Trump Plays DNC Like A Fiddle, Pokes Them In Eye Every Day

Pandering to illegal aliens is the Achilles heel of the DNC.  Misreading the Bible is also common with radical leftists who, like the Pope, hates Christians.  Doing this during Christmas is particularly suicidal.  Jesus was born in a manger because the Emperor in Rome wanted to have a census of the new empire his gang conquered so Joseph and his wife had to go to their birthplace to register.


The Flight to Egypt in the Bible is pure fantasy.  The Jews hated the Roman Imperials and so they hated King Herod for being aligned with Rome so they made up the story of him ordering the eldest sons killed.  This was to mirror the ‘God killed the eldest sons of the Egyptians’ business which was also fake, too.


Yes, the Bible isn’t history, it is a collection of stories by groups of people who wanted to explain who they were and how things work just like all other religions and ‘histories’ created by other civilizations.  It is a common, very human thing.


What is also common is pandering.  The DNC’s voter base is nearly entirely angry young feminists who hate men, illegal aliens, black who are both legal and illegal, Muslims and assorted others.  The enemy is all ‘white’ men and any women associated or married to white males.  Since ‘whites’ are 70% of the population, this means making all white males ‘evil’ leads to political troubles.


Hating citizens is definitely a DNC thing.  They ooze with hatred.  Any signs of patriotism is like turning on light bulbs around vampires.  They shriek with pain.  Nike shoes just issued anniversary Kopernik ‘hate America’ shoes which ‘sold out’ but this was due to being a limited edition.  Proud leftists can then get corporate thumbs up and spend lots of money to parade their hatred.  Good, we can ID them all the easier.


Note how the feeble attempt at making ‘Betsy Ross’ shoes was shot down by the SJW mob to the great delight of Trump supporters.  They won’t forgive Nike for their racist shoes.  The other shibboleth is the climate: the Bilderberg gang is very, very invested in cutting off energy for the non-rich and beggaring the middle class via ‘save the planet’ taxes while the very rich live lives of utter depravity and luxury, doing things normal people are forbidden to do, themselves.

What the very rich, living on gigantic estates in huge palaces want to do is simple: force everyone into government housing in cities which are then isolated from the countryside where the super rich live.  Duh!  The houses that are burning in California were all built in bad places for houses in that particular climate and were made with the wrong materials.


The subject of ‘what can be built’ is very interesting.  People absolutely refuse to build houses that can survive obvious dangers is typical.  For example, all tornadoes in the Midwest move from west to east and from south to north along easily describable stormfronts.  So, the solution is to build all things in the Midwest with embankments on the west side of buildings!  So simple!!!  I have yelled about this for many years now.


Instead, they build European-style, free standing buildings that are easily eradicated by tornadoes!  Same with hurricanes: no building on beaches, no building where hurricanes flood regularly, that is, no Miami Beaches, etc.  Instead of demanding we all freeze to death in order to ‘stop hurricanes’ we should be allowed to demand ‘burn more fossil fuels to stop blizzards.’  Of course, they won’t say this, they have to lie and claim there are no blizzards even as liberal cities like Denver is buried under a mountain of snow.


AND…Trump’s team publishes more jokes. They do this cynically, knowing the crazy left will spread all his memes and jokes across the planet.  And they do, this is from the Brit rag, the Daily Mail.  HAHAHA.  He has them all by the balls now.

Note how Trump baits the stupid people screaming at him.  He even includes ‘just kidding’.  HAHAHA.  This happens every day, day after day, the bleeding ears just won’t stop.  The screeching grows ever greater and I suspect Trump is enjoying this.  It is like poking monkeys through the bars at a zoo.


I do this all the time, by the way: when owls are hooting at night, I will hoot, too. This gets them all excited, they fly nearer and then hoot again and I do it again.  I used to do this at the Bronx Zoo with the howler monkeys who have this huge tree in their exhibit space.


