Just Adding On To Top Story About London Terror Attack: Bilderberg News Is INSANE

The two Bilderberg giant news groups, the Washington Post and the NY Times, both thought the terror attack on London Bridge was a lesser news story and thus, not worth top story status even hours after learning this is a very serious story indeed.  The conservative non-Bilderberg news paper in NYC, the NY Post, made the bridge attack in London its top story which is where it should be in a sane world.

The New York Post is a conservative news paper and lo and behold, they carry the news the old fashioned way, that is, proper front page stories are the main story, not a back page story and better still, it is up to date and not monotonous!

Trump also trolled the press, saying he would play golf and then secretly going to Afghanistan and triumphantly telling everyone, he did it.  It had to be secret so the Taliban would be unable to attack.  But the fun part was how the Bilderberg news didn’t check their facts but instead, ASSUMED he ‘played golf and goofed off’ which he had a right to do.


After all, these clowns all goofed off yesterday, too!


Back to the WP stupidity: its editorial page is usually identical to the NYT editorial pages due to these are both home base of elderly Bilderberg gangsters who hate Trump:

Funny, how the editors are OK with the Chinese student rebellion in Hong Kong.  Typical of them, support something they don’t and can’t control.  But they want to destroy Trump when over 50% of the nation is cheering Trump: that doesn’t stop the WP from demanding he be removed for…nothing burgers.  ‘Hard to be an optimist about America..’ story is also typical and stupid.


The Bilderberg gang and far leftists are unhappy but the majority of citizens are quite happy, thank you.  And one editorial telling white people to no procreate took three writers.  This story, requiring three reporters to write, has only 8 paragraphs.  That is 2 1/3 paragraph per reporter.  Ouch.  Worse, every single paragraph is old information one can google online, easily.  People are having babies later and fewer of them except for…welfare families who are never mentioned in this article.


Educated, working women are having few to no babies!  Duh.  This has been obvious for many years now.  Nothing new.


So if relatives pester you over Thanksgiving about when you’re going to have children, or when they can next expect another grandchild, turn the question around: Ask them when they plan to restructure the American economy.


And the stupid story ends with a call for communism which is odd considering Mad Madame Mao and her one child programs or how Soviet citizens ceased having many or any babies, too.  Unlike the NYT, the WP allows comments even though these are only leftist comments, all conservatives have been banned:


These two ‘don’t have children/we are all doing to die of hot weather’ comments are common at any ‘liberal’ site.  Eventually, liberals will have zero children and voila: no more liberals.  They yell about extinction and are going extinct, themselves.  Worse, they think this fixes everything and perhaps they are right.  Fewer liberals=happier people.

Mercedes Benz Daimler is cutting staff due to diesel cars that had fake pollution tests, are now in trouble.

Thousands of very silly young Germans did their usual death march, demanding much colder weather, worse food choices and a collapse of the German economy so that they won’t suffer pleasant warm weather anymore.


This is a sign a nation is dying.  When it becomes suicidal, we expect Kool Aid marches like this.  Merkel is in China negotiating the move of German industries to China.  I wonder if the Germans understand what will happen next?  Naw…they can’t figure this out.  Since no real history is taught in Germany, they have no idea of the past and why things that are very unpleasant happen.


From the BBC, more news: the young lady stabbed by the London Bridge jihadist died today.  Thanks a lot, globalists who rule us.  Thanks a lot.


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