Strange Story: White Couple Kicked From Restaurant For Life Due To Nothing They Did

Customer in ‘racist’ Buffalo Wild Wings incident had swastika tattoo | Daily Mail Online


This story illustrates many odd things: waste of police time and service for something very small and totally NOT illegal, it also shows how touchy black people are when in public and easily offended, and it shows virtue signalling like crazy by liberals and worse of all, the victims of this are the ‘bad white guys’ who did absolutely nothing, nothing at all but were severely punished, anyways.


MORE NEWS: The black family in this story are suing the restaurant! Not a surprise. Gold digging at its worst.


A large party of ‘mixed race’ people came to a restaurant in a mostly white suburb city south of Chicago.  They milled around and finally sat down in the joint when out of nowhere, one of the wait staff came over and told them, supposedly, that ‘the white couple next to them are racist and therefore, the party should move over.’


But according to the white woman sitting nearby who was blamed for all this, they never asked anything or even talked to the waitstaff that made this claim.


The white woman told police she pulled their table 5 to 10 inches away from the group so server could move more freely between the tables. The white customers said they never spoke with the group nor did they ask staffers to move them.


But a restaurant server and greeter told the group ‘the couple did not want to sit next to them because the couple was racist,’ according to the Daily Herald.


The couple admitted to investigators that they made ‘comments in the past at Buffalo Wild Wings that would be considered inappropriate or racist’ but did not say anything to the party of 18 people on October 26.


This is called ‘being honest’.  Black people make racist comments in public all the time.  So do Asians and virtually everyone at some point.  If we go around punishing people for saying stuff, we end up in a very bad place.  Already, the First Amendment is being violated constantly by SJW people demanding others be punished for ‘wrongspeak.’


Given the history of their comments, some members of the staff ‘took it upon themselves to tell the large group of [redacted] that they needed to move due to [redacted] being a racist,’ the police report said.


The report also noted that the white male customer had a swastika tattoo and refused to be served food unless it was by a white person.  The ‘refused to be served food…’ part could easily be concocted to produce a complaint.  The tattoo part is really over the top, putting it in the newsfeed was irresponsible.


No racist comments or remarks were made and it blew up by word-of-mouth,’ the unidentified employee said.


You can bet this anonymous employee is now terrified of being punished, too.


The incident led to the firing of two Buffalo Wild Wings employees and demands that the chain change its politics on diversity and sensitivity.


Basically, they are demanding more black staff.


Even Rev. Jesse Jackson joined the chorus demanding change and meeting with the families involved in the incident.


The fading civil rights leaders on the far left jumped into action.  The store banned the naughty white couple and fired their staff.  So a number of people suffered real consequences from a comment that riled black people. This need to severely punish people runs alongside the free rein leftists of all types get, they can defame, blame, abuse, cuss and even hit other people all in the name of ‘stopping racism.’  They can even burn down entire cities.


When one watches the chaos and verbal filth pouring out of black communities, the rampant attacks on whites in cities like NYC and Chicago, the abuse heaped on white people by blacks and then little punishment even if the victim dies…note the innocent girl in SF who was shot dead by an illegal alien who was then let off of murder charges because he didn’t know if the gun would go off!…insane.


Sitting down with the ‘racist couple’ and chatting with them, soothing them and even becoming friendly (yes, that works) would have fixed things.  Instead, it was all about outrage and fury and above all, demolishing the ‘offensive’ people even if these people just sat there, doing and saying nothing in the first place.  This is insanity and uncivil and violates people’s basic rights.


This is a typical ‘typhoon in a tub’ event.  The community where this happened is mainly white and is the result of 50 years of white flight from Chicago and other major cities.  This is why are major cities are, for the most part, dying.  Successful ones like San Francisco are also dying internally, too.  That is, conditions in public areas are deteriorating rapidly.


