Sweden Drops Assange ‘Rape’ Case Again, Hong Kong Battle Continues, Many Students Very Young


In stark contrast of the treatment of the pedophile prince Andrew in England, there is Assange: consensual sex with an adult female is turned into ‘rape’ because she didn’t enjoy it as much as she expected. So they wanted to put him in prison after a long stand-off and are treating this as a horrible, unforgivable matter requiring prison time.  Two years ago the charges were dropped by Sweden.  Then the Bilderberg gang freaked out so new charges were brought.  Then…suddenly the Swedish female prosecutors dropped them again!

Six months later:

A Swedish prosecutor says the alleged rape investigation involving WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently in prison in Britain, has been discontinued. To my great shock I heard that these women prosecutors are not going to try to put Assange in prison. I am shocked. So, there is some sanity left in Sweden??? Amazing.


As an army of invading Muslims abuse, rape, rob and harass Swedish women, the government was still bent on punishing a man for consensual sex. I have known many very stupid women who sought contact with famous men, freely going to their hotel rooms and then are unhappy the guy simply wanted easy sex. DUH. I wish there were huge signs in all schools: ‘When a man invites you into a hotel room, it usually means he wants sex.’


Then, they can grow up. Inviting young ladies to hotel bedrooms should be illegal, of course, in the feminist world. But adults should know better. This irritates me no end. I strongly suggest all liberal states pass laws forbidding female visits to male hotel rooms. All women must show a marriage certificate in order to sleep with husbands in hotels.


THIS WAS A RULE IN MAD MADAME MAO’S CHINA! Here is a video of the mess at the Polytechnic Institute after the ferocious battle between the government and the students:

It was quite a battle last night, a number of students died.

The fight continues with 100 students refusing to surrender:


Which I find very funny, actually. I like people to be consistent. Adult women cannot run riot like males, seeking sex with whoever they wish if they can’t handle sex encounters. Men can’t run wild, having sex with young ladies illicitly, either. Punish everyone, I say, including women who choose to have sex with no marriage with strange men they just met at a hotel or meeting or whatever. So watching the Swedes back down this time is interesting.

They are getting rather scared now. The government can’t hide the rape statistics anymore, Denmark has closed its border to open passage to Sweden due to so many rapists leaving Sweden to rape women in Denmark! There is a lot of anger aimed at Swedish liberal females for creating this mess.


He claims he went to Epstein was to ‘LEARN’…what?  Oh, how to interact…with teens for sex.  This man should be put in prison instead of protecting him.  But he has privileges, unlike Assange or Chinese students.



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26 responses to “Sweden Drops Assange ‘Rape’ Case Again, Hong Kong Battle Continues, Many Students Very Young

  1. Zeke

    Is China still a Communist country?
    Mao Tse Tung: “All power comes from the barrel of a gun.”
    Students beware.

    It’d be laughable to charge Assange now with inappropriate behavior in the light of what is going on there now. Free roaming, free range rapists, etc.

    Look at all the demented females and males that fall for the Nigerian Princess, Prince scam.
    Actions (and inaction) have consequences

  2. Saint Mike

    – Students wishing they had 2nd Amendment rights as they are lead off to the boxcars.

    Sadly, this is likely the last time these people will ever be seen.

    Remember this scene. Train stations. It’s what totalitarian governments do to troublemakers.

    Don’t get on the train……ever!

  3. Petruchio

    As for the “rape” case against Assange, put 100% of the blame on the Male hating laws in Sweden about prostitution. In Sweden, it is legal for someone to be a prostitute. It is ILLEGAL to have SEX with a prostitute! Does this make any sense at all? No! This is the ‘loophole’ in the law in Sweden that allows them to go after Assange. Pathetic. I have said for years that Prostitution should be legal–but regulated, like they do in Europe and other Countries where it is already legal. You get rid of the pimps, you get rid of a lot of the abuse that illegal Prostitution encourages. But that is another topic.

