Hong Kong Tech Students Fight Back At Midnight, NOW…DNC Coup Attempt Stumbles Again

The battles in Hong Kong now run day and night and are increasingly violent, the above video is live on Sunday, Nov. 17th, 2019.  This is even more violent than the Paris battle yesterday. More about this at the bottom of today’s story.  Meanwhile, in DC, more news about the ‘whistleblower’ blows him out of the water even more, if that were possible. Looks like this latest impeachment is collapsing.


On Saturday, the outlet published details about the steps a CIA analyst took to blow the whistle after the president urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a July 25 phone call to start an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, who is also leading the pack of 2020 Democrats. Notably, the Post was clear that the whistleblower is male.


“The analyst had served on the National Security Council during the Trump administration and had been in the presence of the president. After returning to the CIA, his job required him to continue to participate in National Security Council meetings,” the publication reported, indicating that the whistleblower was still attending meetings at the White House recently.


He isn’t going there anymore, not since being uncovered as the person trying to frame Trump using false information.  I hope Eric enjoys prison.


The Post claimed the whistleblower never told any of his White House contacts about his plans to file a complaint, which he worked on “after hours” in his cubicle at the CIA headquarters for two weeks before submitting it on Aug. 12.


He is part of the DNC/CIA gang that has been attacking Trump since election night.


Before filing the complaint, the anonymous person spoke with a White House official who also expressed concern over Trump’s conversation with Zelensky. The “shaken” official said the call was “frightening,” “crazy,” and “completely lacking in substance related to national security.”


All these people are ‘anonymous’ until we find out who they are then it all fades to nothingness.


While unconfirmed, it is possible that the official was Vindman, who still works with the whistleblower on U.S.-Ukraine policy.


“The analyst does not identify the official in his July 26 memo, which was obtained by congressional investigators in the impeachment inquiry. But Vindman, in his testimony, disclosed that he had spoken to officials outside the White House within days of the Trump-Zelensky call,” according to the report.


And then there is Eric the CIA agent:


Ciaramella was also cited in a key passage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in connection to the May 2017 meeting between President Trump and Russian officials in the Oval Office the day after James Comey was fired as FBI director.


Lawyers for the whistleblower called attempts to out their client “the pinnacle of irresponsibility” and did not confirm or deny reports naming Ciaramella.


These people think they can ‘drop a dime’ on the President and lie about it and not have anything to really report, this stupid coup attempt is failing, fast.

Trump’s desire to learn how Biden was bribed is genuine.  And this is causing tremendous fear in Congress which is very, very corrupt.  These dirty deals are done all the time, nonstop.  At all levels, our government, especially the DNC, collect deals as bribes all the time.  It has to stop.  People have to go to prison for this.

Fusion GPS continues to be the ‘corporation that shall not be named’ along with Eric CIA and other nefarious people.  The inability to shine a light on all this is due entirely to Congress refusing to honor the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They already state, they intend to change the Constitution and get rid of key Bill of Rights like the First and Second Amendment and quite a few others, too.


They openly admire China.  Not how the Chinese in Hong Kong who came from communist China, are terrified of China taking over and turning Hong Kong into a police state hell hole.


Tonight, they are battling deep inside the Polytechnic University with a lot of violence.  It is dead of night there and the students are not standing down.  Unlike Paris, all the students have umbrellas so spraying them with water does nothing.  I see a lot of bricks on the road that were thrown by students.  Right now, it is a standoff.  Yesterday:

This is all so very strange.  Looks like the Chinese government is closing in, bit by bit.

Funny news from England: the Labour Party wants to control the internet to ‘give it to poor people’ but the real plan is to censor it and make it crummy again.  Good luck, Britain!  Look how the Democrats are striving to do this here, too.


Last of all, in my childhood my father had a fantastic short wave radio system with huge antennae on a nearby hill next to our ranch.  I found Radio Bulgaria there and used it to track what was going on in the world, they were fantastic fun, not heavily censored like the other communist radio systems.  So I learned today, it is gone forever now!  Boo hoo.

No longer transmitting.  Sigh.  Will miss it.


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6 responses to “Hong Kong Tech Students Fight Back At Midnight, NOW…DNC Coup Attempt Stumbles Again

  1. Riots continue night time in Paris as well as in Hong Kong.

  2. Jim R

    the Paris riots have been going on for a whole year now.

    and nary a peep from any of the fakestream media.

  3. Timothy cheng

    I’m in Hong kong, and the city looks like the filming of a Michael jackson music video post-Soviet collapse. is it “jam“? or is it “earth song”?

  4. Jackson was a creep. He made a video at my own subway station in Park Slope, singing while trashing it. After the video appeared, a literal ARMY of teens came to my subway stop to trash it!!! I had 20 of these arrested and charged and convicted. So they stopped doing it at my station and did it elsewhere, instead.

  5. Lou

    5–Thank you.
    he also refused to eat sugar but took 20? million [in 1980s] from Pepsi.

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