Texas Church Shooting And Black Attacks On Jews In NYC: Race/Religious Violence By The DNC Populations Rise

NYC politicians worked very, very hard to keep that city ‘Democrats’ and the tools for this are ridiculously simple: make the schools so terrible, all sane families flee the city and let criminals run riot, terrorizing whoever is still stuck in the city.  The their leg in this is to pay these criminals to stay in the cities and give them free housing, too!  The result is obvious: cities keep the DNC in power and the country collapses.

Milford is a NY suburb near NYC where they still have functional schools and most of the people that live there are white/Jewish/Asian.  But the criminal class kept in the cities and growing up on welfare, take transports to the malls of the surrounding suburbs and then riot there.  This happens nearly every weekend in liberal NY which voted for Hillary Clinton.  This hell was created by liberals and run by communists.

I saw a headline in NY Post yesterday while in the store: the crazy black guy who fought with the cop yesterday in Brooklyn was released today with NO BAIL and a pat on the head!  This lunacy is 100% the DNC at work here.  They run the joint totally and are extremely racist and now the racist coalition is breaking apart very slowly as the black voters turn on the Jewish elites who run the city.


“When will our elected leaders admit that the streets are out of control?” Lynch (head of the police union) said. “The perps know they can sucker punch a cop and escape with no consequences. And cops know that City Hall will not back them up.”


Meanwhile, the mayor goes on the attack, by insinuation, making it look as if Trump supporters who are white are causing ‘race tension’ instead of predatory blacks attacking weaker whites or Asians being the real problem.


Mayor de Blasio released his usual by-the-numbers statement. “Hate doesn’t have a home in our city,” he tweeted. But hate does have a home here, and it has found it while Hizzoner has mostly looked away.


NY City seethes with hate and rage.  This has gotten much worse under Trump due to their deranged inability to understand our our Republic stands.  They want communism.  I say this knowing totally and personally that Di Blasio and especially his radical wife, are outright communists.


The mayor added: “In light of recent anti-Semitic attacks, the NYPD will increase their presence in Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg.” But the recent attacks have spread to Midtown Manhattan and Gravesend, Brooklyn. The problem has gotten worse while inaction paralyzed the mayor.


The mayor isn’t ‘paralyzed’ he is playing possum, pretending to not know how to stop the destruction he started and worse, he wanted.  He is the author of all this.  I had to deal with this when I was living in Park Slope years ago.  They would openly attack me and in between the radicals attacking the DNC powerful overlords would also threaten my life, openly.  This is why they all went to prison!


“A lot of folks were told it was unacceptable to be anti-Semitic,” de Blasio said in May. “It was ­unacceptable to be racist, and now they’re getting more permission.” The message was subtle but unmistakable: De Blasio was trying to pin the attacks in bright-blue New York on President Trump.


They all do this, the news media, Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, this is how they all operate.  They jump from ‘oh dear, crime is up’ to blaming white males who are very much more law abiding than the black or Hispanic populations, and demand more attacks on white males…and this, from an army of white/Jewish males in the DNC!  This is going to backfire on them very badly in the future.


Hizzoner didn’t surrender the fantasy for some time. In June, he said: “I want to be very, very clear, the violent threat, the threat that is ideological, is very much from the right.”


Yes, the ‘right’ threatens the leftist communist grim grip of death on all our major cities which were abandoned by the vast majority of white people who fled to the suburbs to escape DNC-run ‘integrated’ schools.  These schools are literal hell holes and cost a great deal in taxes while producing and army of ill-educated children who go forth and destroy these same cities and are now invading the suburbs run by whites who fled DNC rule in the cities.


This is why the election maps show a very clear, sharp divide: the cities are nearly all ‘blue’ while the entire countryside, with few exceptions (namely, reservations, etc.) vote GOP.  This sets the stage for a future civil war if this keeps up.

BREAKING NEWS: the black man who attacked the synagogue was released from the holding pen due to the ‘no more holding pen’ rules set up by Di Blasio and then immediately was arrested again for assault the next day!


Several suspects have been released quickly in recent days, according to the New York Post, reportedly under pressure from Mayor Bill de Blasio, who wants local courts to comply with a forthcoming New York State law restricting cash bail. The new law only goes into effect on Jan. 1, but the city is reportedly pushing courts to begin reform now.


The criminal in this instance is a black woman who runs around the city, attacking random people.


A day after she was released without bail on charges stemming from the Friday attack, Tiffany Harris was charged with assault for slugging a 35-year-old in the face on Eastern Parkway near Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights at about 9:15 a.m., according to police.


Prospect Heights is next to Park Slope.  It was a dangerous slum back when I was the Housewife from Hell and I did a lot of arrests over there, in particular, muggers would hide in the shrubbery and attack so we would go BEHIND the shrubbery and literally whack them from behind.  It was quite amusing sport.


