EU NATO Tells Iran, They Must Obey Nuclear Rules Or Else…DNC Tells Iran They Are Good Guys

The DNC continues to crash and burn.  Siding with Iran was very stupid but quite reflexive.  The latest DNC guy to jump into this dumpster fire is Kerry!  So everything Iran does is Trump’s fault because…he is President!  Then there is the news about Russian hacking the Ukraine gas company that paid the Biden bribes!  Guess what?  The Democrats blame Trump for foreign Russians hacking a foreign company!  HAHAHA.  They have gone totally insane.


Meanwhile, even Germany and France are figuring out that Iran was cheating when it came to using nuclear materials to make bombs: France and Germany’s Bilderberg leaders finally decide Iran’s Mullahs really have been violating the agreements about nuclear weapons.


Iran rolled back its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) following the death of its most influential military leader, Qassem Soleimani, in an American drone strike. Now, a fresh joint statement by Paris, Berlin and London insists it had “no legal grounds to cease implementing the provisions of the agreement.”


We have therefore been left with no choice, given Iran’s actions, but to register today our concerns that Iran is not meeting its commitments under the JCPoA and to refer this matter to the Joint Commission under the Dispute Resolution Mechanism.


Activating the mechanism – which is only possible if one or more signatories suspect a non-compliance with the deal – could eventually lead to the UN Security Council deciding whether to bring back sanctions against Iran.


So, it is pretty obvious that Trump’s contentions that Iran was violating the EU agreements as well as US agreements is…correct!  Good.


Earlier in January, Iran announced that the level of uranium enrichment was to be determined by its own “technical needs.” However, both Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that international inspectors are continuing their verification activities under the nuclear deal.


Trump’s hardball negotiations works again:


Sources familiar with the Phase 1 trade deal told Reuters China has agreed to purchase $80 billion of additional manufactured goods from the U.S. over the next 24 months, as part of the “Phase 1” trade deal that’s expected to be signed on Wednesday.


China is preparing to buy $50 billion more in energy products and increase purchases of U.S. services by $35 billion over the next several years, a source told Reuters.


Meanwhile, China will increase purchases of U.S. farm goods by $32 billion over 24 months, or by about $16 billion per year. When added to the $24 billion export baseline pre-trade war in 2017, the new total is around $40 billion in annual agricultural purchases.


President Trump will sign the Phase 1 agreement with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, as President Xi Jinping opted not to attend the signing event.  U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, on Monday, said the Phase 1 agreement is a “huge step forward” for US-China relations and “a really, really good deal for the United States.”


“We expect them to live up to the letter of the law. We’ll bring cases, we’ll bring actions against them if they don’t,” Lighthizer said.


China has taken note that Trump isn’t joking about the ‘we’ll bring actions’ if China plays games and cheats.  Thank goodness, we have a President who calls the shots.  No wonder the DNC traitors are all tied up in knots, screaming at him for doing these negotiations.  They collect bribes from foreign governments, after all.  This is bad for business.  Here is one glaring example:

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury announced expansion of Airbus production in the UK.  When the good citizens of Britain voted to exit the Bilderberg gangland, they were told that business would flee and want to stay inside the castle.  Instead, businesses, one by one, are now doing the opposite.  If the EU destroys trade with England over Brexit, they will be shooting themselves in the foot or worse, the head.


US driver narrowly escapes drug cartel at Mexico border.  Yes, crime is now out of control on the southern border as well as our major cities.  I talk to people in my state about the new DNC state rules that people, even bankrobbers, can get out of jail with no bail and they are very, very pissed off, extremely fearful, too.


EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — U.S. officials are urging Americans to stay away from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, after deadly gun battles were reported on the streets of the city.


“Please do not cross to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas right now. We have information that there have been intensive shootings between cartel members and Tamaulipas State Police. These shootings have been going on for hours now,” Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday night.


Now on to the other lunatic business of our Real Rulers and the DNC: global warming:  Quite a bit snowfall in Saudi Arabia!


A substantial layer of snow has coated many of the mountainous regions of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, in what has reported as “one of the area’s rare winter snowfalls.”