  4. Kerry


    Legalization DOES NOT STOP SEX CRIME!

    Human trafficking takes advantage of “legalized” prostitution by using it as a safe haven. They kidnap women and men and haul them to legalized prostitution areas and then SELL THEM.

    So be it known Gentlemen, you may not be “breaking” the law but the person you are having conjugations with in a legal brothel may be slave. A slave who is beaten daily, kept without food, drugged up, and chained to the room they service you in.

  5. Nina

    Sweden is a joke of a country. The Swedish government proudly proclaimed itself as a feminist government fighting for equality and women’s rights around the world, yet this same government has turned a blind eye to all those Swedish women and girls who has been raped and molested by male migrants from Africa and Asia. Not a word has been uttered by the “feminist government” about this huge problem, not even a little beep. Just complete silence.

  6. Petruchio

    Kerry: Quit spouting feminist propaganda! You aren’t REALLY trying to say that we as a Society can cure human trafficking when prostitution is illegal, are you?? Human trafficking is a crime. Legal prostitution or illegal prostitution, trafficking is a crime. Here’s the BIG difference. When Prostitution is legal, the sex workers have a bigger Safety net; they will be much quicker to come forward and inform on their abusers. Feminists who oppose Legal Prostitution do so because they HATE seeing Men have SEX with no commitment to women other than a cash payment to the sex worker. Feminists view sex as a WEAPON. When Prostitution is legal, the sex weapon is neutralized to a great extent. I think Prostitution should be legal
    . The sex workers will be safer. And the customers will be safer because the sex workers will have to be tested for STD’s. AND: as an aside I have to admit it pleases me that legal Prostitution pisses off the feminists.

  7. Kerry


    You have a problem with ethical and moral behavior. Just admit it. If you think I’m a feminist than you are truly deluded. Or are you just worried I put a damper on your LEGAL prostitution?

    I’m not raining on your parade with Lies.

    Click to access Article-for-World-Development-_prostitution_-anonymous-REVISED.pdf

    Trafficked victims are taken straight to legalized areas. Where they have no recourse to run to the law. Germany is a human traffickers paradise. I know, I sat a RUSSIAN MAFIA TRIAL and they discussed prostitution in detail. Where did they go to make contacts and look at “stock”? GERMANY!

    “Feminists who oppose Legal Prostitution do so because they HATE seeing Men have SEX with no commitment to women other than a cash payment to the sex worker.”

    Wow, you are really into unethical and immoral behavior, aren’t you? If prostitution was not an unethical and immoral practice IT WOULD HAVE NO SOCIAL PROBLEMS! GET IT?

    If there are places that sell minors legally, would it be ok? Hmmm?

    NO. NO in both cases. Because neither can give consent. Do you think every man is going to cross check and double check that they are with willing people? Are you for real?

    “Feminists view sex as a WEAPON.”

    The only one looking at it as a weapon is you. And you are projecting it outward. You are arguing against yourself.

    “The sex workers will be safer.”

    NO, the PIMP will be safer, my dear. HIs enslaved stock won’t be jailed.

    “And the customers will be safer because the sex workers will have to be tested for STD’s.”

    Do you really think so? They allow non-vaccinated illegal aliens into first world countries every day. How clean do you think some of these women are?

    “AND: as an aside I have to admit it pleases me that legal Prostitution pisses off the feminists.”

    You have made that quite clear. Since you deny logic, ethics and morality to get what you think is your right.

    Prostitution degrades a moral society. It weakens the minds of men and puts many women at the risk of trafficking. They want men thinking with only their lower biology in which they can’t use their reasoning skills. They want men unable to form real relationships. A degraded human male cannot and WILL NOT stand up against a corrupt elite.

    Congratulations YOU HAVE made sex a weapon. YOU will be the downfall of the male sex. NOT women. And certainly not fake CIA run feminists.