I would stand on a nearby knoll and hoot at them.  They would all go nuts and hoot back, in unison.  Then we both pause, I hoot again and they respond loudly.  We could amuse ourselves infinitely this way.  They could see me and see, I am not a howler monkey, at least, not yet.  But they still acted as if I were one because I was using their ‘language’.


So it is with Trump: he hoots and they all holler at the top of their lungs.  He is ‘like them’ to their own eyes which is why he does this so well.

Since the anti-Trump tirade was at the Nation, a leftist rag, I decided to look at other tweets by this once-intellectual magazine.  HAHAHA.  They are utterly childish, totally McCarthyite in hating Trump and pretending he is a communist agent.  Human rights overseas: even in stupid Europe, people have nearly NO ‘real rights’ at all.  For example, the #1 right, here in the nasty USA, is ‘freedom of speech.’


NO EU nation has this at all.  Not even slightly.  And they do put people in prison, break down doors, beat people senseless when the State is angry about anything people write or say especially on line.  The internet in Europe is now nearly dead when it comes to citizens discussing politics due to being arrested if you say the wrong thing.


Nation Magazine knows this.  Worse, they want EU rules here, too.  They actively agitate to end free speech in America.  I say, deport them all.

Note how they equate patriotism with ‘second 9/11’.  So, being patriotic is the same as being alien invaders attacking us?  Excuse me, aren’t these fools screaming for OPEN BORDERS????  HAHAHA.  Arrest them all, deport the US haters, they obviously don’t like living here under our rules which protects citizens while giving us all free speech even to creeps like at the Nation.




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19 responses to “Trump Plays DNC Like A Fiddle, Pokes Them In Eye Every Day

  1. T. Erickson

    “The Nation” also wants to end home ownership.

    More Disaster Capitalism That Joseph P Farrell talks about.

  2. Kerry

    “…when owls are hooting at night, I will hoot, too. This gets them all excited, they fly nearer and then hoot again and I do it again.”

    As a child I did this once with the seagulls at the ocean. They would answer and come closer until we were surrounded by a whole flock. It scared my family and the friends who were with us. I was forced to stop. Looking back, I can see why they got nervous. Some gulls are HUGE and are practically the size of toddlers. They have a tough swagger about them too.

    “What the very rich, living on gigantic estates in huge palaces want to do is simple: force everyone into government housing in cities which are then isolated from the countryside where the super rich live.”

    This is exactly what they are going to do or at least try. They have been stating this plan in mass media since 1950s. They portray it in art, fiction and museum exhibits (Worlds Fair being the most famous one). And in their crazy magic world since we have been saying nothing about it, they think it means our consent.

  3. lou

    BUTTIGIEG is a typical cookie cutter democrat demon leftist.
    you name it, he is for it, including legal infanticide.

    He cant manage a small city of 100,000.
    he knows hes not presidential material. He is famous for being a faggot.

    His dad was a commie immigrant who moved here to subvert USA.

  4. lou

    Demography of the United States – Wikipedia

    Non-Hispanic whites make up 62.6% of the country’s population. The non-Hispanic white population of the US is expected to fall below 50% by 2045. Hispanic and Latino Americans accounted for 48% of the national population growth of 2.9 million between July 1, 2005, and July 1, 2006.

  5. Petruchio

    @#$ Lou: Let’s face it. The promotion of abortion, the endless attacks on the Institution of Marriage, the constant portrayal of women being abused/exploited by “the White Male Oligarchy” have all had the same objective: to destroy the Foundations of White, Western Culture. And we all know who leads this on every front, whether it’s feminism, pro abortion or #MeToo. Henry Ford described this group extremely well: “Wherever you find the Sowers of Social Discord. Wherever you find the Forces designed to pit one group against another. Or the voices intending to tear at the Fabric of a Society, there you will find the Jew, hard at work.”

  6. Mewswithaview

    What happened to the Democrats? They have turned into a circus freak show.

  7. lou

    5–Petruchio, care to share any personal information bout yrself?

    yes–feminism, pushed by jewish females, has been all too toxic to the free world.

