ANTIFA Riots In London, Bilderberg Gang Furious With Brit Voters

Rioting ANTIFA communists fight police, demand no more elections.  As always, the far left is anti-elections.  This is why, when these sort gain power, elections cease and one has only fake elections.  Of course, step number two is to starve millions of people to death.  Why young people want to starve baffles me but it is true globally: many people who hate working want socialist policies that end up with mass starvation.


Violent leftists are now roaming London at night, demanding the election be terminated and no voting, just gain power via riots.  These kiddies are clones of darling snarling Greta.  They are convinced we will all die unless we do very stupid things these youngsters demand.


The same celebrities, comics and assorted fools went nuts when Boris Johnson, Trump buddy, overwhelmingly won the election.


Boris Johnson’s victory was a genuinely seismic moment, and one whose forceful tremors will be felt most keenly across the Atlantic in America. Because make no mistake, the lessons from this election carry extraordinary pertinence for next year’s US election. Like Donald Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again’ mantra in 2016, Boris Johnson won with one very simple message that he rammed home every minute of every day of the six-week campaign.


Rather like Democrats after Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, Labour wouldn’t accept the Brexit result and have spent the past three-and-a-half years screaming their heads off about how unfair it all is – and demanding another vote. Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds arrive in Downing Street (main), Hugh Grant watches the terrible results for Labour pour in (top right), Lily Allen cries over the result (bottom right) and Donald Trump tweets his congratulations (inset).


The Daily Mail hates Trump and has endless stories like all Bilderberg media, attacking him daily.  Now, they have the Prime Minister and the vast majority of Brits to hate and abuse and screech at which I find very funny:

HAHAHA.  Love how Biden is nasty.  He also attacks ‘the radical left’ which is rich considering how he tried to pretend to be an ANITFA uncle during the debates.  He is finished and he knows this and just wants revenge just like his evil soul mate, Ms. Hillary.  Trump and Boris look like twins which I find rather funny, too.

The Rulers of Europe are freaking out.  Voters revolting against globalist schemes is very irritating to our Real Rulers who are losing Real Power now.  ANTIFA won’t save them, ANTIFA is attacking the fake liberals even more than middle of the road politicians like Boris or Trump who are not radical right wingers at all.  Now on to the ongoing mess of our schools which are rapidly collapsing as order and security vanishes due to liberal policies.


When I was in grade school, teachers and if you were very unlucky, the principal would, without hesitation, hit us if we gave them lip or didn’t sit still at our desks, etc.  Now, rioting in school and on the busses and around the schools is nearly nonstop but ONLY IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS.  All other schools get to get rid of out of control children!

The detention of an out of control child was very mild and compared to my own childhood, simply nothing at all!  We would be beaten, hard, if we misbehaved like this little boy.


Parents obtained a video of their 7-year-old boy being detained in a cell-like, window-less ‘seclusion room’ known as ‘the office’ at an Illinois school, for time outs, triggering a massive state investigation and halting the practice. Staley Sandy-Ester (top center) is seen in the footage at the Gages Lake School (right), a  therapeutic, public school in Lake County last spring.


Isolating children who have tantrums has been the mode for the last 40 years.  I used this tactic, too, when caring for my own and other children.  You are supposed to watch the child until they tire of being angry and then have them talk about what is really bothering them (usually, there is something buried there deep inside).


It does work but one has to be very patient and not take things personally.  The people involved with this out of control boy were too frustrated and had probably little experience in raising a child.  Now, one of these supervisors is dead:


An aide (top, left of center) is seen grabbing and shoving the boy after he kicked her while trying to leave the room. Staley was routinely being placed in the ‘isolated timeouts’ until the boy came home and told his parents about a scary office at school. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services  has since launched an investigation into whether kids have been abused in the ‘the office’. Two school aides resigned, including one who faces criminal charges. The other died by suicide soon after learning about the investigation. A new investigation into the state’s use of seclusion rooms has led to an emergency order halting the use of isolated timeouts.


No sane person wants to work with modern children who have social problems due to how they were raised at home and with virtually no sane tools in the schools.  In NYC, the army of welfare children raised by anti-social, often very violent mothers and their many boyfriends made using the schools utterly impossible.  Millions of parents literally fled the city to get away from crummy schools filled with anti-social, violent children.  I was one of these, even after trying to fix things via ‘Save Our Schools’ my only political failure.


Nothing is fixed, everything continues to deteriorate.  And this is very much a liberal problem caused by liberals refusing to understand basic human psychology and social systems.  Leftists see these sorts of stories and think, having even less control over children who run riot and freak out in schools is going to end well.  That turning communist will fix this.  And it does!  In communist countries, anti-social children giving schools problems are…killed.


All the violent, crazy leftist students are too stupid to figure this out.  It is particularly sad, watching them demand they be put in ‘re-education camps.’


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6 responses to “ANTIFA Riots In London, Bilderberg Gang Furious With Brit Voters

  1. Jim R

    Howcome ANTIFA never riots in Kiev? Lots of nazis over there, last I heard.

    Or in Bolivia, where the fascists have taken over the government?

  2. Jim R

    The answer, of course, is that if antifa acted up that way in a REAL fascist country, they would simply be shot. End of story.

  3. Moe

    Excerpt: “Violent leftists are now roaming London at night, demanding the election be terminated and no voting, just gain power via riots. These kiddies are clones of darling snarling Greta.”

    Speaking of charming Greta, from the Gateway Pundit:

    Climate Alarmist Greta Thunberg Says We Will ‘Put World Leaders Against The Wall’

  4. Yes, I wrote about that. Charming child, eh?

  5. honeybadger don't care

    Wait, I thought this whole blog was about “putting world leaders against the wall”


  6. I am AGAINST THEM, this child is working FOR them, or so they thought. Now they know she wants to kill them! The other difference is, Greta wants to starve/freeze many millions if not billions of people to death whereas I want to protect them, a gigantic difference.

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