Another Multi-Stabbing Attack At The HAGUE, Netherlands

The trigger here must be the beginning of Christian celebrations in December which starts roughly when the US has its own Thanksgiving.  It is interesting how this is unfolding, these events often are connected to religious celebrations.  People are told by the Bilderberg gang that Muslims won’t do holy war against everyone else even though we see this across the entire planet, wherever there are large Muslim populations, they fight everyone around them who is even Muslims but slightly different.

The stabbing attack occurred in the Grote Markstraat shopping area in The Hague. One report said the attack happened in front of the Hudson’s Bay department store. Police say the suspect is a man between the ages of 45 to 50. It is not known whether the attack is terror related. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the stabbing attack in The Hague in the Netherlands, and he’ll also read your comments and questions on the air!


The Daily Mail is carrying this story near the top but in little letters, these attacks are displacing the normal ‘Trump did something normal so we hate him’ stories I see every day there.


The Hague police said in a statement that they were looking for a man, about 45 to 50 years old, in a grey jogging suit. Police spokeswoman Marije Kuiper told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that it was not clear if the stabbing was a terror incident.


According to AFP, the suspect was a ‘slightly dark skinned man’.


Most likely, another Muslim.  Fun times in Europe!  Unfortunately, there were no brave citizens to risk life and limb to detain and disarm this murderous terrorist.

11/29/2019 is a magic number day.  The Muslims have sects that are big on magic numbers just like Christians and Jews, for example.  I always look for magic numbers, just like 9/11/2001 was a magic number day.


I think I found the trigger here: European authorities announced on Monday the takedown of more than 26,000 items of online content supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).  No wonder there was an attack next to the government center of Britain and the European Union all on the same day.


“Through their communication online, this terrorist organization has been able to mobilize individuals to join its ranks and to carry out deadly attacks in the name of [ISIS],” said Catherine De Bolle, executive director of Europol, on Monday at a press conference.


Telegram, Google, Twitter, Instagram and Dropbox were among the participants in the Referral Action Day event, Europol said. The content referred by EU IRU, which detects and investigates malicious content on the internet and on social media, included propaganda videos and social media accounts glorifying or supporting terrorism and violent extremism, Europol said.


The EU IRU has been working with law enforcement and online service providers since 2015 to address terrorist abuse of the internet, Europol said, including a 2016 takedown of ISIS news agency Amaq’s mobile application and web infrastructure, a 2017 strike joined by the U.S., and a 2018 operation that led ISIS to move its propaganda efforts to social media and messaging applications, Europol said.


This same machinery is attacking conservatives, too.  Conservatives who are not terrorists are being censored heavily on the internet these days.  The EU internet services claim they are for ‘free speech’ but nobody has any ‘free speech’ in Europe or England.  We barely have it here in the US now.  The Democrats want it totally removed.


The move by Telegram led to panicked responses by ISIS-affiliated networks on the platform, according to reports. “Quraysh,” an ISIS-linked media outlet, asked supporters to create multiple accounts in an effort to archive content, according to JihadoScope, an organization that monitors jihadist social media activity. Quraysh warned Telegram that the takedown would backfire, saying it would “complicate the situation, the [supporters] will spread everywhere,” BBC Monitoring reported. ISIS support groups on Telegram attempted to regenerate their networks, but many were quickly disabled, according to the BBC Monitoring report.


So now they are moving back to terror attacks.  It didn’t take me long to connect some interesting dots.

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