DiCaprio’s Straw That Breaks Global Warming’s Back

Hollywood and global rulers are all total hypocrites about ‘global warming’ and pollution. . This ‘do what I say, not what I do’ business is at all levels now.  For example, we now know why Congress DNC leader, Pelosi, didn’t want to discuss Biden’s son’s involvement in Ukraine: her own son was doing the exact same corrupt thing, too!  And Mad Cow Maddow is being sued by OAN news after she falsely called them ‘Russian news.’

The elites think no one can see them running around the planet nonstop on private yachts and jets and armored cars while screaming that we are all roasting to death due to this very activity.  This foolish activity by deranged adults has sucked in many children and since these kiddies are being trained by SJW teachers to hate democracy and fearful of warm weather, we have a perfect future storm when these young people follow their Maoist teachers and begin killing the rich before they can kill the planet, according to their own doctrine.


Of course, these lunatics don’t look at communist Chinese, North Korea or others whose leaders live in palaces, drive armored vehicles and consume vast oceans of oil.  Nope.  This lunacy will have to run its destructive course probably after I die of old age or the next Ice Age snuffs it out.

“Wow Crazy Nancy, What’s Going On?” – BOOM! Trump Exposes Nancy Pelosi and Son Paul’s Shady Dealings in Ukraine.  This is not surprising news.  Congress is very, very corrupt.  It got worse and worse over the last dozen years.  Now, everyone is openly soliciting bribes.  This began with Reagan when he did this with Japan.

The big tech clowns in California have been erasing big hunks of the internet lately.  This self-imposed censorship was decided at a Bilderberg meeting outside DC last year.  Now, everything is being meddled with, the intent being to erase any news about Bilderberg members who run governments, being taken down on corruption charges.  They are terrified of this and hope to silence all news about this matter.

Trump is blowing them all out of the water now.  Ever since the courts demanded he let anyone and everyone comment to his tweets online, they also told the Bilderberg gang, they could not censor him, too!  HAHAHA.  This backfired on them.

HAHAHA…they are just merely incompetent?  What a bunch of louts.  One funny person posted this image at the Twitter home page excuses about how Trump was censored (it was a ‘mistake’):

Mad Cow Maddow lies about rival news networks using the creepy McCarthy ‘Anti-Russia’ tools of the dim past:


OAN’s lawsuit claims that Maddow’s comments were retaliation after OAN President Charles Herring accused Comcast of censorship. The suit said that Comcast refuses to carry its channel because “counters the liberal politics of Comcast’s own news channel, MSNBC.”


Deplatforming all media that isn’t pro-communist/pro-globalist is the crude method all good despots use.  This is why I hate all these private companies more and more as time passes.  I am not alone, many people hate them now.  We don’t just don’t want to hear their ‘news’ we actively hate them as meddling despotic creeps who we want to see in prison.


It was about a week after Herring e-mailed a Comcast executive when Maddow opened her show by referring to a Daily Beast report that claimed an OAN employee also worked for Sputnik News, which has ties to the Russian government.


It is OK to research this topic and find information, totally another problem if this is made up in order to defame someone.  This is illegal.


Maddow said: “In this case, the most obsequiously pro-Trump right-wing news outlet in America really literally is paid Russian propaganda. Their on-air U.S. politics reporter is paid by the Russian government to produce propaganda for that government.”


Maddow doesn’t understand that propaganda isn’t the production of real news one doesn’t like, propaganda happens when someone makes up fake news and parades this as real news.  That is, deliberate deception and malicious defamation of character based on false information.  That is amoral and wrong but then, these lunatics live in a crazy world where they can do as they please while harassing, abusing and screaming at everyone else who irritates them.


Here are some of the videos being censored: the entire business of Rudi Giuliani’s pursuit of the corrupt politicians has been broadcast by OAN while being censored by mainstream Bilderberg news:

And Fox news is still reporting the news half of the time which is better than no real news all the time:

Finally, Biden says he will appear in the Senate to answer obvious questions about his corrupt activities soliciting bribes overseas:



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4 responses to “DiCaprio’s Straw That Breaks Global Warming’s Back

  1. Kerry

    DiCaprio is a mind controlled transgender puppet selling the lies of his controllers. Because if he doesn’t, they will take away his hormone therapy, his career and throw him into an MK Ultra mental institution.

    The reason they try to push loose baggy clothing and jeans hanging down to the knees for men is because this type of clothing HIDES the female hip to shoulder ratio.

    The reason why male stars look so strange is because they are women on estrogen blockers and testosterone. Some of them grow strangely because they give them growth hormones and these hormones don’t work proportionately through the body. That is why DiCaprio’s head looks misshapen while his general body stayed very small.

    They have to stage bathing pictures in order to minimize the features that give them away. You can still see the small rib cage and female waist indent on Leo. You can see that he has short humerus bones and the elbows line up with the feminine waist indent. He has a small, triangular clavicle hidden by subcutaneous fat. People think Leo just tends to be fat. NO. He is a thin female with a healthy amount of fat to sustain a pregnancy. And this is even after being blasted with testosterone and androgens!

    The curved back and tilted pelvis of a female.


    What you are seeing in the picture at the head of this post is men in bikinis and the female covered in a big, baggy t shirt.

    What DiCaprio says and does, does not matter. S/He is a black magic icon sent to distract. Ignore her.

  2. No, he is a man. A very stupid man but still, quite male.

  3. Kerry

    Explain the bones please.

    I remember you once wrote you could tell the Indonesian Hobbit was not homo sapien due to its bones.

    So please, explain.


    Look at this photo. Who is walking like the man and leading with the shoulders. Why does Leo’s smaller “girlfriend” have a skull as large as his? In fact in some shots it looks larger. MEN have the larger skulls not women. Look at the arms, the “woman” has the longer arms. Why does Leo have the Q angle without even trying and the “woman” has to walk one foot in front of the other (catwalk) to mimic it. Their hands are the same size.

    This from a dentist blog.


    Artist guide


    Is all of this wrong or right? Is it right only when not measuring media stars against it? Are they somehow outside the laws of nature? I’m sure they think they are since they believe transgendered individuals are gods.

  4. nclaughlin

    I’ve posted this before, but Comcast’s de-platfoming of OAS reminds me of Comcast de-platforming RT some months ago. I miss RT.

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