London Bridge Terrorist Well Known In Britain, Mexico Chaos Gets Worse, DNC Demands More Mexicans In US

The London terrorist proved to be obvious, was ‘watched’ by the authorities who watched Tommy Robinson far more than anyone else in England.  This is very tiresome, our Rulers hate us and want to import terrorists from countries in turmoil so they can rule us with an iron fist.  Also, like in England and other EU/Brit countries and colonies, they want to totally disarm all citizens, too.  Mexico is collapsing into chaos and Hispanics claim they have a right to invade the US even though they haven’t been here for the last 10,000 years unlike the Indian tribes here.


Right next door to the US, in Mexico, armed gangs are openly killing people in hospitals and police stations as full scale drug lord warfare destroys everything.


Shocking surveillance video shows the moment armed gunmen stormed a Mexican hospital and hauled away a patient — who was later found dismembered, according to Mexican news reports.


The chilling footage obtained by news agency Aristegui Noticias shows more than a half-dozen armed men searching rooms in the General Hospital of Salvatierra in southern Mexico on Nov. 21 while holding a security guard at gunpoint.


This is now happening daily ever since Mexican voters chose a far leftist to lead them off the cliff.  The DNC has an alliance with Hispanics to encourage invading the US. Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Sunday listened and nodded without disputing a claim from Pastor William Barber that illegal immigrants from Mexico were merely reclaiming land from the United States.

The most astonishing things are said by radical racist leftists and the DNC clowns running for President just nod along.  Their voter base despise all the candidates and push them around and force them to say things they will regret later.  The main thing is, the overt racism of the left is now blatant and in our faces.  Here is one insane Democrat who is a very rich Jewish property owner in NYC which is falling to pieces thanks to being run by Democrats now instead of Giuliani:

Democratic rich dude, Bloomberg, claims China’s dictator is not a communist dictator.  Bloomberg is pushing to win over Democrats by being even a bigger traitor than all his competitors who also hate Americans.  I love how he says the communists have to listen to the slaves!  Interesting point of view for a man who wants to rule us the same way.

Yes, Bloomberg wants to ape China because he is a dictatorial man, himself.  Bloomberg and his rich buddies have turned whole sections of Manhattan into construction tunnels.


Scaffolding has turned the sidewalks outside our homes and businesses into unsightly slums, obliterating natural sunlight and providing an open invitation for homeless encampments.


When it encloses sections of the sidewalk on all sides to form a narrow tunnel through which pedestrians are forced to walk, it also becomes a haven for muggers.


City Councilman Ben Kallos, who represents the Upper East Side, has been trying for three years to fix the problem. But his two proposed bills have been languishing in the Committee on Housing and Buildings since Jan. 24.  He attributes the delay to “overwhelming opposition by the real-estate industry,” including the Real Estate Board of New York, which represents more than 13,000 building owners.


The worst offenders are rental buildings where landlords leave scaffolding in place indefinitely because the $1,200 a month it costs to rent the structure is cheaper than doing a $200,000 repair on the building.


Now, any building higher than six stories has to inspect and repair its facade every five years, rather than a more realistic eight to 10 years.


The short turnaround gives landlords an incentive to keep scaffolding in place, because the biggest cost is the original installation, which runs to a reported $12,500 for a 200-foot-length shed.  If the structure is up for an average of three years, why bother removing it for the next round of inspections?


NY has a mountain of rules and regulations and when I was building in NYC, the ‘inspectors’ were actually a bunch of people demanding bribes.  One of these got in serious trouble with me, he would not give me my Certificate of Occupancy on a building I saved from ruin because the front door assembly was missing one screw.  I kid you not.


I had him arrested for soliciting a bribe.


Most big operations simply own the politicians but not entirely.  There is this intersection where the far leftists who want to control everything while they destroy entire cities and the builders who want to make a lot of money and don’t want to rock the boat so long as they can do as they please.  While I back giving incentives to building owners to keep in good repair, the liberals want fines instead because this makes the government much richer and the employees love the fines because this is how they solicit bribes!  A real mess, just like the schools and utterly unfixable at this point.


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  1. Pete


    Riots in Guangdong, next to Hong Kong

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