The flakes began falling on Friday, January 10 and continued through much of the weekend.


Snow in the region usually only sticks around for 24 hours or less, before temperatures return to their expected levels and quickly melt all evidence of the rare white crystals — this accumulation, on the other hand, has lingered for 4 days now as temps have struggled to climb above the freezing mark.


It wasn’t a brief snowfall, nor for a few hours, it lasted several days!  This is very, very, very unusual and generally never happens during ‘warmest years ever’ either.  We are definitely seeing global cooling.  I am also betting few people will see this news in North America because our Rulers hate real news with a passion.  Also, it is warm here in the Northeast right now for several days which is common in mid-January, we call it ‘the January thaw’ and by this weekend, the highs will be way below freezing, like 12 F and lows below 0F.


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37 responses to “EU NATO Tells Iran, They Must Obey Nuclear Rules Or Else…DNC Tells Iran They Are Good Guys

  1. I wouldn’t be terribly happy about huge agricultural exports to China. That’s how colonialism traditionally worked: you guys export mangoes and sugar cane and bananas and whatever, and buy our manufactured goods. But Trump doesn’t have a lot of cards to play here, so probably it’s the best he could manage.

  2. Arvind

    Elaine your views continue to betray your ignorance of basic facts. For someone who is normally detail oriented your deliberate ignorance is quite annoying and silly.. Firstly there is no separate “US deal” and “EU deal”. There was only 1 deal, signed by a reformist, democratically elected Iranian government under Rouhani. The reason there had to be deal in the first place was the bellicose rhetoric of Ahmadinejad had invited sanctions. He was the previous president who was removed at the BALLOT BOX in a democratic election by the Iranian people. So Iran was well on the way to good behaviour when Obama struck a deal in concert with the US, EU, Russia and China co-signatories. Trump dumped the deal as soon as he came into office and imposed unilateral sanctions. All other signatories – including Iran – have been trying to rescue the deal. Only now Trump has added military assassination to the sanctions. Frankly, the Iranians have been incredibly patient and Trump has been a hyper-aggressive idiot for no reason other than his ego. He wants a deal with his name on it, not Obama’s. That’s all this is about. Now that the Iranians have announced they will stop complying with the deal the EU is trying to pressure them back into compliance. And why should they unilaterally keep their end if the bargain when the US refuses to keep theirs? And the EU is powerless to help? They get nothing in return. Their withdrawal is from a corpse of a deal, killed over and over by Trump. It is completely justified

  3. Arvind

    By the way, the following statement is just completely false. Not a shred of truth on it. You are spinning the news to fit your pre-conceived views. This is just as bad as CNN:

    “Meanwhile, even Germany and France are figuring out that Iran was cheating when it came to using nuclear materials to make bombs: France and Germany’s Bilderberg leaders finally decide Iran’s Mullahs really have been violating the agreements about nuclear weapons.”

    Errrr no. The arent “figuring out” this. There is no suggestion that Iran has been non-compliant SO FAR. Iran has simply declared that their FUTURE actions will not be bound by the enrichment limits in the deal. They MAY or MAY NOT remain compliant going forward, but the decision will be based on their own technical needs for nuclear fuel, not the western powers’ paranoid rankings about their non-existent nuclear weapons program. This makes perfect sense because the west is doing nothing to uphold their end of a deal while barking like attack dogs at Iran to comply for nothing in return. This is disgraceful behaviour- pure and simple 19th century imperialism, nothing less. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself for supporting this disgusting lack of honour and integrity.

  4. Moe

    @2&3 Arvind

    The entire process of Iranian weapons nuclearization is resisted by the nuclear powers because they’re in the club and they don’t want any others. In particular, Israel, the sole non-declared nuclear power: think they might have ulterior motives?

    This isn’t about conforming to a set of ‘agreements’ or ‘protocols’, there is no guarantee available from any of the international players that Iran’s sovereignty will remain inviolate. The entire process is coercive.

    If I were Iran I would be doing precisely what Trump (and everyone else) suspects, cheat at every opportunity until a sufficient material is available for x number of bombs, a viable device is constructed. and then blow that sucker up.

