Virginia Liberals Want To Prevent ANY ‘Self Defense’ AT ALL

Not content with seizing guns, Californians and NYC lunatics living in Virginia now want to outlaw learning hand to hand combat, too!


How dare anyone learn how to ‘defend themselves.’  HAHAHA.  OK: the left is finally utterly insane.  All those ‘self defense’ fighting skills were created by oppressed PEASANTS mostly in Asia.  Only the Rulers could have weapons!  Well, I hope they pass this stupid law and make Virginia weak again.  What irony this is.  Meanwhile, the fighting Chinese youth in Hong Kong celebrate winning hands down, the local elections.  Congratulations!

Contrary to beliefs that people of Hong Kong hate the students…they actually support them.  This is a historic election, a slap at the vicious communist Chinese who have killed many millions of people over the last century.  Meanwhile, Trump flies with no warning to Afghanistan to meet and greet our troops there on Thanksgiving.


Schiff staffer, Misoko, worked with Eric the CIAramella in with Burisma-backed ‘think tank’.

The DC mess continues. The impeachment continues based increasingly on nothing.  The Bilderberg media continues to lie about everything, ignoring the dangers of refusing to look at real evidence anymore, just ‘get Trump one way or another’ being the only thing that matters now.  They are insane and proof of this is their clinging to the ‘global warming’ lunacy in the teeth of an increasingly cold global climate:

All over Europe and the US and other nations, the communists are pushing the global warming hoax using mainly children born during the previous warm cycle:

It is snowing and cold out West, deep into Mexico.  All Western states and much of northern Mexico is seeing wet, cold weather which is most unusual but not if this were 1965-1980.  I lived in Arizona, California and even New Mexico back then before going to cold NY.  It was COLD.  So cold, we bought Value Village used fur coats to make blankets or wear when going it, it was so cold in Tucson, on the border of Mexico!

As the Bilderberg gang screams about global warming, it is snowing in Las Vegas!


Although Wednesday marked the fourth day Las Vegas recorded a trace of snow this month, it did not break a record, the Las Vegas Forecast Office tweeted. Snow fell in Las Vegas for five days in February 1949. This is, however, the coldest February on record since 2004, the office tweeted.


It is cold.  Cold, cold, cold.  Here is today’s video by Tony Heller:

There is a huge anti-global warming march in Germany today, carried live on RUPTLY news from Russia (I bet the Kremlin is laughing to death right now):


And the German communist youth march, wearing heavy coats and warm hats, in November, demanding Siberian winters instead of the present cold winters!  Germany will have fun if this happens.  The farmers are already very alarmed in Germany due to global warming taxes and rules proposed to make it impossible to raise livestock.

This suicidal parade demanding both communism and cold weather shows how insane the left really is.  Even in the teeth of terrible cold, they insist they are roasting to death and we need to kill modern civilization to save ourselves from being too hot!  This is true insanity.


They are too mindlessly silly to see how insane they look, marching in heavy coats before winter even starts, demanding it to be even colder.  Brrrr.  HAHAHA.  Utterly insane.


Students are gathering in the streets of Berlin on Friday, November 29, as part of the ‘Global day of climate action’ protest. This new round of demonstrations have been called worldwide by climate change movements such as ‘Fridays for Future’ and ‘Youth for climate’ and comes alongside a general student strike. The aim of the protest is to denounce the global climate crisis and to demand climate justice and effective policies from governments. This round of actions comes ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) that will be held in Madrid on December 2-13.


Comments to this video are funny, many people are noticing how cold it is and how insane the marcher’s demands really are.


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7 responses to “Virginia Liberals Want To Prevent ANY ‘Self Defense’ AT ALL

  1. snoosebomb

    video comments turned off now , who did this ? RT or ,,

  2. All ‘live feeds’ have the option to have comments. RUPTY always turns these off.

  3. Petruchio

    “Not content with seizing guns, Californians and NYC lunatics living in Virginia now want to outlaw learning hand to hand combat, too!”. Yes sir, that is how they Cultural Marxists–call them whatever you like, Leftists, Maoists, whatever–do it. I know in my Home State of MN, it was mainly New York radicals that infiltrated our Political System. If you look into their Bios, you will find a New York background in a number of MN politicians. Arne Carlson, a Governor of the State, is a New Yorker. This is how Dick Cheney got into politics. Bought himself a house in Montana long enough to establish residency and off Cheney goes to Congress. These guys have a coordinated Plan; and they stick to it.

  4. honeybadger don't care

    The Virginia bill may be undesirable, but it doesn’t have the effect purported by the writer at InfoWars. InfoWars, and others, would be better served avoiding fake news.

  5. Watching how ‘innocent laws’ end up doing nasty stuff makes me very suspicious these days and indeed, for the last half a century. Already, in NY, no one can do what I did 100 times, that is ‘citizen’s arrests’ and we saw citizens in London do exactly that today but it was illegal for them to do it but bless them, the men did it anyways! I hope they are rewarded, not punished. We shall see.

  6. Petruchio

    “How dare anyone learn how to ‘defend themselves.’ ” This is going back to Medieval/Feudal Times when the peasants weren’t allowed to possess ANYTHING that could even remotely be used as a weapon. And a peasant caught with a weapon such as a sword just might get the Death Penalty–without a trial. Our “elites” miss those days. It’s why people like Bloomberg constantly campaign to ban firearms. Peasants who can fight back are much more dangerous than ones who are powerless.

  7. A point I keep making. I descended from the ‘armed’ class in England after all. I have an idea exactly how power works! And people who came to the colonies were very big on ‘being armed’ no matter what (except for the sad case of the slaves!).

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