DNC School Policies: Kick All Kids Out of Classes And Let Disruptive Students Destroy Everything

Unbeknownst to most citizens, a new system for dealing with out of control students has been taking over all our schools thanks to university teaching teachers to be inept and stupid: if a child acts out and disrupts the class, the entire class is sent away and the disruptive child then can indulge in destroying the classroom entirely!  This teaching method appears in stores where children who were raised this way in the cities go nuts in stores and theaters, destroying property while screaming like toddlers.


It used to be that the most liberal cities and states had the best schools way back when I was very young.  Since then, it has reversed and the worst schools are in DNC-run cities and states.  The biggest factors are easy to spot: ‘integration’ has led to ‘disintegration’ as city schools are turned into chaos and crime sites and of course, the removal of all discipline in schools, a pet peeve of mine.  Step by relentless step, radical leftists leave college as ‘teachers’ and enter schools only to destroy these when they are trained to be ‘administrators’ and not ‘teachers’.


So teachers flee these schools while the administrators double down on the destruction they are creating.  the latest scheme to destroy all schools is the new protocols in DNC run schools whereby a disrupting student is kept IN the classrooms while the student who are not rioting are forced to leave.  This utterly annihilates the school as a functioning entity.  The disrupting student is then allowed to literally destroy the classroom!  It is unusable afterwards so the kids are out of the classroom for the day.  Imagine that.  What a surprise.

It would be quite depressing and even scary going to a liberal school and then being abused this way.  I withdrew my own daughter from her liberal school in NYC when black children were allowed to totally run wild in the classroom, literally attacking the teacher, too.  This was way back in 1982 and is why I founded ‘Save Our Schools’ only to give up and flee due to lack of political power to force the DNC/teacher’s union army of lunatics to stop destroying the schools.


Today, NYC schools are infamous for being useless.  Nothing has been fixed for good.  Giuliani gave it all a good try at fixing it but the unions defeated even his efforts and now my neighbor, De Blasio, is bent on utterly wrecking it forever.


There is an interesting Wall Street Journal story from 1996 about how the teacher’s unions rose in power inside the DNC and I know in NY they have tremendous power and use this to destroy schools. but we can’t see it due to it being behind a pay wall.  I do know what happened, my own former sister-in-law was a teacher there and was responsible for this mess, too.  She was a good teacher!  But she supported stupid liberal scams and thus, contributed to the destruction of the schools.  Today, all the DNC candidates for President court the teacher’s unions with promises to force everyone into these dying schools.


From Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro, Democratic presidential hopefuls weaved pro-teacher, pro-education messages into their general campaign themes at a 2-hour-long one-by-one q-and-a on the evening of July 5 at the convention of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union.


“I will name someone to be Secretary of Education who has been a public school teacher,” Warren said, to cheers. Someone, she said, who recognizes, respects, and funds teaching as a calling to educate kids, who “keeps the door open” for them “to light up” with the excitement of learning. “Betsy DeVos need not apply!”


In all DNC-run schools, the only ‘lighting up’ is vandals attacking the schools, setting these on fire.


“And let’s put a teacher in the White House!” Warren, a former special ed teacher and consumer-crusading Harvard professor, concluded, to more cheers.


Warren, who got ahead in school via blatantly lying about being an ‘Indian’ so she could jump ahead of fellow students and get prizes and money and promotions, should be arrested for fraud.  She is also very directly responsible for the chaos and destruction in liberal states and cities where schools being systematically destroyed.


Sen. Amy Klobuchar, DFL-Minn., added infrastructure to the president’s failures, having seen the difference between well-run, well-maintained and crumbling schools while on the campaign trail. It was part of her overall pitch for that priority, though she did not mention the thousands of construction jobs it would create. Klobuchar also said she would replace DeVos.


Over and over again, new schools are built in DNC run disaster areas only to be systematically destroyed by DNC voters who riot and burn and attack anyone doing anything sane.  This constant destruction ‘makes jobs’ for rebuilding these disaster areas is a great way to suck down massive amounts of money which goes to people who do the rebuilding and who all live, nearly without exception, outside the DNC cities or who are rich enough to send their brats to private schools like they all do in DC which has the worst public schools in America.


“We can rebuild the infrastructure of our schools. It’s horrible,” Biden said. He would target the money to rebuilding and upgrading schools that serve the lowest-income kids. He also endorsed universal pre-kindergarten, a teachers’ cause. “What I don’t get is why we’re even arguing about this any more,” Biden commented.


HAHAHA.  They cannot understand why the rest of us are very angry now.  Taxpayers keep these dying schools alive.  But anger is rising and is definitely a major reason Trump is winning elections.  Below, we see what is happening in a state that has virtually no ‘all black’ major cities but has many, many liberals who came there to be even more liberal:

The new fad of forcing students to flee when one of the students goes berserk is particularly insane.  Pretending this is a successful policy is very, very insane.  It is spreading via the DNC endorsing this insane policy which simply destroys all attempts at teaching children anything except, go berserk and you are rewarded with school ending for everyone!  These lunatics want to rule us all and impose this destructive new regime on everyone except rich people sending their kiddies to private schools.


Education “must be at the center of the 2020 campaign conversation,” Eskelsen-Garcia, the moderator, concluded. “Educators are ready to make their presence felt in this election and we will play a vital role in choosing who becomes the next president of the United States.”


I agree, this should be dead center in the election!  And everyone should know the end result: the collapse of civilization, itself.  You can bet, there are no students acting out in Chinese schools.  Now on to another funny story:

Greta’s gift Telsa was found filled with junk food, all sorts of plastic water bottles, plastic everything.  She is messy as well as utterly fake, of course.  This won’t make mainstream news, of course.  This school drop out is hilarious, she is utterly a leftist radical who wants to destroy civilization and is, like the adults around her, using ‘global climate change’ as a tool to impose communist restrictions on food and fuel on humanity.



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  1. Mewswithaview

    Looking at the latest pictures of Scoldilocks in Europe show she is tired and probably exhausted after being thrown around her conveyance on her Atlantic crossing for a few weeks. The media did not mention that her conveyance got stuck on the coast in Portugal for several hours and they needed to use the diesel engine to reverse from it when the tide rose. . .

  2. Mewswithaview

    FYI: I know a native Chinese female ex-high school teacher who on occasion needed to have a security guard present in class to maintain discipline while teaching in large urban city in China. She married a non national and no longer lives there. Faraway hills look green, while the old generation would have been disciplined harshly, the new generation are full of little emperors due to the one child policy.

  3. Jim R

    Meanwhile, in the “Sun so hot, we froze to death” department:


    It’ll be right on top of you 7:00PM tonight. Stay safe, Elaine!

  4. Pete

    Breaking News!

    Time Mag has NEW Cover Story
    Person of the Year


  5. Zeke

    The wheels on the bus go around and around.
    Are you ready for some education?

  6. We had high winds but due to the position of my house on my mountain, most of this went right over the roof but it did howl quite loudly while doing this. Wotan’s wolves at night, eh?

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