    It’s call Real Politic and Kim knows precisely how to play it.

  5. Floridasandy

    Arvin’s, I guess you forget that Iran killed a US contractor: interpreter naturalized American Arab first, who had a wife and children.
    They also shot down a commercial airliner with their hyper aggression —killing more Iranians and others.
    Then they shot some protestors in Iran and their blood is running in Iranian streets in the twitter videos.
    They promised to keep building nuclear bombs. Nobody is looking forward to that in a civilized world in case you didn’t notice we have many nuclear bombs and don’t attack anybody with them 😇

  6. Floridasandy

    Kim is a frightened little man who wants to modernize but Is scared to .
    Power is more important to him than freedom
    He will still shoot anybody in the back trying to flee that hell hole.
    Who wants to emigrate there?

  7. Moe

    @4 Continued

    In parallel build out a massive conventional ballistic missile force that could flatten one’s primary adversary.

    Oh yeah, they did that. I think Israel is shitting its pants and needs Uncle Sam to come in and some heavy lifting.

  8. Floridasandy

    Typed immigrate. 😎
    Corrections not allowed here

  9. Jim R

    @2&3 Arvind,

    I have also wondered about Elaine, she seems to be repeating some of the nonsense from the MSM lately. She’s right that the Democrats have gone insane, but seems to follow some of the warmongering propaganda.

    Iran has been six weeks away from having an atom bomb for how long now? Ten years or more? Anyway, the ‘nuclear’ canard is just something the warmongers hitch their wagons to, like the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which Iraq did not have, or the ‘chemical weapons’ which Syria did not use.. I don’t recall what excuse they used for Libya. Remember ‘seven countries five years?’

    Well, it has been more than five years. The plans don’t seem to be going as smoothly as they thought.

    In other news, Mike Flynn has withdrawn his guilty plea to witchcraft. .
    Mike Flynn Withdraws Guilty Plea Due To Government’s ‘Bad Faith, Vindictiveness, And Breach Of Plea Agreement’
    So that’s a little welcome news on the ‘DNC gone insane’ front.

  10. Pete

    @ Arvind

    You should be ashamed of your disgusting
    remarks to Elaine! wow

    In the Kerry “deal” there was only an agreement
    that Iran would suspend working on a bomb
    for a number of years.

    “In May 2019, the IAEA certified that Iran was abiding by the main terms of the deal, though questions were raised about how many advanced centrifuges Iran was allowed to have, as that was only loosely defined in the deal.”

    Trump put on sanctions to get Iran back to the
    table to get a new deal where Iran stops its work
    on a bomb completely.

    If Iran gets a bomb it will start an arms race
    in the ME that would be super dangerous.

    Hopefully the regime will be gone soon.
    The regime is an ugly, violent dictatorship
    and hated by the Iranian people.

    @Jim R

    Elaine is not warmongering.
    Where did you get that from?
    You should apologize as well.
    Such nonsense!

  11. Watching people make excuses for violent, intolerant dictatorships is amazing. Iran has butchered over a thousand protestors if not tens of thousands in the last TWO WEEKS. They did this, not Trump. They are the violent people who dictate everything including if you show some hair on your head if you are a woman!!!

    Watching fake liberals yelp about opposing these lunatic dictators, watching liberals yelling that hajibs are ‘freeing’ women is making me SICK. They are insane, they are evil.

  12. Arvind

    Firstly, I am in no way endorsing the Iranian regime, just to be very clear. They are (relative to us) intolerant and socially.backeard. compared to others in the region they are quite progressive. So it is important to use the relevant standards. Secondly, Iran’s regime CAN be changed peacefully. The people DO elect a president and that president CAN shape policy. Just as Ahmadinejad was thrown out at the ballot box to put in a reformist Rouhani, failure to peacefully reintegrate into the world economy may EITHER result in hardliners re-elected on the VALID argument that the west cannot he trusted to keep its promises; OR a violent revolution if sanctions are so repressive that the people reject BOTH the hardliners as well as the reformers. Either way it will be terrible for ordinary folk in that country and for the wider region. Even if the regime succeeds in developing a bomb, they will ONLY be able to establish deterrence (similar to Pakistan and North Korea). They will NEVER be able to win any wars with nukes as the NATO powers will blow them to smithereens if they as much as use one nuke. For us in the west we have to strengthen the reformists by KEEPING OUR PROMISES. Carrot and stick works. Only stick will be a disaster.