The other downside is, people want to avoid interacting with black people due to fear of being accused of ‘racism’.  I warned about this many years ago when I renovated brownstones in NYC.  Running around with a huge chip on the shoulder is very destructive.


Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar » Segregation in Downstate Illinois

This is a classic liberal magazine article which refuses to understand how white flight works.  I fled NYC schools because they became hell holes where learning stopped and endless abuse happened daily.  Instead of fixing this, liberals went backwards and made it worse.


What emerged was a picture of the way segregation continues to shape and reshape metropolitan areas in Illinois and, indeed, throughout many parts of the country. In these cities, segregation means not just a physical divide, but a huge disparity in resources. White areas of town benefit from more development, better infrastructure and more accommodating government policies.


Why is that?  What is ‘more accomodating…policies’?  Oh, encouraging capitalists!  The black community leaders tend to be all about ‘share the wealth’ not ‘build the city.’


What’s more, we found local governments bear much of the responsibility for creating and maintaining segregated communities. Mayors and other city officials are often focused on immediate concerns, such as balancing tight budgets or attracting economic development. While those are legitimate, pressing issues, the resulting policies can often reinforce segregation. Through unspoken traditions and ingrained attitudes, as well as explicit government actions, city officials are in many ways responsible for maintaining a system that still divides whites and blacks.


How dare they worry about budgets!  HAHAHA.  Or economic development?  They should worry about what?  Giving handouts to illegal aliens?  Note how this author blames ‘unspoken traditions’ to explain white flight from dangerous schools.  The beginning of white flight nearly always coincides with a rise in crime and chaos in schools.


Public schools are a key factor as well. While segregation in schools is often viewed as a product of the neighborhoods the schools are located in, the truth is much more complicated because schools shape the neighborhoods they serve. In many cases, in fact, they exacerbate segregation by driving white flight to suburban areas.


The last two sentences is exactly how liberals think or rather, cannot think rationally.  They deliberately put the cart before the horse.  The white suburban schools don’t drive white flight, they are the result of white flight!  The liberal fix is to move enough violent black students from single mother homes into a school and voila: integration.


Couple this with zero discipline in the classrooms and you get white flight.  Every time, for over half a century, this game has been played.  The minute enough out of control black students are moved into a school district, all the white families abandon ship, take losses on their homes and flee.


Finally, residents in predominantly black neighborhoods routinely face more scrutiny from police and other government agencies, which reinforces the patterns of segregation that have already emerged.


The reason for this ‘more scrutiny from police’ is due to much more crime!  Duh.  Again, the liberal here puts the cart before the horse.


Naperville, Illinois – Wikipedia


Naperville is within the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor. Employers contributing to the population explosion of the 1980s and 1990s included: Bell Labs and Western Electric (once Alcatel-Lucent, now Nokia), Amoco (now BP and Ineos), Nalco, Calamos, Nicor, and Edward Hospital. [30] and ConAgra‘s Grocery division branch office employs approximately 400 workers.[31] Kraft Foods opened their Naperville site in 1968, and employs over 200 individuals at the plant, which supplies all Triscuit products for North America.[32] Naperville is also home to the headquarters of Dukane Precast, and their double-wall precast concrete manufacturing plant.[33] Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratory are also nearby. Naperville was one of the ten fastest growing communities in the United States during the 1990s.[34]


According to the 2016 American Community Survey, the population density was 3708.8 inhabitants per square mile. There were 53,408 housing units.[28] The racial makeup of the city was 76.5% White, 4.7% African American, 14.9% Asian and 5.3 Hispanic or Latino.


The median income for a household in the city was $105,585, and the median income for a family was $130,164. Males had a median income of $82,515 versus $46,533 for females. The per capita income for the city was $48,239. About 2.5% of the population was below the poverty line, including 1.2% of those under age 18 and 9.1% of those age 65 or over.


