Bilderberg London Daily Mail Publishes Stupid Anti-Trump Story About Eric CIAramella

The Eric CIAramella ‘secret’ has been blown for many weeks now.  It is all over the internet.  When mainstream Bilderberg news decided, after saying the magic name too, to make it ‘secret’ at the orders of the Deep State, they stopped publishing real news about it.  Now we have these same clowns going insane with rage because Trump retweeted MAINSTREAM NEWS about Eric and this is a terrible thing?  HAHAHA.  HAHAHAHA.  Now the Deep State that has attacked Trump nonstop will…attack Trump nonstop in the name of secret agents working with foreign powers to destroy our President!  Cool.

Every day day there is a new hysteria about something Trump says or does.  He irritates the Bilderberg gang totally and nonstop.  He knows they will be irritated and he also knows his own supporters will cheer him on as he dismantles or EXPOSES the Deep State that is pushing hard for no borders, armies of violent illegal aliens allowed to invade and attack or bankrupt countries, the global warming hoax that is their masterplan to impose Maoist starvation and freezing of billions of humans.


This is war.


Now on to the tweet that has the hackles of hacks on fire: the site posting the tweet about old news stories that came out and named the ‘whistleblower’ is not an official Trump Whitehouse site.  It is run by fans of Trump.


Eric the CIA rat is a participant in this war.  He hates America, hates patriotism, loves international Bilderberg plans, he isn’t even a real American, he is a foreign agent!!!  Like Mr. Steele, he is plotting to destroy America.  He hates America.

The Daily Mail in London is carrying this stupid story, for example. They always carry any and all anti-Trump stories and never issue corrections.  Another fake story stuff they carry daily is this:

Without critical thinking, they publish stories of Bilderberg gangsters and their pet poodles yapping about how we are all going to roast to death as it gets colder and colder.  They use ‘climate CHANGE’ to rage about how living modern is evil and we should all live like peasants again while the very rich live like modern people forever and ever, flying private jets, etc.


This story is an example: the police in England are buying electric cars which are no good.  These run out of energy quickly and can’t do a full patrol without stopping for a hour to recharge.  Meanwhile, Sweden is the prime example of what this stupid gang wishes to impose on all of us:

Sweden is collapsing into chaos.  Ever since the left took over totally thanks to offering goodies like early retirement and free money for everything, the socialist state is now doing what all socialist states do relentlessly: destroy civilization, increase crime and chaos and kill citizens faster and faster.  Because the socialist methods worked for a while, the Swedes think this is a short term problem but now the global warming scam imposed on a very Arctic nation is going to literally kill all the Swedes who don’t flee to warmer places in the future.


For the mainstream media to attack Trump when fans of Trump post videos of PAST NEWS STORIES that discussed Eric the CIA agent is insane.  It is designed to make things look bad when it is a non-story.  The fact is, our government didn’t order all the mainstream media to hide this news story after it came it, this was the DNC/rich people demanding we not talk about Eric.


It was GOOGLE and FACEBOOK and TWITTER that forbade this, not the government run by our President or even Congress.  This was ‘self censorship’ which is stupid. The Congress critters on the left, who run the House, tried to make it illegal to say Eric’s name.  But it is not illegal nor grounds to impeach for repeating news stories that did say his name in the past.  This nonstory is, of course, set up to attack the President.


There is even unsubstantiated junk about how Trump’s wife didn’t want him to let readers of the Twitter account run by a Trump fan, to talk about this story.  Supposedly, the White House staff is all upset about this old story being re-tweeted, too.  Where is the proof?


I spent much of my life exposing fake news.  Also, I tried to put into the news stream, real news.  This fake news business has been going on all my long life.  They conspired after WWII to produce only fake news and did this relentlessly which is why we had a ton of fake news designed to drive us into war in Vietnam, for example.  Unlike the Daily Mail headline story, here is Fox News:

Here is the NYT:

Seems the Daily Mail fake story isn’t all over the place…yet.  Interesting to see this develop.  Watching these clowns collude with each other to publish fake news always fascinates me.  Last story: the communist from Queens who pretends to be from the Bronx was funded by money from billionaires who want to freeze us all to death:


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  1. AY

    Maybe she can’t fire him if he were for real, but where is Haspel’s position on her whistleblower?

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