It’s unclear if Sunday’s victim is Jewish — and police weren’t treating the incident as a hate crime. The victim suffered swelling and bruising to her right eye from the pummeling, police said.


So, screaming racist religious violent speech while trying to beat up/kill someone isn’t a ‘hate crime’ if the criminal is black and hates white people.  This is seriously the most important plank in the DNC election ship of fools: racist crimes and regulations harming white people is legal and even moral.  This bizarre double standard is blowing up on the DNC and the Jews who are Democrats.


On Friday, Harris allegedly assaulted three Orthodox women on Eastern Parkway near Kingston Avenue — one of at least eight anti-Semitic incidents in the city last week.  “Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews,” Harris admitted to cops after that attack, according to a criminal complaint.


Even when the criminal admits she was indulging in racist attacks, this was not called ‘racist attack’ by the authorities who bury all this.  Way back when I was Mrs. Levy, I got a front seat of all this racism!  Duh.  It was quite obvious worse, the Jews hated me for being Mrs. Levy because I was not an ‘echt Juden’ like them!  I was merely married to an echt Juden man.


NYC is a cesspool of race/religious hatreds.  It literally seethes with hate and rage based on one’s identity by skin color or religion.  It is one of the least tolerant cities in the US and there are many intolerant DNC-run cities in this nation.

This horrible man claims the BLACKS are being attacked!!!  And Muslims!!!!  He is insane, he claims we are in ‘denial’ when it is attacks from DNC supporters attacking DNC supporters in DNC run cities. ‘It is an AMERICAN cancer’ that illegal aliens and other populations are attacking us???


This evil, evil man.  He claims ‘intolerance’ is causing these horrible things, not blacks and Muslims and others attacking JEWS.  HAHAHA.  This speech is very insane.  I am furious.


This is the DNC’s massive problem: they need Jews in their scams but they also need many, many Muslims, blacks and Hispanics, too.  Most of these absolutely hate the Jews.  This coalition is collapsing internally and god bless them all.  HAHAHA.


The ‘definition of terrorism’ is funny coming from Cuomo whose voter base is…blacks and Muslims who hate Jews with a passion.  Fox news turned off comments due to what we all know will happen: everyone will hammer Cuomo for his stupid speech about ‘tolerance’ which doesn’t go after the black/Hispanic/Muslim supporters who hate Jews!

Oh no, Giuliani wanted to help ease out the evil dictator of Venezuela who is presently starving his own people to death!!!  How evil is this???  OMG…HAHAHA.  This is the level of utter insanity inside the anti-Trump Bilderberg gang brigade.  I didn’t even know Mr. G Man was doing this, too!  HAHAHA.  Oh, and Mr. Bolton is a GIGANTIC Bilderberg team member going way, way back to the Nixon years.


To hell with him.  Bolton wanted to ‘get rid of Mad Maduro’ via a COUP.  Not persuade him to exit.  So Mr. G Man’s crime here is, he wasn’t doing the Bilderberg coup game properly!  HAHAHA.  So who is the international terrorist here?  Um, the Bilderberg gang knows all about terror and using fake news and framing people and assassinations, etc. to gain power.  This is exactly how they operate.  I am so proud of Mr. G Man knocking these fools around.  And…arrest Bolton, he is a war criminal.

Some of the people in the church were armed and took them less than a few seconds to kill the terrorist.  Yes, we had a TERRORIST attack on Christians in Texas yesterday!  The news talks about ‘evil’ but the ID of the terrorist is being withheld.

The lack of information about this shooting is very annoying.  Who did it???  I am very annoyed.  The shooter who attacked citizens is now dead and I am assuming they know a lot of information that is still hidden.  I hope they are hiding it in order to arrest people who assisted the assassin.  I am betting it is one of the gang on the left that hates Christians, Jews and Republicans in general.  Di Blasio types of criminals, this would be no surprise.



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17 responses to “Texas Church Shooting And Black Attacks On Jews In NYC: Race/Religious Violence By The DNC Populations Rise

  1. timothy carroll

    Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews,” Harris admitted to cops after that attack, according to a criminal complaint.


    Yes, it’s very sad to be bitten by one’s pets. Poor Jews. Couldn’g happen to a nicer group. sarc/off 😉

  2. lou

    Jewish elites who ruin the city..fixed that for ya.

    #1–blow back. chickens home to roost.

  3. Moe

    @4 KHS71

    What was interesting in the article was that a minimum of four persons drew on the deranged perp. Now we’re talkin’…

    I regard these incidents where a homicidal nutcase gets shot dead as analogous to putting down an animal infected with rabies: no other solution is forthcoming.

  4. timothy carroll


    Well, that’s just raycisss! gnome sayn?

  5. Moe

    @6 tc

    A better turn of phrase would have been to state ‘skunk’ instead of ‘animal’, ’cause skunks are known to get rabies frequently. They’re also black with a little bit of white, like most of the American negro population.

