DNC Leaders Double Down Blaming White Males And Trump For Black Attacks On Jews


The liberal (sic) Jews are going suicidal now, screaming at Trump while their own DNC allies who are black, are literally killing and looting…Jews who hate Trump.

Trump’s own family is half Jewish.  This is very disturbing to watch and it is also amazing to see because it is so suicidal.  I might suggest this grows out of the ‘persecution reflex’ which began with the many invasions of the Middle East starting around 7,000 years ago or more.  Many populations believe this area belongs to them after invading so it is a continuous bloody mess.  Well, this week we see the DNC pulling this business out of their asses to attack Trump over and over again.


This reminds me of the ancient Chinese curse: may your wish come true.  Any DNC victory will include a very hefty backlash against DNC Jews.


“Some House Democrats singled out the president for criticism, arguing that he has been insufficiently clear in denouncing anti-Semitism and has frequently perpetuated offensive stereotypes about Jewish people.


This statement came on the heels of leftist attacks on innocent citizens.  In NYC, it was several cases of blacks deliberately attacking Jews and trying to kill them.  Instead of going after the dumb mayor who lives in the neighborhood or near the neighborhoods where Jews are being attacked by blacks, the DNC went after Trump, instead.


Earlier this month, Trump prompted an outcry from Jewish groups after he delivered a speech in which he sought to convince a Jewish audience that they had “no choice” but to vote for him or else they would lose money to Democratic presidential contenders’ wealth tax plans. He also said some Jews “don’t love Israel enough,” echoing a previous statement in which he questioned the loyalty of Jews who vote for Democrats.


The Jews who were ‘outraged’ were DNC Jews like Senator Schumer.  He is a very slimy politicians who cynically uses black voters to get things he wants for himself.  He also panders to the far left and then, when in power, does not one thing he promises (thank goodness) but he foolishly thinks he can do this double dealing forever.  It won’t work.


The article named one Democrat who blamed Trump directly: Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), another frequent critic of Trump, shared a tweet by a New York-based comedian who argued that the Monsey attack followed “3 years of anti-semitism from the Trump Administration.”


Considering there was zero ‘anti-semitism’ from Trump, this is very astonishing.  These people are now hallucinating.


“So sad but predictable. His conduct has made unacceptable conduct acceptable,” Cohen said, appearing to blame Trump in part for the recent rise in attacks against Jewish people and members of other minority groups across the country. “It will take decades to cure.”


The DNC’s entire power point system is to harp on racism, nonstop.  They are absolutely focused on this and at the same time are utterly unable to see or stop racism against white people.  This is utterly out of hand and the Jews doing this horrible thing are making a horrible mistake and will end up paying for this because black Muslims, in particular, hate the Jews and openly discuss eliminating them all.

These tweets are typical of DNC operatives who hate Trump and are incapable of understanding that talking this way will doom them to destruction.  What is really amazing here is when this deranged female claims ‘exceptionalizing Jews, whether negative or positive light…endangers us all…’  This persecution complex belief system is mental illness.  The total lunacy here is worse: Bloomberg, a Wall Street Jew who lives in NYC is a top runner for President with the DNC gang because he claims he will tax the rich!  Why hasn’t this fool turned over all his wealth to the government already, voluntarily?

Nothing is stopping him.  Nope.  None of the very rich DNC gangsters like the Clintons are turning over their money to us.  Nasty people!  Just like they harp on and on about ‘global warming’ and ‘oil is evil’ while consuming oceans of oil and getting rich while buying oil stocks or collecting bribes from oil companies overseas.


And here Biden demands we arrest him and his son for sucking down bribes from an Ukrainian gas/oil corporation:

This man is officially totally insane now!  This is also extremely funny.  Not one bored Democrat in the audience stood up and yelled, ‘You are under arrest,’ when he demanded he be put in jail.  So I will say this now: ‘You, sir, are now under arrest.’

NBC Meet the Press libels Gateway Pundit, Infowars, etc. for ‘spreading bad information.’

Here is the snippet:

We all are under sustained attack by violent, vicious, suicidal lunatics in the DNC who think they are ‘saving America’ while screaming at us that we are evil and should be destroyed by foreign agents and invaders.  Yup.  They are the insane people here.


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5 responses to “DNC Leaders Double Down Blaming White Males And Trump For Black Attacks On Jews

  1. Petruchio

    I watch Bloomberg’s ads and I just want to throw up. There’s just no other way to put it. Here’s this billionaire financing himself. Never spent even one day doing honest, actual work making all these populist claims. Amazing. I note Bloomberg hasn’t made any claims about his experiences/achievements as Mayor of NYC. I know Bloomberg went back on his word about serving only one term as Mayor of NYC.

  2. lou

    Fochtmann must love the Sacklers.
    Sacklers did to working class whites what the Sassoon family did to the Chinese.
    Opium then, Opioids now.

    Jeffry Goldberg’s magazine (National Review) said that working class Whites ‘deserve to die.’
    This is a racial attack, not a Dems vs. GOP debate. https://t.co/ONoa0Ir4bY
    — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) December 28, 2019

  3. DeVaul

    Hi Elaine,

    Been a long time. Hope you are well.

    Today is the 31st of 2019, and while it is not new year’s for me, I did remember something you said a long time ago.

    You talked extensively about the Chinese 50 Year Plan to bankrupt the US in 2020, so I am curious as to how that went or if it will happen this year as they planned it, or if something else happened instead.

    I have not paid any attention to political matters for many years now, so don’t assume that I know something.

    Be nice to know what happened to that plan and if it will occur this year or not.


    (Sorry. Meant to put this under latest post.)

  4. lou

    Stab and murder a white girl.???. all suspects released.

    Stab and attempt to murder a Jew???
    No description of who the perp is.
    Can we guess?


  5. Petruchio

    @#4 Lou: Well the perp is Jewish, I can tell you that much…

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