direct quote from Biden in this search which is ridiculous.  All searches now have ‘mainstream’ Bilderberg news showing up first even if the words do not match AT ALL.  It used to be, the more exact the word description, the better the search.


Now, it is nearly useless.  Even with the exact quote in my search, the desired video was not the first in the line up to show up.  Inappropriate mainstream sites sit at the top of the files, not the RT news clips.

The information has been out for months so why are we seeing an impeachment push against the whistleblowers in the Trump White House instead we have a CIA ‘whistleblower’ against Trump who is totally secret but we understand he is Eric the CIA agent who is desperate to remain anonymous and the DNC is focused only on punishing people who exposed the Biden corruption and bribery scandals, not Biden and his son.


Just as no one was punished for the many crimes committed in the false impeachment push by this very same gang, they won’t be punished for all the crimes they are committing now, namely treason.  Why treason?


The goal of this gang is to erase our borders, continue shipping our industries overseas, collecting bribes from foreign governments and destroying all our major cities that are rapidly being turned into ruins.  These traitors are bringing into the country an army of looters and rapists and criminals.  Even if they go to prison when caught, the DNC works hard to prevent them from being deported!


They want these looters, rapists and murderers to stay!!! This is TREASON.  The DNC leaders openly talk about destroying ICE, the police of our borders.  This is…TREASON.

Both headlines from several months ago are astonishing because now both papers are pretending there is nothing wrong with collecting bribes anymore.  News from October 5, 2019:

This is still ongoing.  This push to get to the bottom of the mess left by Obama and his gang is closing in on the Democrats.  ‘The Democrats are CONCERNED about this…investigation’ back one month ago and voila: impeachment hearings are rushed forwards with zero legal cause.


The boomerang effect will hammer the DNC.  I know first hand how this works: the Democrats in NYC hated me years ago.  They lied about me, the news media would deliberately no include my name or interview me until the Daily News broke ranks and did an interview, they moved heaven and earth to stop me and I continued doing my work.  So in desperation, they sent a detective to my home to threaten my life.


And this led to Giuliani and I meeting and him tapping my phone and a year later…it takes time…a number of them were arrested.  They were uniformly shocked when the agents broke down doors.  They thought they controlled all the levers of power so no one could stop them even if they were openly committing crimes!


So I know exactly how this works and the DNC is terrified of Trump and being investigated, they are very corrupt and even sexually strange and don’t want to be examined by anyone.  So they smear Giuliani, in particular.  I watched in amazement as the attacks by mainstream NYC gangsters working in the media run by the Bilderberg gang, smearing Giuliani nonstop.  They aren’t smearing me, I am now a nobody again.


But I know how they operate and how this works.  The NY Times knows me and they argued with me for decades and never, ever did any interviews, etc.  Giuliani can’t be erased so easily so they have to resort to obvious smear campaigns.


And now for a very funny video:


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17 responses to “Trump Impeach Hearings Accidentally End Up Discussing Biden Demanding Bribes Overseas

  1. Kerry

    The eye that these occultists always reference is now staring down at them. If they can’t feed it fear, lust, destruction, hopelessness and children…it will happily eat them instead.

  2. Moe

    The fake impeachment hearings are designed to derail Biden as a presidential candidate as well as tarnish Trump.

  3. Lou

    3–We have discussed pedophiles. Trump has tweeted ‘Liddle’ as in Baby
    massage charity ASchiff [Israeli citizen] is associated with.

    The Standard Hotel, human trafficking there, etc.

  4. Petruchio

    “The DNC coup attempt in Congress keeps floundering on the rocks of reality.” Good line, Elaine. I’m gonna steal that one from you.
    @#4 Lou: you mention Schiff is a dual citizen. This just shows you what Israel as an Ally is worth: NOTHING. You would think with all of the money Israel gets from the USA, they would at least not try to impeach our President. But No, they don’t hesitate.

  5. Petruchio

    The Dems, especially Biden and his kids are up to their necks in mud. Maybe even criminal activity. I think the ‘Impeach Trump” stuff is being done by the DNC as a type of self defense. It’s about the only political “card” they have to play. When Trump counter attacks going after the Dems, the Dems and their puppets in the MSM will explain all the dirt Trump exposes on Dems as pure Politics. Overblown. Revenge charges. It’s feeble yes, but it’s all the Dems have got. And you know the MSM will go along.

  6. Jim R

    Elaine, you have known about the Bidens and the Ukrainian gas company for years, because you read the Russian news. I have known about it for years as well.

    And it is what made all this ‘Russians stole the election’ crap doubly irritating when they started it right after Trump won.

  7. Zeke

    Trump appears to be guilty of bribery, extortion, using gov’t resources for personal and political gain, etc. With that in mind, the system is working. Impeachment hearings will determine if articles of impeachment should develop.

    Biden’ son may also be guilty of graff, etc. A separate inquiry should determine if there is reason to charge him.

    But a Biden son inquiry shouldn’t derail the Trump impeachment inquiry. Just as a Trump impeachment inquiry shouldn’t prevent a Biden son inquiry.

    A Biden son inquiry should not be viewed as a Trump ‘Get out of Impeachment free card.’ That does not exonerate Trump. Trump lackeys are trying to confuse, distract and misdirect you. ‘Don’t look here; look over there.’ Don’t be fooled.

  8. Since when has exposing corruption illegal? Impeach Trump for exposing the DNC corruption is insane. But then, people seem to like living in an upside down world.

  9. LOU

    upside down world. aka ‘Clown World.’

    Blacks w IQs of 80-90 run things.
    One city had a Black female police chief [city does get visitors so to note its population isnt so important] …She worked for 5 years and got a 10 million dollar retirement.
    Same city has as College prez a black female.
    Perhaps you support AA and equality. Do you note ‘disparate impact?”

  10. Moe


  11. Lou

    12–You pointed out how much she has done to look, skin. lifts.

  12. Moe

    @ 12 Lou

    Beyonce isn’t white???!! 🙂

  13. She is as black as Prince Harry’s wife. That is, nearly none now like Michael Jackson.

  14. Jenny Derman

    Reuters JANUARY 12, 2017 : U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will fly to Kiev on Sunday on a farewell visit by one of Ukraine’s strongest political supporters, as the country looks forward with apprehension to the new administration of Donald Trump.

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