Pelosi And Schiff Won’t Release CIAramella Testimony By Witnesses

Pelosi in trouble: refuses to release transcripts of their secret basement ‘hearings’ that shows clearly the CIAramella whistleblower lied. 


The manufactured hysteria about Trump retweeting a published story about CIAramella is in stark contrast to the Bilderberg media refusing to allow anyone to see their secret hearings that dealt with CIAramella.  Keeping this criminal cloaked is treason at this point. I want these traitors who hate America and want us invaded, be arrested at this point.  It is ridiculous.

This ridiculous secrecy business is how all dictatorships operate.  These clowns want ‘open borders’ but ‘closed political investigations’ with ‘secret courts no one can dispute’ like the stupid FISA court which I think is Unconstitutional.  The excuse to keep the transcripts secret from POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES is the cloak for a coup attempt.  By charging the President with crimes due to talking normally with a foreign politician is hideous considering how many of our other politicians meet UTTERLY SECRETLY with foreign powers at super secret Bilderberg meetings…arrest them all!

This is utterly infuriating now.  The Bilderberg gang even met right next to DC last spring to plot how to destroy citizen participation online so they can have only fake news all the time.  Their hatred of patriotism, their hatred of hard working middle class citizens, their hatred of freedom of speech is now obvious and notorious and they are teaching this to our children in schools along with the ridiculous global warming nonsense.


Children don’t understand they will not be happy campers in the future if they fall for this scam.  The Chinese are exempt from global warming rules and this means they will literally have the power to rule us all thanks to being allowed to use energy we will be forbidden to use!  This is utter insanity and also utterly infuriating and worse, totally obvious.

This ‘hurry up and stop’ nonsense is unconstitutional.  It is also very obvious which is why mainstream Bilderberg news can’t carry this story properly.  I wonder if they will figure out that Pravda was not popular in Russia half a century ago.  Here is this week’s prime example of fake news, fake DNC commercials and stupid liberals pretending nothing is happening as they make up propaganda stories easily punctured: Conman pretending to be Trump voter makes fake ad in NY claiming he regretted voting for Trump.


Conman pretending to be Trump voter makes fake ad in NY claiming he regretted voting for Trump.  An Erie County man who describes regret over voting for President Donald Trump in 2016 didn’t vote for him, according to news organizations that checked his voting record.


So, his claims in the video were easily debunked.  It is good to know that local reporters were capable of doing a real news story.  I must say, the DNC ship must be sinking badly even in NY for this to happen.


Mark Graham is featured in videos created by America Bridge, a Democrat-supporting political action committee, or PAC.  Graham told the focus group re-electing Trump would be like “throwing gasoline on a fire.”


HAHAHA.  So, the political operative at a ‘focus group’ meeting successfully lied to everyone?  How not surprising!


That led to The New York Times featuring Graham in two stories about dissatisfied Trump voters and swing voters, and apparently to him being contacted by American Bridge.


As per usual, the NYT staff showed how utterly depraved and stupid they really are.  Most of the ‘reporters’ are kids who were taught by SJW professors and an iron rule of all communists is, don’t tell the truth, lying is good if it means victory for communism.  So they lie and lie and lie and think nothing of this.  Pravda is always the Truth.


These clowns and their illegal alien voter base are now going to unleash a tsunami of criminals on us due to the Cuomo release of all criminals waiting for trial!  This insane business will reproduce the exact same crime hell NYC and all of NY suffered back in the 1970’s when I became the ‘Housewife from Hell.’  Unlike back then, when I lived in NYC and risked my life making arrests while having no guns, in my present home, I am fully armed and have a big mastiff dog, too.


But many people will be stunned when the tsunami of criminals come in from all over the planet earth to loot, rape and kill like they are doing in Europe and in California, etc.  Good lord, this is so insane.

Illegal aliens NEVER show up for trials!  DUH.  How stupid is this?  In California and other DNC states, the elected officials conspire with illegal aliens to release them secretly so that the immigration authorities cannot catch them and deport them.  This increases crimes in these states.  Voters vote for higher crime if it means more government goodies of other sorts.  This is insanely dangerous and stupid and leads to cities going up in flames like when these people in NYC rioted in 1977 due to the simple action of the power going off!

And all this will get Trump re-elected!  This is a war for the lives and minds of American citizens.



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4 responses to “Pelosi And Schiff Won’t Release CIAramella Testimony By Witnesses

  1. Ken

    How did the reporters determine that the “con man” didn’t actually vote for Trump? Voting is done by secret ballot. Unless the guy didn’t vote at all.

  2. Moe

    All recent proceedings by Pelosi, Shciff et al have become farce. I doubt that this has gone unnoticed by the American electorate.

  3. He didn’t vote at all.

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