GOP Congressman Radcliff Tears Into Democrats Fake Bribery Charges

The GOP in Congress finally have gotten ‘woke’ about the true hazard of a illicit legal coup by the Bilderberg gang and are now countering this strongly.  GOP Rep. Radcliff tore into the witnesses and the DNC gang today showing a pile of ‘testimony’ from the ‘investigation that is literally two feet plus tall.  In it, the only time the word ‘bribery’ shows up is in relation to Obama and Biden, not Trump.


Rep. John Ratcliffe, notes that Democrats have called Trump’s conduct “bribery” and then pulls out a mountain of papers of deposition transcripts. He says at no point have witnesses described his conduct as “bribery” in the last six weeks. He says the word appears only once — and that’s in relation to former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged conduct.


This is utterly ridiculous, much stupider than the Monica hearings which were equally annoying but not nearly so obvious an attempt at a coup.  Framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit is a crime.  It isn’t a mistake, it is criminal.  This is why I hope all the DNC leaders are arrested.


Giuliani did this in NYC years ago, top DNC leaders went to prison or hell.  They didn’t lounge around, laughing, after trying to muscle me.  They all went to prison and so should these people.  Congress should be very careful about playing this sort of game.  They may think it is ‘legal’ but they know it is not.


It is a coup attempt.  And thus, illegal.  Today, the GOP leaders on the Intelligence Committee, or rather the Stupid Committee, refuse to name the Nameless One whose name is Eric the CIA.  They won’t call him in, they won’t say his name, this is utterly ridiculous.  Nearly everyone on earth knows his name, the blatant censorship going on by our ‘internet hosts’ to hide his name is ridiculous.


Stop it!  It makes you all look silly, you silly Democrats. On the other hand, do it more!  The more, the better.  These people are incredibly stupid.  There is zero reason to hide this CIA spook who is conspiring to overturn an election which is a crime.  The CIA is strictly forbidden to do things like this.


They are to protect the President, not attack him!  DUH.  If this stupid fake agent was a real person, he would advise the President, not set him up on spurious, unprovable charges.  He would come out in public due to alarm!  Instead, he hides and his buddies lie about him and hide him, too.


This is intolerable.  Arrest them all, I say, and interrogate them.

Tucker talks about how Giuliani cleaned up the hideous mess NYC was in due to DNC enabling of criminals including vicious politicians.  After arrested the real crooks inside the government, it was easy to clean the streets of thugs and criminals, too.  Amazingly easy to clean up the city which is being systematically destroyed now by another DNC crook.


Bloomberg wants to be President.  He is now attacking…HIMSELF for the few things he did to fix the city after Giuliani did all the heaving lifting.  He claims his actions to make NYC safe were stupid and he was stupid but he won’t be stupid now, he would let in a billion illegal aliens and give them all our money and our jobs!  Whoo whoo, the invasion party strikes again.


He won’t be elected, he has a record of also stopping crime which the DNC absolutely hates, they are criminals, after all.  Also in my sick state of NY:

The demand to allow “students of color” to elect not to room with students of other races was one of several such demands issued by a group of protesting students who aired their concerns about racism on campus during an ongoing sit-in. 


I said in the past, resegregation is roaring along with the Democratic Party demanding this!  HAHAHA.  It was the segregation party in my youth and finally has come full circle to be it yet again.  Very interesting.


I often say, History is like a dog chasing its tail.  We go in circles.  We make the same mistakes, over and over again.  Nothing is ever learned from history.  History is simply entertainment up to a point when it becomes rather painful, seeing what will happen next is pretty obvious.


Reading the Decline and Fall of Rome is always educational.  I highly recommend this.




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4 responses to “GOP Congressman Radcliff Tears Into Democrats Fake Bribery Charges

  1. Shawntoh


    Thank you, as always, and I was wondering…

    Oswald Spengler’s Der Untergang des Abendlandes…

    Have you read that one? That seems a compelling read along with what you suggested…


  2. Elaine, you made my day!

  3. Petruchio

    The focus up to now is on the Democrats and the Fake News Media and their phony charges against Trump. First it was Russiagate and now it is Impeach Trump. But let’s look at the Republicans. Whether they know it or not, the Repubs are playing a High Stakes game here. The Republicans MUST form an effective counter attack to the DNC smear tactics. If the Republicans don’t do anything substantial, much of the General Public will see the Truth: that Repubs and Dems are just different players playing out the same Game. Everything is for show. fool the people into thinking that there might actually be some REAL changes in how things are done in D.C. if there aren’t any REAL changes coming out of this, the Repubs will look just as bad as the Dems. The Dems have permanently destroyed their voting base except for the illegals vote.

  4. The art of giving speeches is a huge problem. Trump at least has this skill. The fact that few others have it is important. It is part of the ‘decline and fall of Rome’ stuff.

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