Murder, Mayhem And Chaos Surges In New York Thanks To DNC Law Changes

So, the Daily Mail in England has the mass murder of Jews in New York as a huge, top story while at the NY Times, a dying ‘newspaper’ with little news, does put it on the front page but has to have the daily ‘we hate Trump’ story at the top and then two more anti-Trump ‘we feel crummy’ stories after the . mass murder story!  HAHAHA.  What an insane ‘news’ paper this is!

From the Daily Mail that has more real news in one minute than the NY Times has in one month:

De Blasio’s New York: No One Helps as Black Gang Beats Older Gay Hispanic Man to Death in $1 Robbery on Christmas Eve

The NYT won’t report that story while the Gateway Pundit carries it, got the story from the NYPD Tips website online which the NYT could access but won’t read.  Gangs of thugs now openly roam NYC attacking everyone and anyone thanks to DiBlasio and his buddy, Cuomo.

The NY Post front page this morning:

Fox News:

Funny, how the NYT, once home base for Zionism, is no longer reporting as much news about Jews being attacked.  Only obvious stories are now reported and these, not at a top story when it is appropriate.  Why is this a top story in London and not NYC itself?


This began last year.  This judge who speaks with a thick foreign accent, decided to release criminals waiting for trial.  Just like illegal aliens being released in a way that ICE can’t deport them, the DNC is doubling down more and more each year on enabling criminals to run riot.


Trump was 100% correct.  It is amusing to me that this CBS story has less than 1,000 views.  I love how these leftists claim there is no danger in releasing criminals to roam the streets.  Well, the proof is in the pudding, eh?  The new rules for NY now is, criminals can get the names of witnesses before the trial, for example!  Hello!!!  This means gangs can terrorize, intimidate or kill witnesses, obviously.


This is absurd.  Allowing criminals to be at the crime scene where cops are working is also a new rule.  WTH!  This is utterly unhinged now.  The NY Daily News:

More news from the NY Post:


A deranged man sucker-punched an NYPD officer on a Brooklyn sidewalk, pinning the cop to the ground and refusing to budge — and was later released despite felony assault charges, police and sources said.


The wild video shows Steven Haynes, 40, socking the uniformed officer across the face outside a Bank of America near the corner of Livingston St. and Court St. in Downtown Brooklyn on Thursday, officials said.


When this officer was suddenly attacked by this crazy thug, the officer’s patrol buddy was a black female cop who simply pulled at the attacker’s coat while whining, ‘Get off, get off’ instead of putting him into a headlock like I used to do when doing MANY citizen arrests years ago.  Headlocks work!  What is more annoying is how many of the news stories in NYC and elsewhere reporting this assault, left out the business of the black female cop doing nothing useful but just standing there, whining!


I know that black women are great at pulling hair and whacking people from behind!  Why are they suddenly helpless when dealing with criminals?  Go to any US inner city high school and you can see endless female battles there.  So this isn’t due to the female cop being a helpless female…or is she?  Then she should be fired!  When I grappled with criminals, we often went ‘to the floor’ and this simply made my grip on them stronger, not weaker.


Here is another degranged leftist in the liberal state of Washington on the West Coast who murdered his wife and pet dog (for some reason, some stories about this leave out the cat who was also murdered) with his gun in protest of Trump allowing guns:

This leftist loonie turned his gun on himself…and missed.  His poor wife was a principal at her local school.

The police in all DNC cities are closely watched and prevented from doing ‘harm’ to criminals and this works!  Criminals run riot and cops get hurt which is OK with our Real Rulers.  This is so bizarre to me, the cops are now more and more prone to side with angry citizens who are able to figure out who is tormenting them and turn on the elites.  Click the video below to see what angry citizens can do when governments fail them:

Note also how cold it is.  The French people are fed up with the global warming/illegal aliens garbage of the elites in Europe.  France is now in the grips of a national strike and the only tool Macron has left is to kill or beat up people and make everything illegal.


