Cold Chaos Across Planet Earth While Anti-Warm Weather Elites Meet In Spain


Iran just restarted access to the internet after closing it down while crushing the latest rebellion against the Mullahs.


Religious, social and economic revolts are cropping up across the planet.  Iran’s revolt has been very brutally suppressed while in Germany, frightened farmers revolt against the Green Party’s push to eliminate modern farming.  Another global warming meeting in Europe with celebrities and Democrats in America flying off to Spain to whine about the weather.  In China, corrupt politicians hoard gold.


Videos of the revolt are now showing up again.  After killing over 100 citizens, the religious fanatics who still have physical power but the enthusiasm level for oppressing fellow citizens is falling, they really aren’t that happy.

Meanwhile, in England, the government wants to stop all the radical Islamic invaders from demonstrating against public schools.  The schools in England are in trouble due to the liberal desire to coach small children on sex issues.  This is causing rage across many countries run by the Bilderberg gang.

UK Court Bans Protests Against ‘LGBT Curriculum’ at Muslim-Dominated School

Justice Warby QC, issuing the permanent injunction at the High Court in Birmingham, said the protests had “a very significant adverse impact on the pupils, teachers and local residents.”

Do tell.  On the other hand, they were invited into the country and now want to change it.  Duh.  It baffles me as to why liberals are surprised by all this.


He cited claims made by speakers at protests, such as the school had a “pedophile agenda” and that staff were “teaching children how to masturbate.” The judge remarked that “none of this is true.”


None of the elites, not one, sends their kiddies to any government run schools.  This is often true in the US, too.  If a city is ‘integrated’ in the schools, you can bet the rich and powerful don’t send their lovely children to these awful, dangerous schools.

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Met With George Soros Funded Group in White House in September 2016

The Gateway Pundit reports that Eric the CIAramella met with George Soros group in the White House.  The attempt at silencing any news about this creep has collapsed and this is thanks to millions of people on earth happily posting his CIA name and status so that no one could stop this.

Note how the mainstream news now simply pretends there never was a ‘whistleblower’.  This is so pathetic, they still want to go after Trump because he went after Biden’s naked attempt at soliciting bribes overseas and getting a prosecutor fired in Ukraine so he could continue collecting his family bribes.  This is so ridiculous, impeaching and punishing people for uncovering obvious corruption!  Sounds like China!

He will be executed.  China has political corruption from top to bottom.  This is because the government spies on the citizens and the citizens can’t spy on the government.  Chinese officials attend Bilderberg meetings but Putin’s people can’t which is OK with me.

Two farmers from Bremen, many farmers are wearing vests stating where they are from.  This is a huge demonstration.  The farmers just learned that they are to reduce all cattle greatly and ditto, even more, with pigs (Muslims want this one!).

One farmer had this sign on his tractor about killing all the cows.

A small child has his toy tractor and a sign saying, ‘Where is my breakfast?’  So, as German farmers mass protest the Bilderberg gang, so do farmers in France:

As the climate collapses, the European farmers are revolting against global warming dictates.  Germany’s government has decided to commit mass suicide to fix the planet but then the Swedes have done the same, both have allowed armies of aliens to invade who are attacking the State and everyone else, too.  Europe is heading towards another total collapse, it happens like clockwork, every 50 years or so.

Record-breaking snowfall expected across the Sierra and southern Great Basin over the Thanksgiving holiday

It snowed again in the mountains next to Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona.  A major blizzard is roaring across the Midwest, dumping tons of snow on Thanksgiving week.  The global warming scamsters love to torment everyone.  Recently, I reported about the stupid students at Yale invading the football game field to whine about global warming while wearing heavy coats due to the cold.  At least it wasn’t snowing like during the Colorado demonstration last month during a blizzard.


The NYT is ignoring the real weather, as per usual.  It does have its daily anti-Trump lead story, this time whining about when did he know about the freeze of Ukraine aid.  Geeze, normally, Presidents get to control this sort of thing, not CIA agents!  He sets the agenda, not them!!!!


It is anti-constitutional to go after Trump on this stupid issue.  It is insane, it is also…TREASON.  The second top story at the insane NYT is ‘Bleak Report on a planet in peril over new climate talks.’  HAHAHA.  Right below is ‘Thanksgiving Weather: cancelled flights, SNOW and a ‘bomb cyclone’ (snow)’.


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10 responses to “Cold Chaos Across Planet Earth While Anti-Warm Weather Elites Meet In Spain

  1. Nina

    Poor lad being viciously attacked by a gang a migrants in the Netherlands. Note how they kick and stomp on his head while he’s down. This kind of violence has become more common.

  2. Timothy Carroll


    Everyone in the Netherlands and most of Western Europe has been screaming for more diversity and immigration. Be careful what you wish for????

  3. Timothy Carroll

    Of course, the libs here in the states have been screaming for open borders and more diversity as well. The beatings will continue for them until the morale improves. Plus, we feed, clothe, and house our multi-generational negro welfare families, so they indeed breed like rats and attack at will. It’s always sad to see someone get bitten by their favorite pets.

  4. Shawntoh


    Par excellence on the blogging. Question about the one sign in German language… I translate it as…

    “Will the milk prices be controlled and lowered to soon hang the cows from the gallows [like a noose]?”


    I wonder how long it will be before the Wisconsin farmers are revolting as well by doing a protest in Madison. Check this out…

    “Wisconsin dairy farms are failing as milk prices fall”

    “Dairy Farmers are in crisis — and it could change Wisconsin forever”

    Hope is well to all who read this– Peace.

  5. Shawntoh


    Forgive me. I’m not sure if the child’s sign was “Where’s your breakfast.”

    I did some work translating and I came up with…

    “How was your breakfast?”


    I believe the sign reads further on down that…

    “I care for you”

    “[Signed] Your farmer”

    Again, entschuldigung, excuse me. Tut mir leid, I’m sorry, but I have relapsed and I’m getting addicted to learning the German language again and I promise to get treatment soon.

    So, the message is remember that the farmer is the person who feeds them all.

    Just like that guy said, you remember, Mr. Pete Seeger…

  6. Nina

    @Timothy Carroll

    Not everyone, but too many Europeans have had a rather naive view on immigration from certain cultures. They thought that with time these migrants would integrate into our culture, and become law-abiding, valuable members of society.

    The result of this naive policy turned out quite different as second generation, and even third generation immigrants from these cultures have failed to integrate into our society, and instead created their own parallel societies.

    Our politicians seems to have learned nothing, and continues to invite migrants from dysfunctional clan cultures into our countries.

  7. Zeke

    ‘PHOENIX – Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that the United States needs “an awful lot more immigrantsrather than less.”‘

    ‘”We need immigrants to take all the different kinds of jobs that the country needs — improve our culture, our cuisine, our religion, our dialogue and certainly improve our economy,” the billionaire told reporters at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix.’

    Whadda mean “we”, Kemosabe?

  8. He needs more slave labor. I am not joking.

  9. Zeke

    Completely agree and more. More so when the definition of slavery is expanded to include debt bondage, wage slaves, etc.

    Plus he seems to be an advocate of the theory of ‘population replacement’. A permanent radical solution to the possibly temporary lower birth rate. He is casting that as an “emergency” situation. Sounds familiar.

    A Bilderberg in spirit and practice whether he is an enrolled agent or not.

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