  8. Petruchio

    Prostitution has been around since there have been men and women. Long before phony feminists and the CIA. Is Prostitution moral? Of course not! What does that have to do with anything? Society can survive Prostitution. It always has. It’s like alcohol. Do you know what the deadliest time of year is for High School students? Graduation weekend. They Party, drink alcohol and then die or are injured in car crashes. Then there’s Alcoholism and all the damage it does to the alcoholic and his/her loved ones. This Country tried to abolish alcoholism by banning it. It didn’t work!! Making Prostitution illegal obviously doesn’t make it go away. Should human trafficking in Prostitution be prosecuted and the perpetrators punished? Of course!! Using your logic, we should abolish banks because some criminals rob banks. Or abolish cars because some people get into their cars and drive while they are drunk. NO, it’s women that want to use sex as a weapon.

  9. Kerry


    Society has NEVER survived prostitution or any other form of degradation.

    The minute a society lets its physical nature rule society, the society fails. And the powers know this fact which is why they always seek to push prostitution, pornography, LGBTQMNOPT whatever on a populace they wish to control.

    High School students are children. The fact that they are drunk and run wild is largely and completely the fault of poor parenting. Adults who can’t control themselves are completely making choices that degrade themselves.

    However the act of creating and enjoying alcohol is not immoral or unethical.

    Prostitution is the buying another person for use. By its very nature it is wrong.

    Comparing it to objects or buildings does not make them equivalent.

    A person in a fair, balanced and monetarily fair society would not choose such a degrading act to make money. Not unless they had psychological problems. The fact that it exists at all PROVES the society’s failure and eventual collapse.

    You want people to be used. And make no mistake this isn’t about women. Its about men and children as well! Human trafficking is a HUGE MONEY MAKER and has been for centuries. Legalizing prostitution doesn’t make a reasoning and psychologically sound person choose it as an occupation. It just protects the pimps and slavers.

  10. One of the most astonishing thing archeologists working at Pompeii and Herculeum is how many houses in both had PORNOGRAPHY as decoration on their walls and floors not to mention fountains, etc. When I was a young lady in Europe, I noticed many fountains from 300 years ago were pornography, too. This amused people greatly, doing this sort of thing. But then, 300 and more years ago, naked nudes were sculpted and painted all over the place, too!

    My own ancestors were against all this and forbade it in the New World. There is a huge difference between North American mores and European.

  11. Kerry


    Pompeii and Herculaneum were go go resort towns on the coast. It isn’t surprising things were loose.

    In terms of art, there is a big difference between the nude figure as a subject of beauty and rank pornography. I saw the explicit friezes in books but those were from brothels, not in regular houses. Roman society was quite austere and moral and also built on the autocratic rights of the male to control his family, especially his female kin(mother, sisters, daughters and nieces). It was more akin to Muslim customs now than our own society.

    The majority of their prostitution system was built on SLAVERY. Especially white women from Scandinavia/Germany and Eastern Europe. The exact type of women who never would choose such a lifestyle then and now.

    Rome had a good run until moral degradation invaded their society at every level. Men who can’t reason and give in to their bodily desires, can’t fight or defend their society in any way. Ancient Rome proves it. Greece thought it was clever by pushing close homo-erotic relationships between males to stop frolicking with females. That was a failure too. In fact the fall of all the empires proves it. The proof is present even today. Right now.

  12. Petruchio

    So is Prostitution and pornography a symptom or a cause for Cultural decline. What other factors can contribute/cause this decline and which are the most important ones. Gibbon thought the rise of Christianity was the primary cause for the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire!!

  13. Jim R

    It’s a symptom, I’d say. as for Christianity, it was also a symptom, albeit a durable system. It’s worth noting that two of the great branches of Christianity follow the lines of the east/west schism of 4th century Rome.