In 2011, 14.9% of Naperville’s residents were Asian, making it the Chicago suburb with the tenth highest percentage of Asians.[29]


A classic community which is happening everywhere in the US.  If liberals gain enough power, they will utterly destroy civilization because evidently, rather than become more and more civilized over time, they wish to be more and more barbaric and destructive.  This will not go on forever, there is an end to this and whoever gets to write the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization will have lots of interesting data to include in this book when it is published 2,000 years from now.


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12 responses to “Strange Story: White Couple Kicked From Restaurant For Life Due To Nothing They Did

  1. AT

    I bet that couple has eaten a lot of spit buried in their food.

  2. Kerry

    I don’t understand the first thing about what happened in that “racism” story. Who said what? It’s convoluted; even in the original news story. It looks to me as if the family throwing the dirt around was looking to create a lawsuit case for money and notoriety.

    I also note that the family looked more white than black. This was the reason they were eating at Naperville and not in any of the “hood” areas. Otherwise they would meet up with racism that would get them killed and not in a lucrative lawsuit.

  3. Zeke

    Bottom line:

    ‘Never mess with people who are handling your food’.

    Even saying or acting in a way that could be misinterpreted.

    {I’ve had a few stressed out, angry, unstable people of the same race verbally accost me.
    It occurred to me that if there were a racial divide between us, they might be accused of being racist, when actually they were just stressed out or ‘a holes’.}
    That’s another burden of diversity. Any conflict could be impugned to be motivated by that difference. It makes us on guard and self editing. It just makes living more burdensome.
    Ascribing animus to what might otherwise be more normal minor incidents.

    I try to not patronize ‘restaurant apartheid’ situations where everybody on the other side of the counter looks different from those being served.

  4. Lou


  5. Petruchio

    Compton Ca at one time was almost ALL white. It was a great neighborhood then. Then the Blacks moved in on the sly. This was done by having white looking Jewish people–usually couples–coming in to purchase homes where all the while the home purchase was for a Black family. And now look at Compton now! “Striaght Outta Compton” the blacks all very proudly say. Compton is now a black majority filled neighborhood that is a symbol of how Blacks live.

  6. Lou

    5–Petruchio, did you live in LA? I am in So Cal and even Inglewood has changed. More yellows and browns, less Whites and homes at insane valuations.

    A few weeks ago a black woman in Philadelphia named
    Damyrra Jones shot and killed her husband and two daughters
    then attempted suicide.
    I noticed how that crime received virtually zero coverage in the national media.

  7. KHS71

    This story sounds way too contrived. “Fake” in other words. If Jessie Jackson is involved, the clowns have been brought in.

  8. Kerry

    The Bidens and the Kerrys can strong arm Ukraine and Roger Stone goes to jail over emails.

  9. Moe

    @5 Petruchio

    I had a (recently deceased) friend and fellow investor who lived in Compton for many years. She recounted the changes that occurred over the years and the tragic loss of a quiet, safe community.

    She related that she would never dare to step outside at night, and that as soon as the dark settled in she would invariably hear gunshots.

  10. Timothy Carroll

    When around blacks…..never relax. Just a word to the wise.

    Oh, and yes…..we all know “a good one” (or two).

  11. Petruchio

    Lou: No, I never lived in LA- and wouldn’t want to. I have read and watched on Cable about how Compton, right after WW2 was mainly White. Then in the early 60’s the Jewish radicals started buying houses as front people for Blacks.This from the same folks who drop White phosphorous bombs on children in Gaza.

  12. Ahr Cee

    BLAX are biological weapons, wielded by (((The Usual Suspects))) as a nation wrecking infection.
    (((Their))) Marrano Khazar ancestors brought the Stone Age things here, and elsewhere in The New World…like Haiti, Jamaica and Brazil; some of the worst BLAK Hellholes in The Western Hemisphere.
    If BLAX were denied EBT, being paid to breed, and the rest of animal husbandry support, their numbers would reduce…A Good Thing.
    If one or more attack you, reduce their numbers…terminally.

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