Boris ‘Brexit Now’ Johnson Wins PM In Historic Landslide!

Big Brexit win!  Bilderberg gang utterly bewildered as the Brits kick the communists to the curb and vote overwhelmingly for Brexit supporter, Boris Johnson!  The mainstream press is confused, what shall they do now to push everyone off the cliff and eliminate 50% of all cows in Europe and import millions and millions of illegal aliens?  Ooopsies!  Trump and Boris are celebrating a new alliance, too!  Wow.  Little Greta will snarl some more threats, eh?  ‘How DARE you!’ she will hiss.  Also, Infowars invades Manhattan and mocks DNC voters as they rage and howl like animals.

Infowars Owen Shroyer drives armored vehicle to Manhattan to yell at the New York Times!  I love this.  Meanwhile, also in Manhattan in broad daylight:

Liberal cities are extremely dangerous places:

As per usual, crimes rise up and up and up as NYC decided to jump the shark and fly off the handle and self destruct yet again just like in the 1970’s.  This mugging murder happened not in the hood but right next to the school, in the open, in daylight.  In Tucson when I lived right next to the U of A campus, a young student was grabbed by a car full of men who tried to kidnap her only I was sitting on the porch with a friend who had a Luger gun.  I jumped to the car and grabbed the girl around the waist while my friend shot the kidnappers, I rolled to the ground, covering her.


We stopped them and guess how many newspapers covered this story?  NOT ONE.  The police knew us, they knew we patrolled the neighborhood and stopped criminals.  They didn’t want anyone to know, citizens have a RIGHT to do this.  Yes, we have the right.  Now, we are told, no one can use weapons and even then, if they had no weapons but arrest the criminal, this is illegal now. How insane.

The DNC’s official position is, black crime is OK and white defense is illegal.  Note how the Congresswoman who is a DNC clown claims that the two terrorists were ‘murdered’ instead of being the murderers who attacked civilization.


Across all systems, leftists infiltrate and then try to indoctrinate.  Only doing this by selling comix or doing TV shows, etc. is stupid as the audience flees.  This leads to bankruptcy but they don’t care, they continue with the noxious ‘entertainments’ and to hell with audiences.


Germany attacks Trump screaming that it is OK for GERMANY to make deals with Putin, even while Germany thinks Trump should be impeached for doing basic diplomacy with Putin!


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has lashed out at Washington over continued attempts to derail Nord Stream 2, a project that will deliver Russian gas to Germany. He said Berlin “rejects on principle” extraterritorial sanctions.


HAHAHA.  NATO should be disbanded.  Start a new organization of EU nations only and have them defend themselves at their own cost.  Yup.  They won’t, you know.


Greenpeace gets even more violent and irrational:

These lunatics are doing this in the teeth of severe cold.  They should be forced to live in Greenland with no fur coats.


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24 responses to “Boris ‘Brexit Now’ Johnson Wins PM In Historic Landslide!

  1. Moe

    Here’s my opinion.

    Boris has a clear mandate to vacate the EU, but being a member of the elite it’s one he has no intention of implementing.

    Look for a watered-down, imcomplete withdrawal from the EU, not a clean Brexit.

  2. Petruchio

    Speaking of NYC, I caught another Michael Bloomberg for President ad. He makes another promise “to fix Health Care”. Yeah I bet you will “fix” Health Care Bloomberg. That “promise” to fix health care is so vague as to mean anything. Bloomberg is a good example of the “elites” are not really elites; they can bribe and blackmail and corrupt systems, but that’s about it. Sooner or later, the average person figures things out enough to knw that a jewish billionaire aint gonna do a God D#mn thing to help the average Joe and Jane.

  3. epictetus

    Can’t believe it’s the current Current Year and people are still rolling out those anti-Semitic tropes. Or canards. Whichever.

  4. Nina

    Europe should rid itself of its dependence on the US once and for all, and start to act more independently and dignified. This should also entail the close down of all US military bases, and the removal of all US military installations, nuclear weapons and missiles on European soil.

    Europe would also benefit from doing more business with Russia instead of pushing Russia away further into the arms of the dragon. Russia should be a partner, NOT an enemy. Russia’s strenght can also be Europe’s strength if we work together instead of working against each other.

  5. Mewswithaview

    Greenpeace is a multimillion dollar corporation with its HQ in the Netherlands and an annual turnover of ~$400 million.

  6. Moe

    From the man we love to hate, Piers Morgan (he’s much less insufferable since he returned to Jolly Old England…)

    Headline: PIERS MORGAN: Boris Johnson’s triumph proves democracy-denying radical socialists backed by self-righteous celebrities on Twitter are electoral poison – and if Democrats fall for the same delusion, Trump will decimate them in 2020

  7. Petruchio

    HaHahaHaHaHa!!!!!!!! Yes sir. ANY criticism of jewish people automatically qualifies as “anti semitic”!! LOL!! The time has looooooong passed for that tactic to work. Jewish people should be treated like EVERYBODY else. There is nothing wrong with criticizing jewish people.

  8. LOU

    PET–I read that in Israel, there is a group of them who edit Wikipedia, to remove damaging facts about their country and tribe. Organized brainwashing.

  9. Petruchio

    Lou: I looked this up yesterday. Israel does NOT have an Extradition treaty with the US!!! And now you know why so many of our Honorable Representatives in Congress–and Government–are DUAL US-Israel citizens. I have wondered for some time why people in Congress would dare to become Dual Citizens, it’s such an obvious Conflict of Interest.

  10. Moe

    @7 Petruchio

    If it was observed that representation in business, finance, entertainment, politics, education, etc. was heavily or predominately populated by those of Asian descent, do you think it might lead to a bit of anti-Asian sentiment? Damn right it would, because it would be easy to discern the distinction because of race.