  8. Women’s rights started 150 years ago by my own ancestors. It was 100% an American FRONTIER woman thing. Women on the frontier were hard, strong, and above all, armed and free. My own ancestor killed six men, for example, in Old Tucson.

    When I was doing the women’s rights thing, I was doing what my grandmother and greatgrandmother were doing in Tucson. And this was part of my lawsuit back in 1964, too.

  9. Petruchio

    @#7 Lou: In my younger years, I was a true blue, Right Wing Republican. Watched ONLY Fox News, listened to Rush Limbaugh, voted strictly Republican. Total supporter of Israel. Then the Bush-Gore 2000 Election rolled around. That was the tipping point for me. I had doubts about my political beliefs before that but even I noticed that the Bush Gore election was rigged. When the SC directly intervened to stop the Florida vote count, I knew The System was corrupt. I remember watching Gore concede the Election and thinking, “He’s been ordered to concede.” .Like the Gospel hymn says, ” I once was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see.”. At least I see much more clearly than I did–and it is kind of amazing.

  10. Petruchio

    @#10 Elaine: yes, there were Women’s Rights going on before the Feminist movement came along. These groups fell by the wayside once the Feminist movement led by the likes of Gloria Steinem and the other jewish leaders hijacked it to promote their anti marriage, pro abortion, white male hating Agenda, disguising it as a Women’s Rights movement.

  11. @Petruchio, your idea is very interesting, but the Ford quote is overly simplistic. For a long time I’ve been intrigued by the OT story of Joseph. He’s a prisoner in Egypt, you remember, and pharaoh asks him to interpret a dream. Joseph tells him the dream means he needs to raise taxes to prepare for a huge famine, but that it will be a delicate operation (raising taxes rarely goes over well), so pharaoh needs to put some competent person in charge of the project. Joseph doesn’t say it (but pharaoh would realise) that if the tax-raising was too unpopular, the guy put in charge of it could always be blamed, maybe executed as a scapegoat. Win/win for pharaoh; huge gamble for Joseph, but on the other hand, what’s he got to lose? Joseph gets the job.
    The modern US has a remarkably free culture. It takes a lot of subtle work to govern it. As Noam Chomsky points out, the American ruling class doesn’t use much violence to control people, it uses sophisticated propaganda instead, most of the time. And it’s been remarkably successful.

  12. honeybadger don't care

    It’s always about how other ethnicities are “mean and dirty” while one’s own is wholesome and pure. This is pure fantasy, of course.

  13. Zeke

    The New Testament Holy Family were not refugees. In fact, they were complying, at great inconvenience to them, with the law of the land.
    They had trekked out of Nazareth, where Joseph may have worked as a carpenter on their way to Bethlehem to be counted in the tax census in their family birthplace as ordered by Roman Palestine Proconsul Herod from decree from Caesar Augustus.
    They were not refugees, not crossing borders, not scofflaws.
    Drawing false parallels to elicit sympathy is disingenuous.

  14. Yes, they are re-writing the Bible all the time to fix various agendas. Everyone does this. The Romans were efficient taxers of subject territories. They used this thing called ‘BLUNT FORCE’ to collect taxes.

  15. Petruchio

    I fyou can find a copy of it, read Henry Ford’s book, “The International Jew”. There are numerous books out there that discuss Jewish involvement in Banking, in Bolshevism, about the Founding of the nation of Israel. The info is out there if you look.

  16. lou

    18–Ford was an anti semite [code for he spoke out and pushed back].

    Elaine, I see more and more Chabad 'stuff' here. Do you have any thoughts on Chabad?

    Chabad Lubavitch,
    Those are the ones pushing end times prophecy i believe.
    Pushing to hasten the coming of moshiach, they’re from the Ukraine.
    They come to visit presidents and hope to get / sign the noahide laws into legislation.

    The left is gearing up for white geno zide.
    A former Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev who is considered to be the main Ideologist of the left's white geno zide policy has called for all white males to be killed.
    Ignatiev means business, his parents emigrated.from Russia where red commiczars liquidated 20 million people Christians predominantly in the red terror, no one cared, all democratically elected governments in the West literally stood by.

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