Knife Terror Attack In London! Less Important News Than ‘Trump Is Tired After Trip’ Top Story

I said to my husband after learning there was a terror attack in London, ‘I bet the top story at the Daily Mail will be about Trump instead,’ and lo and behold…a stupid Trump story (he is tired after flying across the planet and meeting with troops in Afghanistan!) was the top story today while the London terror attack was way down the page at the bozo Daily Mail.  Typical, the leftists hate Trump so much, they are angry he stops terrorists in Afghanistan and don’t give a hoot when anyone attacks us at home.

The other top stories is Boris worried Trump might do something in London that is political….he wants Trump to stay away so the people in England who want to be invaded by foreigners won’t feel discomfort about Trump blurting out something about ‘protecting the borders’.  Wish granted.  England, enjoy your invaders.  Also, another Trump story is top story at this silly paper: Taliban are mad that Trump wants to talk to them.  Good, send them Boris and have him talk to the Taliban, since a number are already in England, Boris doesn’t even have to travel half way around the world to see them.

So, even though this news is real news and happened only an hour ago, it is way down the page at the Daily Mail.  This deranged need to put up negative headlines about Trump is a key to what organization a publication participates in, namely, it is obvious who is a Bilderberg gangster operation.

We still don’t know why this man who is now dead, attacked total strangers next to Parliament.  It could be for any reason.  He didn’t kill many people due to brave citizens running him down but they couldn’t disarm him (it is a technique which I know very well how to do, practiced this a great deal years ago).  I learned how to deal with people with knives because, people with knives attacked me in the past.


I used to be a very good knife thrower, used to practice this in the back yard frequently years ago.  Lots of fun.  Note how this morning’s story on my blog featured the push by Democrats to disarm citizens and even forbid them LEARNING how to bring down a violent person without using knives or guns.  The need to make people helpless is paramount to all communist operations.  This way, they can exterminate millions with no trouble.

These are the only people the liberals want to have guns, dogs and the ability to fight.  I believe in citizens being able to do this, I did this in NYC (and Tucson and SF) for years and years.  NY politicians really hated this so they passed laws forbidding people from doing what I did nearly every week for several years.


It appears that a pedestrian, a man, wrestled the knife from the attacker but the police pulled him off and then shot the attacker.  The attacker was in ‘berserker’ mode.  I might suggest that the cops were very nervous and trigger happy which is why they shot the attacker so quickly after pulling off the brave citizen who took the potential killer down.


In the heat of a violent event, it is hard to be cool and calm.  The police in England have been so disassociated from reality for so long, they have poor response reflexes.  In NYC, the new mayor who hates the cops has reduced them to being unable to react to danger, too.  This is very infuriating and totally wrong and one has to blame the mayor of NYC and London for this, not the police and certainly not the harassed and harried citizens.


One woman, by the way, was knifed by this creep before he died.  I hope she survives, she was not conscious when I watched her taken away.  The Daily Mail is a stupid newspaper and incapable of judging what is important news (terror attacks, for example) and what is stupid news (anything about Trump not being totally perfect).


BTW, the NY Times decided this knife in London story is so small, it was on the front page, on the far side, in TINY print barely able to see while the top story was, as per absolutely always, an attack on Trump for doing his job.  Real winners there, too stupid to figure out they are stupid, doing the news backwards.



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3 responses to “Knife Terror Attack In London! Less Important News Than ‘Trump Is Tired After Trip’ Top Story

  1. honeybadger don't care

    Trying to disarm an attacker with a knife with bare hands is very likely to result in potentially deadly injury no matter how much training one gets. In fact, that should be the very first lesson of the training.

  2. Jim R

    The killer, Usman Khan, was a previously convicted Islamic terrorist who was a guest lecturer at Cambridge University on “prisoner rehabilitation.”

  3. Yes, I found and inserted that shocking news, the terrorist was lecturing students about…rehabilitation! Just amazing. The leftists are insane.

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