    (Now THAT’S just rayciss!).

    Enough though with the full-blown racism: the perp was a white nutcase.

    As an aside, a friend recently inquired if I thought I was a racist. My immediate thought was in the negative, because at core I am an egalitarian. But the greater cognition I gave to the query the more I had to admit that I preferred living and interacting with people of my own race and culture, which is Caucasian (never liked the term ‘white), English, Irish, Scots and reputedly German descent. If that makes me a racist, I’m perfectly content with that.

  6. KHS71

    @7. Wishing to live among your own kind is a normal human desire. People wish to live among their own. Black live with blacks, whites with whites, Asians with Asians. That’s why segregation will always be with us. We self segregate to our own benefit. You’re not being racist, you’re being human.

  7. timothy carroll

    I’m okay with the “rayciss” label. Seems that anyone who calls out black violence, stupidity, crime, is given the “rayciss” label. I call it pattern recognition. If I come across a copperhead in the woods, I’m going to avoid it. No, I will not pet it. Same with blacks. If you see one, cross the street, do everything in your power to avoid interacting with them.

    In the near future, I see more whites/Caucasians, etc. embracing the “raciss” label. The term no longer has the power it did even just a few short years ago. We’ve been embracing negroes, exalting them, promoting them, for sixty years, all without merit. Increasingly it has become evident that the emperor has no clothes.

    I now consider it a badge of honor to be “rayciss”. Blacks are a failed race, despite being given extraordinary privilege and affirmative action quotas and despite inferior intellect for over sixty years. They will never equal whites or Asians in intellect. They delight in behaving as savages. They preen and gloat over being fat, stupid, and lazy. Nothing will ever change the fact that without whites, they would descend into the dog-eat-dog lifestyle of their African brethren.

  8. Kerry

    I acknowledge that the Black population has been at the forefront of crime for the past 80 something years. But I also acknowledge that they have also, at the same time, been the crucible of social engineering and MK ULTRA mind control.

    They were starting to pull up and out, slowly but surely. But as they started to find their footing, welfare was rained down upon them.

    The mind control was by far the worst. All their talent at music was destroyed. They created jazz and that was devolved further and further until Rap. Rap is mind control incarnate. Full of NLP and mind control symbolism that melts brain cells. The controllers have most of them convinced they are victims. And they are but they are focusing their rage away from the perpetrators.

    In regards to DNA. I used to think it was hard wired in regards to intellect. No, it isn’t. It can be altered. This was also part of the MK ULTRA studies. They have been experimenting with intelligence as well as compartmentalizing the brain. Through social engineering and MK, they have literally turned off parts in all our brains. This is via split brain programming through film, tv and music. For example two different sets of subliminal messages directed into each ear. They can also use flashing lights to stun us (mainly the logic side of the brains) and then fill the functioning side with programming.

    What they have been aiming to do is make all of us over emotional and not in control of our behavior. The black population is their proof of concept.

    It can happen to all of us and it is. Right now.

  9. Pete

    And on the Left Coast another
    Dem Gem of a City!

    Pelosiville 😉

  10. Wow, amazing to watch all this come out. I’m not sure where to start.
    Do we agree that skin-colour doesn’t cause behaviour? In the US especially, black people tend to be poor. There’s also a culture around gangsta rap. There’s also racism, limiting job prospects and making people effected by it angry.
    Anybody who grows up watching his/her parents work long hours for low wages might say you know what, I’m not playing this game. I’d rather sell drugs. Make as much in an hour as my parents make all day, and look cool to my friends. I’m a teenager so I’m too tough to get hurt and too smart to get caught, so nothing will go wrong. Why not?

  11. This is called, in Germany ‘Kulturkampf’ that is literally ‘culture wars’. And yes, this began in GERMANY right after WWI. Literally! For example, we had beautiful ‘classical music’ from Germany then Schoenberg destroyed his own music (listen to Guerrelieder, it is classic!) to create ‘atonalism’ which is ‘no music at all, just random noise’ and at the same time, the artists decided signing their name on a toilet was ‘art’ and modern art which is not artistic at all, was created.

    Since then, all culture has devolved which I have said way back in a speech I gave at the NY Metropolitan Museum back in 1978, ‘this is a sign of social collapse and the end of empires and civilization, itself.’ The museum staff threatened to arrest me.

  12. Kerry


    The Met now has a whole wing dedicated to “modern” art. As if anyone was asking for it.

    No, this junk is strictly for money laundering and giving the elite trog babies jobs as “artist”. I recently took real art classes as a hobby. Yeah, it was hard work and taping a banana to a wall is much easier. Trog babies would rather tape bananas than spend years at ateliers learning real technique.

    What I’m worried about is how much true art was sold from the Met’s vaults to pay for trash.

  13. lou

    the 2 richest ‘artists’ are Jeff Koons and Demian Hirst….DH put a shark in formaldehyde.
    both are a bad joke.

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