Impeach Trump For Thought Crimes! DNC In Full Insane Collapse This Week

It appears that the Democrats in Congress have jumped quite a few sharks!


As things fall apart for the DNC, desperation sets in and now they are openly impeaching the President based on…nothing!  Nothing concrete, at all.  This is criminal.  It is also treason.  The Bilderberg gang wants to get rid of Trump so they will do this destruction of the Constitution and voila: a dictatorship.  Also, Warren’s first entry to the Bar (both drinking and non-drinking) showed up this week.  HAHAHA.  American Indian!  And Portland OR will force builders to include homeless shelters in all businesses and homes!!!  HAHAHA.


Here is what the DNC leaders are saying in their report:


The report states: “The question is not whether the President’s conduct could have resulted from permissible motives. It is whether the President’s real reasons, the ones in his mind at the time, were legitimate.”


Guilty of THINKING something?  What???  HAHAHA.  So, he could have had the wrong thoughts but did nothing, said nothing and touched nothing.  Someone wrote a book about this.  Hmmm…thinking…oh…1984.  This insanity has come to reality in Congress.  This proves that the DNC leadership should be arrested for fraud or for being a bunch of insane fascists who want to destroy us.


Anyone copying Big Brother’s legal systems is a criminal.  This violates the Constitution and is trying to impose tyranny on us all.  Wrongthink is a thing they are imposing on Trump.  How dare he think about stopping Biden and his evil son!  Giuliani isn’t fazed, by the way, by the open attacks on him now.


He is coming back from Europe with an alarming armload of interesting information which is probably when Kerry suddenly joined Biden’s Boo Boo Bus to run around talking about how they do foreign policy.  Biden’s son was along with Kerry’s stupid son, collecting bribes, too!  Interesting how the Democrats don’t notice what is wrong about collecting foreign bribes or attending secret foreign meetings like the Bilderberg meetings.


Speaking about frauds and criminals:

Elizabeth Warren’s Bar Registration card when she became a lawyer, she listed herself as ‘American Indian’!

She pulled in millions of dollars in scholarships, jobs given due to her being ‘Indian’ and such and should now repay all that loot.  I think she should be arrested for fraud.  She still refuses to understand how evil she was, pulling this stunt.  I have more ‘Indian blood’ than she due to ancestors who lived on the frontiers from 1660 onwards (always moving west) and I don’t consider myself to be ‘Indian’.  This is infuriating.


Now on to the insane West Coast which has attracted many insane people who are now camping out there to use drugs and run riot:

Portland Commission Proposes Mandatory Camping Spaces For Homeless In New Private Buildings


The controversial proposal comes as City Hall tries a variety of ways to come to terms with a housing shortage that has left thousands of people sleeping in the wintry streets. In recent weeks, as WW has reported, the city has rolled out a new plan for how first responders respond to non-emergency 911 calls and floated a proposal to ban camping adjacent to Providence Park and other spectator venues.


So, you can no longer camp illegally in parks?  Then move these people to new sites!


At its Nov. 12 meeting, the commission began a routine walk-through of draft language for new design guidelines, which the city defines as “mandatory approval criteria that must be met as part of design review.”  There are a dozen such guidelines, but the discussion ground to a halt at No. 6, which said the exterior spaces of new buildings must “provide opportunities to pause, sit and interact.”


This ‘pause’ is to be overnight.  ‘Interact’ means ‘screaming obscenities at people.


Magnera, who works as the director of climate and energy policy at Verde, a Northeast Portland environmental justice nonprofit, stopped the conversation and pushed to add the words “rest and be welcome” to that guideline. She explained that public spaces around buildings often include “benches but not a lot of place to pitch a tent.”


Yes, they will now make things much, much worse.  And people voted for this.  There has to be some point when people in DNC-run death traps figure out THEY are the ‘death dealing lunatics’ destroying these places.  Speaking of devils:

The office building to be built will be outside of the district which was first chosen for a huge facility.  It is painfully obvious what is wrong with all this.

1% of the jobs that would have shown up are showing up and so AOC takes a ‘victory lap’ because she can’t count.  She went to Yale so it is no surprise that she can’t count.  Like Pocahontas, she got in as a ‘special needs’ student.  This crazy business will continue until the collapse of civilization.  Right now, all these lunatics also believe we are all roasting to death, right now.


It is 3 F at my mountain this minute.  It is very bitter cold and still ‘fall’.  Not even winter.  This is ridiculously cold, very, record breaking cold.  For the last month, we have broken a number of cold/snow records as has countless other places.  And the DNC is howling about being too hot.  They are utterly insane.

Biden is collapsing, internally and eternally.  He is like Hillary: work hard and get totally addled.  Like Pelosi, for that matter.  Too many face lifts for all these creeps.



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13 responses to “Impeach Trump For Thought Crimes! DNC In Full Insane Collapse This Week

  1. Hell Soonish

    Ya know Elaine, with all your love for Trump, he will be devastated if Biden actually drops out of the race now. All the work in Ukraine for naught. And don’t give me the BS that Trump is rooting out corruption in all that. Iraq cost 1 trillion, mostly lost to corruption, that’s about a few hundred times more than Ukraine, and Trump hasn’t touched that at all.

  2. Jim R

    All the work in Ukraine for naught. And don’t give me


    What work is that? Would it be all the work Obama/Biden did ‘for’ the Ukraine? Why should they even get another nickel of US money?

  3. Petruchio

    Hillary Clinton WILL be the Dem nominee for Prez in 2020. The DNC are working on the script right now. My guess is Hillary won’t be nominated until the Dem Convention. Rigging votes is what the DNC does. Biden and the other NON contender contenders will be just a distraction; window dressing.

  4. Zeke

    Some insight into thought process:
    – behind positions and moves.

  5. AT

    Tom Steyer will be the squeaky clean DNC nominee. And he will clean Trump’s clock, having all of his strengths but very few of his shortcomings.

  6. And BLOOMBERG…HAHAHA. I used to be ‘Mrs. Levy’ and operated in the center of NYC politics which is where these guys also operate. and they are all buddies with the NYTimes crew.

  7. Petruchio

    I caught Bloomberg’s campaign ad today. Who does this clown think he’s kidding? He’s a jewish billionaire but they have him dressed casual like we’re supposed to think he’s one of us. Then he spouts all the usual crapola about what Big Shot Bloomberg wants to do. Bloomberg wants–his words–“to lower medical costs”. So… he’s not gonna push for Medicare for all. We voters are just supposed to roll with Bloomberg vague promise to “lower medical costs”. And then there’s the promise to improve life foe Seniors. And a vague promise to improve Education for the kiddies. Gee whiz. What a compassionate jewish billionaire we have here. Bloomberg and Steyer make quite a pair. A “Dynamic Duo” of compassionate Billionaire. There will be no stopping them.

  8. AT

    Trump is a Jewish supremacist as well.


    It’s been BS for a while now, hasn’t it?

  9. Moe

    Excerpt: “Biden is collapsing, internally and eternally. He is like Hillary: work hard and get totally addled. Like Pelosi, for that matter.”

  10. lou

    I was seeing Steyer ads [on utube] but now I get Bloomberg ads.

  11. Moe

    Supreme Court Can Extend Trump’s Term By Up To 3 Years If He’s Acquitted In The Senate

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