  13. Jim R

    @Pete, you did not read what I wrote. I did not say Elaine is a warmonger.

    But, she is repeating the warmongering propaganda lines. For example:
    Iran has butchered over a thousand protestors …

    Macron has been butchering protestors in France, but nobody cares.

    The warmongers keep repeating stuff like this, and harping on the economy in Venezuela, and so on and so forth. The statements may not be outright lies (or they may be), but they are certianly exaggerations.

    The warmongers projected “Iran wants war” when the US war machine murdered that Iranian general. He was popular over there, and they made a martyr of him. In response, Iran has announced that it will work toward ejecting the US from the middle east. Time will tell.

    Now, none of the smaller countries on the planet can take on the US/NATO war machine directly, all they can do is asymmetric warfare. And most of them just want to be left alone.

    In reality, the USA has been at war with several of them for quite a long time now, via economic sanctions. The warmongers will take some excuse, like “they’re killing peaceful protestors!” and then attempt to choke off all trade with that country, hoping it will cause more protests, and the overthrow of the (non-compliant) government. Sometimes this works, but lately it has merely been making the affected countries more independent.

    And then, when these small countries get ahold of some Russian air defense systems, NATO is no longer free to bomb them into submission. Turkey is one of the most interesting examples these days — since it is a NATO member already, and is in talks with Russia to buy some SAMs.

    As for Obie’s JCPOA ‘treaty’ with Iran, it was never ratified by the USA, so it was really not binding anyhow. At this point, Iran has merely announced that it is no longer binding on Iran either. For now, they are still cooperating with the IAEA, and allowing inspections.

  14. Jim R

    What’s really making the warmongers soil their britches now is this: In its reprisal for the killing of their general, the Iranian army demonstrated that it can actually hit things with its missiles (although they should have closed the airport for a day or two). Without needing nuclear weapons, they can hit anything in the Persian Gulf, or take out Saudi oil facilities. And maybe they can hit Israel, which they threatened to do if they are attacked.

  15. Moe

    Two different perspectives on the Iranian situation.

    First from Streetwise Professor (I love this guy’s acerbic screeds even when not in agreement):

    Excerpt: “…the Dirty Harry equilibrium appears to be playing out. A rational thug put his hand on the gun, looked into the muzzle of a 44 magnum, and thought the better of it. Expectations have been reset. Deterrence has been revitalized.

    “It is better to be feared than loved, when one cannot be both.” There is no way in hell the mullahs will ever love us: so fear it has to be.”

    And from Dimitri Orlov:

    Excerpt: “Back on Planet Earth during the 2020s, the US is looking quite comparable to the Roman Empire in the 3rd century AD, during which the legionnaires were being paid in copper coin instead of silver and were being awarded farmland that had been overrun by barbarians while the populace subsisted on bread and circuses (in the case of the US, that’s beer, cannabis/opiates and television/internet porn). ”

  16. Iran’s ‘missiles’ were feeble things. They could shoot down a civilian aircraft, though. Next, they will probably sink another slow moving oil ship. Great.

  17. Jim R

    That’s how asymmetric warfare works. It helps to look at a map, to understand.

    The US Navy can be over there in modern warships bristling with the latest technology, while the Persians stand on the shore and lob homemade bombs at them.

    In this latest episode, they also targeted a US base in Iraq, using some old missiles they had. Didn’t kill any soldiers, but they showed that they can hit the base.

  18. Arvind

    It gets even worse. The WSJ is reporting that Trump is not only bullying Iran over the JCPOA, he is also bullying the Europeans! I was very surprised by the EU move to trigger the dispute resolution mechanism, and now we know why! Trump trying to alienate his allies yet again! Someone needs to teach him some diplomacy. If he keeps pissing allies off the US will be isolated.

