Nigel Farage: EU Suddenly Removed All National Flags From Member Desks

The Bilderberg gang thinks that attacking nationalism, they can gain even more power so yesterday, they suddenly removed all national flags from the EU meeting desks so that there are no longer any identity to which nation the members belong when they vote on the few items not controlled by bureaucrats in Brussels.  This step brings the EU closer to destruction.

EU Removes National Flags From European Parliament, Farage Says

This move increases the power of naysayers, it increases citizen anger about policies which they have zero control over.  But the people pulling these stunts pay no attention to public ire, they ignore it using troops to physically suppress public anger.


Way back in 2009 when the Daily Mail actually had real articles about important matters instead of the silly junk that infests it today, historian William Rees-Mogg wrote The Decline and Fall of the EU back in 2007:


The loss of a core belief inevitably weakens the coherence of a culture. The decline of empire is always associated with the alienation of the people from the elite. The ratification of the treaty was manipulated by a small group of European leaders: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel.


Blair and Brown were most recently elected in 2005, after promising a referendum. The British have never voted for President Sarkozy or Chancellor Merkel, who share responsibility for tricking us out of the referendum that Blair and Brown promised. This has done permanent damage. We do not trust the EU not to cheat.


Across the planet, people vote for leaders who make patriotic promises only to be betrayed in secret.  Now, thanks to the internet, this is harder to hide.  This is why internet leaders like the Google gang are desperately trying to strangle any patriots online no matter what country they come from.


All the top gangsters running online systems have joined the Bilderberg gang and the gang has been meeting with them, nonstop now, to plot how to rule humanity.  But now people hate Google and Facebook and so forth, they really hate these stupid executives and this is going to blow up in their faces, slowly at first as people flee systems then rapidly.


The alienation of the public from the European elite is not confined to Britain. The Constitutional Treaty, which became the Lisbon Treaty, was rejected by the Dutch and French referendums. Even in the most European countries, Brussels bureaucrats are seen as distant and greedy.


It took over a decade of trying for the British public, fed up with EU policies, to finally force their own government to do the public will.  Like in the US, politicians would promise to listen to the voters only to be betray them over and over again, once the newly elected were invited to Bilderberg meetings and they learn how rich they can get if they ignore voters.


Well, Trump was already rich so they couldn’t bribe him.  He remained firmly outside.  This is why they instead began attacking relentlessly and foolishly.  They are pulling down their own house.  They are exposing their hidden power to the plebes while at the same time, ordering the plebes to stop having children and to accept the future where they will all freeze/starve to death to ‘save the planet.’


My fury at Meghan and Harry is that they joined in this ‘freeze/starve the peasants’ plot via flying and taking yachts all over the planet earth, nonstop, screaming that we will all die if people do exactly what this fake royal gang loves doing: consuming oceans of fossil fuels, flitting all over the place and living in gigantic multiple palaces.

So a this juncture with Britain all abroil in rage at the feckless foolish royals, the EU had a very clever idea: ban Britain’s flag at the EU.  Yes, pure genius!

Communist China screwed up, too.  Demanding the free people (well, people who are pissed off that freedom is being messed with people) do business only with the Chinese dictators, it has the reverse, smart people are saying no!  The people in Eastern Europe who are very acquainted with how vicious communists are, up close, are refusing to support these monsters, overseas or far away.  The Bilderberg gang admires the Chinese communists.


Speaking of the British royals who hate the British subjects they rule so secretly, pretending they are a ‘charity’ instead of leeches:

The fake royals think Canadians will happily pay to protect them from paparazzi!  No pizza pap for the duo.

People are now making fun of Harry. When he went to Hollywood, he was pushed hither and yon by his actress wife.

More breaking news:Twitter deletes all postings about Harry asking for work in Hollywood!

Breaking news today: Hollywood lawyer snags Harry and Meghan’s business!

HAHAHA, Meghan is so naive.  Harry is so sheltered as well as naive.  I bet this lawyer will sell the trademark to the highest bidder now.  Harry, after a lifetime of being a puppet, continues openly to perform Pinocchio in public.  Back to 2007 and Rees-Mogg:


America, however, enjoys a critical advantage over Europe. American business is more adaptable and resilient than European. One of the greatest weaknesses of the European economy is the so-called acquis communautaire, the principle that any power the EU gets shall be held permanently. The Lisbon Treaty has become the latest addition to the acquis communautaire.


Adaptability is the condition of the survival of any living organism. The EU has adopted the ratchet principle in which it is virtually impossible to reverse the centralisation of power. This rigidity belongs to the European economy of the Fifties. As members of the EU, we are trapped in its obsolete system of government.


There is a reverse mechanism and the British voters used it and continue to use it to the fury of the elites who want dictatorship.  The steel doors sealed to keep millions captive in the EU has been hammered open by peasants in England who greatly resent being sidelined and dictated to by French and German rulers and elites!  HAHAHA.  Who would have guessed this would happen?


Well, anyone with any history knowledge, that’s obvious.


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9 responses to “Nigel Farage: EU Suddenly Removed All National Flags From Member Desks

  1. T. Erickson

    So the EU Parliament bureaucrats are so sheltered that they think removing flags from other bureaucrats desks will make all of the “peasants” follow suit and love the EU. The moron Macron must have thought of that.

    BTW has the EU ended its sanctions on Russia yet, or is that just a German thing?

  2. Jim R

    In other news, another volcano on Luzon:

    Whether or not it affects the weather depends on how much dust and sulfur it can inject into the stratosphere.

  3. Zeke

    N.F. is NFG. He’s a pompous, self-promoting PoS.

  4. In other words, a normal Brit. HAHAHA. Hello, um, most politicians and actors etc. are that, too! Imagine that!

  5. lou

    Uh, the typical, very young male brits name is Mohamed or similar.

  6. Moe

    @3 Zeke

    Is Farage for Brexit or against it? That is the sole criteria by which to evaluate him.

  7. Zeke

    Putin is for Brexit.

    Putin doesn’t live in either Britain or the EU. Although he’s trying to accrue more and more territory into the Russian Federation (e.g., Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea ….. ) by any means necessary – conversely, he wants to fracture and sow seeds of dissension to any possible adversaries (Basque, Scottish, EU …… ).

    So, in Brexit, N.F. and Putin are allies. Oh, yeah ….. and Moe.

  8. Pete

    @Kerry mentioned John Hewitt
    and that he is possibly Harry’s father.
    I’ve always had that feeling myself.

    Poor Harry, Meghan is his puppet master now.
    She has taken him over completely.
    Archie is Meghan’s anchor baby to fame.

    Harry looks the fool.
    This will nor end well methinks.

  9. She appears in public all over the planet earth while flying everywhere with no baby at all. Baby is parked at home or the nearest hotels. Sounds kind of familiar for welfare moms…

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