    The root cause is that, in a society based on conquest (or ‘capitalism’), it will eventually run out of places to conquer, people to subjugate, and stuff to consume, and be unable to grow. At that point, Malthusian dynamics take over. The proximal limit to growth may be food, fuel, water, or something else, but when growth stops, chaos ensues. Eventually it isn’t an empire any more . . .

  14. Kerry


    It is my opinion but Gibbon was waaaaaaaay off base with Christianity. He was a Protestant and anti-Christian. Draw your own conclusions.

    Rome had been allowing a myriad of cults to set up within its borders. They tried to accommodate these religious cultists by making them equivalent to their already established pantheon.

    Quite simply their religious and cultural beliefs were washed under by migrants both legal and illegal. They had defeated Carthage (a Phoenician/Jewish city) and ended up with Molech, Ashtarte (Isis) and other cults (Mithras/Attis) infiltrating them, along with their sex rites, religious PROSTITUTION and animal and child sacrifice (secretly). Christianity opposed all of this and made it a point not to assimilate nor be assimilated.

    Christianity didn’t destroy Rome, it was already gone. They just picked up and shook the corpse.

  15. Kerry

    Correction to above: Catholicism instead of Christianity is the proper word.

    The irony of today is that Catholicism has now itself been completely overrun by Molech, Isis and Mithras worship. Today we have Molech erected in front of the Colosseum and the Pope assimilating Pachimama into the religion.

    Some say it has always been this way since the Council of Nicea.

    Now many RC people are seeking shelter in Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches.

  16. What killed Rome was global cooling. Crops failed, early frosts and late snow, the sudden cooling was catastrophic because Rome depended on say, olive oil instead of butter which is a cold climate fat for cooking. The culture began to disintegrate as farming failed, people can’t change culture that fast, the butter cooking culture gradually moved out of Germany and the cold climate lands and moved southwards all the way to northern Italy and nearly all of France. England, which had olive trees, became too cold even in the Medieval Warm Cycle, to grow Mediterranean food stuffs.

  17. AT

    That dude Assange could have turned himself in at the beginning and plead guilty to everything thrown at him by the Swedes, including the recently “Trumped” up felony charges in the U.S., and been done with his prison time by now.

    He has become the eternal crucifiction of a meme.
    He is to whistleblowing what North Korea is to nukes for the third world.

  18. You assume many things here. Back when he was charged with ‘rape’ we knew this was stupid and only to put him in prison and then have him interrogated by the CIA about his contacts.

    Since then, his contacts had time to save themselves so time was of the essence. Now, there is much less useful information to gain via torture. But they are going to abuse him just out of spite at this point.

  19. Kerry


    And if the Roman empire had a functioning culture not low with degradation and criminality, they would have been able to move and prepare for shorter growing seasons. The men and women were thinking with their lower anatomy and casting “magic” spells with animal and human sacrifice. They weren’t interested in reality.

    Much like now. CA is shaking everyday, and no one is preparing for when it will be rent asunder. It’s destruction will lay the U.S. government low.

  20. Petruchio

    @#14 Kerry: Yeah, I doubt Christianity was the root cause for the Fall of the Roman Empire. That’s what Gibbon thinks. He wrote a tremendous History, but that doesn’t say anything about his conclusions. What happened to the Roman Empire is what happens to all Empires. They get too big, too corrupt, too soft. And while this is happening Rome’s enemies got wiser and stronger. And Rome ran out of land that they could parcel out. Their Economy stagnated. Elaine says it was weather cooling. An Empire in its prime would be able to overcome it, Rome couldn’t because it had declined too far down..

  21. ALL major empires rise during warming cycles and all die during cooling cycles. Geological problems show up during beginning of these cycles like massive earthquakes as ice levels change drastically.

  22. They are all loonies in Buckingham Palace.

  23. Petruchio

    @#23 Elaine: the Royals are also deadbeat freeloaders. Make ’em work for a living.

  24. Make them sweep streets and pick up poo.

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