    The US Asian population percentage is approximately 7-8%. Jewish population percentage is one-quarter that and they are over-represented by a massive margin.

    The question is not why those in the general population are antisemitic, the question why are they not?

  11. Lou

    9—To destabilize the USA, Mexico started dual shit-izenships, a few years back.
    The LA Times had a favorable story about this.

  12. Petruchio

    @#10 Moe: that’s a great point! But you have to ask the question, Why? Why? Because the jewish folks stick together like glue–in whatever line of work they get in to. They give preferential treatment to their own kind, but also they work to destroy their non jew competition. The jews work together, they work as a team. Note Hollyweird and The Industry. Mostly jewish casting agents. Mostly jewish studio execs. Heavy jewish presence of jewsih producers. AND: notice how jews are like 2% of the population but how many actors and actresses are jewish? Jews always play the Inside game. Always have.

  13. Moe

    @12 Petruchio

    They also control the media, therefore these facts can’t be proselytized

    Elaine has written here about the collapse of the educational system, not only academically but also instructionally. We know leftest ideas inculcated at the university level, but what about earlier levels? And who is in charge of the curriculum? (I pose these questions in genuine ignorance of the facts).

    Dumbed-down is one thing, indoctrination is much more insidious. (Not avoiding that indoctrination that always occurred, the Exceptional Nation).

  14. Historically, the people who opposed free trade and globalization were called communists. It’s weird to now see everywhere claims that the communist left wants trade agreements. Apparently the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and CEOs of all the multinational companies in the world are now communist.

  15. Yup, they are all commies! This is utterly hilarious and will end badly for the rich elites.

  16. Jim R

    It was my impression that communists are in favor of globalization. Not necessarily free trade, but they want the whole world to be united.

    The difference, of course, is a matter of who sits at the top of the pyramid, and sets the agenda / calls the shots. In Soviet times, Russia had its own hierarchy (not loyal to the bankers or US government) .

  17. The left wants a global dictatorship in order to eliminate half of all humans. They are now pretty explicit about these plans.

  18. lou

    17–Investigate Agenda 2030 and ‘Sustainability.’

  19. @Jim, rhetoric going back at least as far as Marx was “Workers of the world unite.” American neoliberal thinkers inverted the idea: ruling class of the world unite. They negotiated trade agreements to let money and goods flow across borders so that if it was politically impossible to crush a union by force in your home country, you could ship production to a third-world dictatorship where you can put the union organizer’s head on a pole as a warning to others. The Soviets and Chinese were criticised for not joining the system. It was supposed to be a one-world American empire, because after WW II the US was the richest country and these free trade systems are conservative.
    What’s changed is that China successfully did what we call ‘development’ when it was refusing to join the system. Then when it did join the WTO, around 2000, instead of being folded into the US empire it started beating Americans at their own game. So now the ‘right’ is trying to change the rules, and their opposition (the old right) wants to keep the free trade system that enriches individuals but kills the country as a whole. None of it is actual communism.

  20. Jim R

    None of it is actual communism.

    I wouldn’t argue that it is. Really, Communism does not amount to a way to organize a government. But the general idea is to more evenly share the effort of manufacturing stuff, and the benefits of that manufacture. Likewise, the general idea of Capitalism is that, if you build/own a factory, you can be essentially a King of the factory, and own all of its output. These cartoonish views are the popular ones. . And here in the USA, ‘communist’ is an insulting name you can call someone.

    In reality, Communist systems of governance always need someone to set the agenda, frequently but not necessarily a unitary dictator. Also in reality, the larger a corporation or government is, the more likely it is that the highest level positions are filled by psychopaths or near-psychopaths. They are the ones that advance by manipulating other people, and their ‘political philosophy’ is irrelevant. Any big organization these days is a network of lawyers and accountants and other hucksters, while the actual manufacturing work is almost all automated.

    And this also means that any worldwide government organization will be even more corrupt than one divided into countries. We have credible stories now emerging about the perversions of our current political leaders, so just imagine that, but about ten times worse. And like I said, it is mostly just a matter of whether the center of that rotten government is in Washington or Beijing.

    As for myself, I’d like to see everything busted down to precinct level, but have no idea how to get there.

  21. For over 400 years my ancestors always lived on the ‘frontiers’ after being forced out of Europe. We made our cities and towns and farms and factories. We got rich, lost money, made more money, built things and left things, we created this thing called ‘the USA’ and fought on both sides of the Indian wars, the Civil War, etc. Now, we watch as more recent arrivals hope to undo everything. Well, if they succeed, their reward will be to live in the same stupid messes they fled.

  22. honeybadger don't care

    Well, yeah. Chickens. Home. Roost.

  23. As long as we stay small political units – and even countries look small these days – evolve or die seems to be how things will work. Technology makes it possible to “project force” everywhere. If we made some sort of one-world political system maybe we could slow down. It’s not looking likely to happen peacefully though, and we can’t afford another world war.
    What worries me about modern America is that it’s not evolving. The internationalists want to keep fighting the cold war, and the nationalists mostly want to pretend it’s 1950 again. Continually the US has been challenged economically, but instead of becoming more competitive it managed to bend the rules. “We’ll go off the gold standard, but force everyone to keep using dollars as the reserve currency,” or “We’ll engineer an East Asian financial crash.” Keeps dodging bullets. Or in 2008 “We’ll print our way out of the crash and call it something fancy – how about quantitative easing?”
    The problem with all these super-clever accounting trick solutions is they aren’t real solutions. It’s not immigrants killing the US, it’s home-grown clever tricksters who keep evading economic consequences so the culture can stagnate.

  24. If you read the Decline of Rome you will learn a great deal about how great international empires collapse internally.

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