    Quote from zerohedge:

    A bombshell revelation from The Washington Post a day after France, Britain and Germany took unprecedented action against Iran by formally triggering the dispute resolution mechanism regulating conformity to the deal, seen as the harshest measure taken by the European signatories thus far. The European powers officially see Iran as in breach of the deal which means UN and EU punitive sanctions are now on the table.

    “Days before Europeans warned Iran of nuclear deal violations, Trump secretly threatened to impose 25% tariff on European autos if they didn’t,” says the report.

    This came as a “shock” to all three countries, with one top European official calling it essentially “extortion” and a new level of hardball tactics from the Trump administration.

  19. HAHAHA. Our ‘allies’ in Europe refuse to pay their NATO dues for years and years and the EU locks out US corporations because they have trade barriers and they expect US to protect THEM all the time.

    I have been yelling about this for a long time. Seems some people can’t figure out when they are being robbed, leftists seem particularly naive about this. Stupid, even.

    Actually, they collect bribes overseas.

  20. Jim R

    This morning, the TV news reports that some soldiers are being treated for injuries from the payloads of missiles hitting their base in Iraq. Early reports of ‘no casualties’ were incorrect.

    So the Russian media were correct — a dozen or so Iranian missiles hit their targets.

    Other Russian rumors are that the specific buildings hit were drone control center, storage facility, and the barracks for drone operators. It was a direct reprisal for the killing of that Dos Equis salesman guy.

  21. lou

    20…USA keeps seas safe for China Inc to ship cheap goods to us.
    we get screwed coming and going.

  22. Suusi M-B

    There is one bit of your puzzle that is missing. This contractor like all the others at that base, just happened to be helping Islamic State.

    The Iraqis and Syrians have been complaining about the two faced US role and its support for IS for a long time.

    Every time the Iraqi Army and PMUs cornered IS along came the US helicopters to evacuate IS.

    The same thing was happening in Syria when the Syrian Army cornered IS

    Now surprise surprise IS pops up in Libya.

    PAX America is dead.

    PAX America can only work if the US keeps the deals that it makes. Even the ones it doesn’t like retrospectively. If you do not keep the deals that your leaders make, then why should anyone trust you enough to do a deal with you.

    Rome worked well when it kept its word. Then along came Julius Caesar, who broke a treaty and it was all downhill from there on. The Republic replaced with Despots and PAX Romana meant nothing.

    Oh and don’t give me that crap about only congress can do X, Y and Z. Your President speaks for you. If he makes a deal in your name then if you repudiate it it makes the whole of the USA into an untrustworthy Liar. That is what the world sees.

  23. No, you don’t ‘keep all deals you didn’t make’ no nation does that, EVER. This is why diplomacy goes on and on. If a bad leader makes a bad deal and the voters hate the deal and want it ended, IT STOPS! This is called ‘sovereignty’. Examples are easy: British globalists imposed the EU on the British people bit by tiny bit until England was enslaved.

    The people voted to end that and end it NOW. So they will now end all the tricky junk done previously!!! See? The EU overlords are howling with rage and demanding all the tricks remain so the people are enslaved but it is not working because…people can then become rather violent if foreigners try to impose their will on us. See?

    This is true of ALL NATIONS and Iran did this, they tore up all deals made by the Shahs, for example! Duh.

  24. Arvind

    You may not keep the deals you make, but what the US is doing is beyond the normal rules of sovereignty. It is DEMANDING that Iran KEEPS its end of the deal, while it FLOUTS its end of the deal and IMPOSES sanction that go well BEYOND the UN sanctions. Further it DEMANDS that the EU ALSO FORCES Iran to keep to the terms of the deal while not getting any of the UN sanction relief. This is NOT sovereignty. It is the deepest of injustices. One set of rules for the IMPERIAL OVERLORDS, and a different set of rules for the SLAVE NATIONS.

    “WE get to have nukes, YOU don’t. We get to bomb and invade other countries, YOU don’t. WE get to sell arms to our allies, YOU don’t. We get to smash countries and sow chaos everywhere, YOU don’t even get to help those oppressed by us.”