Go to the 2:2o.00, two and a half hours into the march video to see the police state attack the marchers very violently.  At the four hour mark, the marchers are not intimidated by the police viciously attacking them, instead of running, they fight back and the police retreat.  12 minutes in, the reporter filming this is attacked by the paramilitary.


At 4:14.00 paramilitary non-uniformed secret police attack a marcher, they are all undercover.  But the marchers recognize these guys now and attack them and try to free the prisoner so the regular thug military comes in and beats people off of the undercover gang.  And now for more ‘no free speech for EU citizens who are being invaded and abused’ news:

The fix for all our problems, as far as our Real Rulers are concerned, is to crush free speech.  The entire left believes in ending free speech which is normal for communists, they fear free speech like vampires fear sunrise.



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15 responses to “Murder, Mayhem And Chaos Surges In New York Thanks To DNC Law Changes

  1. T. Erickson

    Macron is going to have to hire more out of country goons in the future, he has pissed off the police now.

  2. Zeke

    All printed media is withering regardless of content merit. “Peak Paper” occurred about
    2007 with print paper production falling ever since.
    Still grieving about the slaughter ongoing.
    Influenced by Media fables about stimulating, exciting, snappy life in the Big City – untold numbers are lulled into a false sense of security and lured to their violent deaths in a rolling homicide.
    The nation’s Urban Canyons are dangerous and stalking killing grounds once the sun goes down. Despite the happy face Media presentations.

  3. Nina

    While cities in America and Western Europe is ravaged by criminals, cities in East-Asia like Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul are among the safest major cities in the world. You can walk around alone at night in these cities and still feel safe. Try doing that in Chicago, NYC, London, or even Stockholm. Chances are you will get mugged, raped, kidnapped or even killed.

  4. Ken

    Nina @3,

    To what do you attribute the safety of the east-Asian cities? Government surveillance? The character of the people? Culture? Something else?

  5. lou

    4– R A C E
    Minus blacks, mexicans and mussies.

  6. @Lou, race is not an explanation, but racism could be.

  7. timothy carroll


    ummm……yeah……’s racism. That’s what keeps niggers and beaners doing what they do best. And yeah….that would be murder, theft, and destruction. Oh, and yeah………it’s all the white man’s fault. Oh, and yeah……that’s why the entire turd world populations want to get into this cuntry…….cause white man bad……….yeah……….yup……dat right…..

  8. Pete

    Queens has a new DA put in by Soros money

    Cop sucker punched in Brooklyn (Video)

  9. Petruchio

    @#6 steve M: what race are YOU? Race clearly is an issue here. Why would it not be? If you allow huge numbers of foreigners–most of whom are black, Hispanic or Arab–who do not speak English, have no labor skills, other than the manual kind, but no desire to actually work, this is what you get. Cities like NYC. Or Baltimore. Or Chicago. Or Minneapolis. You might be a brainwashed white liberal. These cities prove that “Multi culturalism” and “Diversity” do NOT work, but these canards are like a religious Dogma with Liberals. The leadership of these Dogmas know “multiculturalism” and “Diversity” do not work. They are destructive to a Society that practices them. This is EXACTLY why they promote them!!

  10. seneca

    No lie detected.

  11. Nina


    Definitively the culture and the character of its people. They are very homogeneous societies where people are expected to behave according to written and unwritten rules and norms. Anti social behaviour is frowned upon and harshly punished.

  12. Nina

    Shots fired at Checkpoint Charlie, popular Berlin tourist spot, police say incident related to cafe robbery

    ‘London has fallen’: Shock online at vicious KNIFE ATTACK outside UK strip club (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

    This is Europe today, stabbings, robberies, assaults, terror attacks, rapes and kidnappings. Or as the London mayor put it; it is part and parcel of living in a big city.

  13. lou

    9-many of us are fed up with clown world. full up on crazy.
    USA doesnt need more 3rd worlders.

  14. lou

    Muslim mayor put it; it is part and parcel of living in a muslim city.
    –fixed that.

  15. lou

    6–wish this away, champ,

    Murder rate

    11 per 100,000 for Whites, but 57 per 100,000 for blacks.
    another area of black superiority?
    So shameful.

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