DNC Bilderberg Gangster, Bloomberg, Is Stupid Sex Joker, Leers At Women

This is not a top story in US Bilderberg media because…Bloomberg is Bilderberg, himself!  He did all the goofy things guys do and this should make him ‘a toxic male’.  But it won’t.  It is OK to wear black face, rape women, kill women (Kennedy), use foul language, lie, cheat, steal, whatever.  There is no crimes like spying on citizens illegally, destroying evidence by smashing illicit computers while doing government business, etc.  Whatever the crime, it is OK.  A microscope is applied to non-Bilderberg people and they are punished like Roger Stone who talked to Assange in London.


Crushing whistleblowers who reveal Bilderberg crimes while at the same time, refusing to arrest and charge obvious treasons and criminal actions is what the DNC and the Ruling Elites are all about.  They love to have double standard rules, one for the rest of us while the only restraint on our rulers is, ‘do whatever you want.’  Citizens are losing their civil rights in America as leftists demand ending the First and Second Amendments which both guarantee our civil liberties.


The same prosecutor who ran the rigged “kangaroo court” show trial against Roger Stone is on the courtroom floor demanding the immediate arrest and indictment of Alex Jones, according to sources who have spoken directly to Natural News in the last few minutes.


The Deep State hates Alex Jones because he is one of the very first to publicly go to the gates of previous Bilderberg meetings and make videos of the police state protections this international gang has to prevent any information leaking to the public.


Reporters who have been covering the trial have contacted Alex Jones, warning him that the deep state is now leapfrogging off the “victory” against Roger Stone, aiming to silence Alex Jones by having him arrested. The charge? According to sources, Alex Jones is now being accused of calling for a mass uprising against tyranny. Such a call is not a crime, by the way. It is enshrined in the Bill of Rights.


We have the right to defy the State especially a State that is violating the Constitution. The present impeachment hearings are an example of the State being abused to persecute people for political gain, for example.  This is an attempted coup using ‘impeachable offences’ as the club to take down a President the opposing party hates.


And they hate him for his very successes, a booming economy, trade deficit finally being addressed, protecting our borders from invaders, fighting crime in DNC run hell holes, etc.  These piss off the DNC no end.  They want all cities in America covered in poo and bankrupt with terrible schools and high crime.


When Democrats call for protests, of course, that’s characterized as “justice.” When Trump supporters call for peaceful, lawful protests, that’s smeared as a crime.


It is worse, the DNC is supporting and enabling gangs of far leftists to run riot in DNC-run cities.  These gangs are extremely violent and are totally protected by the DNC just as murderous illegal alien criminals are openly protected and enabled by DNC politicians.  Criminals released from prison or on bail are hidden from authorities who should seize them as illegal aliens.


Even using the correct words, ‘illegal aliens’ is forbidden by the corrupt, dangerous DNC gang who want to control language so we can’t have an honest conversation about what is going on in our country and why crime is so high.


“This is the closest level of naked tyranny I have ever seen,” said Alex Jones on his live InfoWars.com broadcast today. “This is a message to the deep state that says to anybody who supports Trump in 2020, we are going to bankrupt you, we are going to put you in prison, we’re coming for your children and we’re going to destroy you,” Jones added.


Yes, this is open warfare now.  I have said in the past, Alex Jones and his friends are the canaries in the coal mine.  Today, professors are terrified of saying the wrong thing and then being the focus of screaming mobs of deranged students who are being trained to be hair trigger Maoists.  These students can destroy a nation just like the Chinese Maoist gangs of the Cultural Revolution.


In today’s case, these poor students are trained to believe we will all roast to death if we keep on doing modern civilization.  They are trying to impose the exact same hell the Chinese lived in under Mad Madame Mao.  We have right now in Congress the same sort of ‘trials’ of Trump and his team that the Mad Madame ran in China before angry Chinese high staff arrested her and executed her.

Ukrainian officials keep on contradicting what the Democratic ‘witnesses’ claim.  The former ambassador who is a DNC conspirator, is refusing to talk about why she thought Biden’s corruption crimes in Ukraine should be ignored.  As I keep pointing out, even the most blatant crimes including MURDER is swept under the rug and ignored by the DNC and the Bilderberg gang including GOP members who are living in the same level of protection so long as they support ‘open borders’ and ‘free trade’—the two things destroying our nation.

