LIVE: REVOLT IN FRANCE, Macron Will Fall, More Action Planned For Tomorrow

Full revolt now in France!  Macron leaves global warming summit, telling the French people ‘go freeze to death’ and then declared he was going to lower pensions since most people will die of heat waves while freezing to death.  He is insane, the French have been played for fools and the Swedes?  They certainly will freeze to death as their lovely communist mouthpiece, Greta, demands.  Die, everyone!  Isn’t the Bilderberg gang charming?

I think demonstrators are blowing up the many cameras now mounted on street posts and traffic lights!  People are cheering it being blown up!  Everyone is, by the way, wearing heavy coats.  This is happening right on the heels of the government-sponsored ‘global warming is evil’ marches by school children who were let out of school after making government-sanctioned global warming cartoons and signs.  These same young people are now rioting against Macron’s rule one week later!


Just three days ago, Macron claimed his people were too hot and want global control of energy so they can get colder.  Note how hot the demonstrators are below: this is the new way of heating Paris, burning the city.

Full scale riot now.  The police are attacking the citizens.  The citizens are fighting back, this is giving me huge flashbacks!  The government is going to FALL and FALL badly, can the Bilderberg gang stop all the French People?  NO.

Explosions everywhere now.  Chants being shouted in defiance.  Firemen ordered to enter the riot.  They show reluctance.  All governments fall when the police revolt.  Right now in Iran, for example, thousands of Iranians have been killed or arrested and the government still stands…BARELY.  Each uprising is bigger than the last.

I wasn’t expecting this, just happened to stop by RUPTLY Russian news as always and boom: a full uprising against Macron, live. The London Daily Mail has zero news from France, it being a whole few dozen miles offshore but the NY Times has a stupid story:

He is certainly ‘calm’ and totally clueless as to what will happen next but then, so is the NY Times which is a founding member of the Bilderberg gang.

Some serious barricade building going on in the streets now.


The Bilderberg gang is no fun for liberals who are freaking out and falling apart at the seams:


Rep. Heck cited a variety of reasons for his retirement, highlighted by the debate surrounding ongoing impeachment proceedings for President Trump.

“The countless hours I have spent in the investigation of Russian election interference and the impeachment inquiry have rendered my soul weary,” Heck said in a post on Medium outlining his reasons for leaving office.


And why is this liberal Democrat from poo-crime raddled Seattle?  He knows why he is quitting: Trump is evil!  Trump is driving him nuts!  He is causing the collapse!


“To some degree (President Trump) is a symptom and not the cause or at least the only cause,” he outlined. “The truth is that civic discourse began degrading before him. At times, it is as though there are no rules or boundaries.”


And who, pray tell, is yelling nonstop, rioting in the West Coast DNC cities?  Who is wearing masks and destroying cities?  Are Republicans rioting?  HAHAHA.  And the degrading language: the DNC and mainstream media does this nonstop now.


“There are simply too many hyperbolic adjectives and too few nouns. Civility is out. Compromise is out. All or nothing is in,” he added.


Trump solicits compromises only to be slapped down.  So he plays hardball.  Why not?


Rep. Heck first ran for Congress in 2010 for Washington’s 3rd District. After advancing out of the primary, he ultimately lost to Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler, before going on to win the newly-created District 10 seat in 2012.


Trump is going to win the next election, cold weather is forcing the liberals to the wall.


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2 responses to “LIVE: REVOLT IN FRANCE, Macron Will Fall, More Action Planned For Tomorrow

  1. Shawntoh


    I accidentally found this documentary that I hope everyone finds interesting…

    TITLE: Remember: Ice Age is Coming 1978 Science Facts

    The late Leonard “Mr. Spock” Nimoy appears in and narrates this documentary.

    Please note, it’s quite sobering to be told in this documentary that we’ve had pretty good weather for about 10,000 years for growing food.

    Bon appétit!

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