    The American Empire is nothing but dirty tricks, two-faced lies and double-standards. These DO NOT go unnoticed.This is SHAMEFUL behaviour that the whole world sees and resents. There will be blowback. As you sow so shall you reap.

  25. Good lord. By the way, playing stupid doesn’t work. And when one has muscle, it works. Are you an imperialist? Or not? If you think we have sovereignty we have this over all our deals, too. so if a jerk makes a dumb deal, the new leader can…UNDO IT. DUH. History is stuffed to the gills with examples of this. Heck, this is the entire point of all revolts, too!!!! DUH!!!

    Absolutely nothing is ever ‘set in stone.’ When it is, it is due to a strong empire demanding this, not weak states demanding this. Duh, again.

  26. Jim R

    The point being that there is no longer any point in signing anything with the USA, since it will be broken before the ink is dry.

    And the other point being that assassination is A-OK in the world of international relations. A lot of small weak countries can do that stuff also.

  27. Arvind

    Could CIA/Mossad black-ops have hijacked the transponder of the Iranian commercial flight in order to trick air defence systems to shoot it down? Interesting theory pointing to a false-flag attack, designed to pressure Trump into striking Iran. This would be along the lines of the same playbook that was used in the fake Douma false-flag “chemical” attack which was not a chemical attack at all.

  28. ALL countries when changing governments, change a lot of stuff. ESPECIALLY in diplomacy. Note how the entire ‘impeach Trump’ nonsense is about him doing diplomacy exactly how the DNC does it, themselves!

  29. Arvind

    26 & 27 – Then it makes perfect sense for China, Russia, the EU and others who are at the receiving end of the “strong” Imperial a$$holes to band together and destroy them. Otherwise they will end up as slave nations. As you sow, so shall you reap.

  30. Jim R

    That is what I expect to happen, but I am not looking forward to it.

    The empire was pretty much finished by the early 2000s, but the aftermath will be worse, as a world generation grows up with good reasons to hate the empire.

    And Elaine was saying all those paper contracts do not mean anything. The Magna Carta, Constitution, etc. are just the scribblings of people long dead.

    World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. . .

  31. So few people know what the Magna Carta was! Ahem: when the Normans invaded, the new king who was a Duke, handed out lands and titles to everyone in his army as they dispersed across the lands, sword in hand. One of these was one of my ancestors.

    They, in turn, wanted to become powerful like the Duke who was now a king. The battles between the lower nobility and the royal family raged on and on and on over time. quite a while. The MC was all about BARONIAL power, not peasant power.

    It took many years, hundreds of years for the new bourgeoisie (city people) to latch onto some powers using previous documents for the barons. This is why there is a House of LORDS (my family camped out there) and PARLIAMENT which is the ‘common people.’

  32. Jim R

    I visited the National Archives about 25 years ago, on a DC tour with my daughter. They had an old copy of the Magna Carta on display there, along with the original Constitution.

    The English of the MC was so old, it looked like German to me!

  33. Jim R

    A column of Russian vehicles passing a USA checkpoint in Syria.

    Nice to see this sort of cooperation . .

  34. Arvind

    Heh, thanks for the history lesson Elaine. The chap you are referring to is WIlliam the Conqueror, and he is buried in the Cathedral at Caen in Normandy. My wife attended Sunday mass in that cathedral growing up, and we were married in its gardens. Incidentally they call him Guillaime Conquerant in Normandy, and I have stood on his gravestone several times!

  35. Petruchio

    Sergei Lavrov, the Russian FM, is being quoted as saying that there were 6 F 35 US planes cruising along the Iran/Syria border at the time of the plane strike on the civilian plane.

  36. Petruchio, the civilian jet was shot down next to the airport which is NOT at any borders at all. Don’t fall for fake news. Look at maps.

    Yes, Arvind, Gillaime is William. The way ‘Gillaime’ is pronounced is very much with a ‘whoo’ sound. French is a funny language, unlike English, what is spoken isn’t a good match with what is spelled which is endlessly amusing to Germans whose languages all adhere to the rule ‘spell it like it is heard.’

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