The weird wide open eyes of the chairman is scary.  This is why people trying to hypnotize people do is tilt the head back and make the eyes wide open in that unnatural way.  This is the ‘look into my eyes’ thing going on.  In the above video, Devin grills this female about how she did nothing to stop Ukraine’s previous government from corrupting our own government via bribes to the Biden (and now Kerry) Senator/VP men.


In the above video, Schiff stops the GOP members from trading off ‘time’ with each other which is customary.  He chooses to be difficult in all matter which is blowing up in his face but he is too stupid to see this.  His hope is, the mainstream Bilderberg news will ignore all this.  And they will!  This is why fewer people bother with mainstream Bilderberg news and is why Fox news took off after CNN was corrupted by rich Democrats taking over and turning that into a propaganda machine everyone mocks.

He is correct: all the ‘witnesses’ are witless waste of time.  The matter at hand is not being addressed.  Still no ‘whistleblower’ has appeared so far.  The MeToo gang is OK with abusing a GOP woman Representative, interrupting her repeatedly and being quite nasty to her.  Hello!  HAHAHA.  It never ceases to amaze how women who are not rank leftists are open to abuse like this and the stupid feminists go silent.


Congresswoman Stefanik represents upstate NY which is rural.  She was born in Albany, NY and now lives upstate like so many of us including me.  She is charming and polite so she won’t be featured by the NYT as someone to emulate.  She isn’t hysterical or spouting nonsense.  How dare she be rational?  HAHAHA.

The California crew is desperate to kill the internet, to destroy all systems so they are wall to wall Maoist propaganda that pleases the Chinese.  This is all so very annoying, watching the internet degrade rapidly as hysterical leftists try desperately to prevent transmission of basic information or news.  Instead of expanding, the internet is being systematically shut down by these evil clowns.






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8 responses to “DNC Bilderberg Gangster, Bloomberg, Is Stupid Sex Joker, Leers At Women

  1. Shawntoh


    Bravo, as usual, and…

    After watching this clip that I found of the depiction of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, I have to ask, is this what we can look forward to–?

    Only with some different props, costumes, and different language translation for the crowd slogans in this movie depiction for– gulp– a
    “USA style” “Cultural Revolution” for the 21st Century?

    I really enjoyed this movie, “The Last Emperor”, and it’s been years since I’ve viewed it. I admit after reading your blog post today, I would advise readers to view the movie clip with caution!

    Because the trailer might have said: “Coming soon to a theater near you!”, but I fear we might get the real thing in our backyards at this rate!


  2. Pete

    Here is another stupid sex joker:

    Prince Andrew

    It could not be me because I can’t
    sweat since I dodged bullets in the
    Falklands being a hero.



  3. Petruchio

    Well let me just point out the old cliché about the US Constitution. The Constitution only means what the US Supreme Court says it means. I think the Bilderbergers and the DNC are going through this Impeach Trump charade is Public Relations. They DNC WANT this Impeach Trump fiasco to look like pure Politics. What they want is to stretch it out as long as possible. Why? Because then, the MSM will scream “Politics!” and “Retaliation! when the Republicans bring up Biden’s corruption. The longer the DNC can string along things like “Russiagate” and :”Impeach Trump” the longer the MSM can keep Biden scandals off the air. This is a juvenile tactic, but it’s all they got. And these guys aint gifted elites; they just think they are. The DNC leadership are a bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids who couldn’t get a job as Chief Dog Pooper Scooper for the smallest city in any State on their own merit. They will wh#re themselves to anybody with bribery money.

  4. And they are all related to each other. The mainstream media is infested with the wives and children of big wigs in the DNC.

  5. Shawntoh


    HEADLINE: “[candidate] Bloomberg: U. S. needs more immigrants.”

    Bloomberg is for more immigrants and this is not a good development, either, is it?

    He’s “republican” as well? This political virus is spreading, I fear.

    Peace be with you, Elaine, and best to you and yours.

    SOURCE: https://www.fox5ny.com/news/bloomberg-u-s-needs-more-immigrants

  6. He is a Democrat. Before this, he was an ‘independent’ which means he is a Bilderberg agent.

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