Project Veritas Releases Video Sanders Field Organizer Talking About Putting Political Opponents In Concentration Camps

Project Veritas releases video of Sanders top field organizer in Wisconsin talking about starting riots, burning cities and putting people into concentration camps and prisons if they disagree with radical leftist ideologies.  I know for certain how leftists really feel, after all, many years ago in Berkeley, they all said they would kill me for writing a sweet mourning editorial about a young police officer assassinated at my home.  Bernie Sanders is a communist and intends to enforce his will on us all using severe force like all leftist radicals.

Project Veritas just exposed a Bernie Sanders staffer advocating for billionaire gulags, free ‘re-education,’ and burning cities if Trump were re-elected. What did Democrats think would happen with revolutionaries in charge? Meanwhile, Virginia is voting to make indoor gun ranges illegal. And the panel gives their predictions ahead of tonight’s first Democratic debate of 2020.


Now about who is popular:

Tonight, there were many speeches live online.  Trump’s speech was #1 in audience size.  Look at the Democrats: Trump has over 22,000 while the DNC debate is at 3,700.  HAHAHA.  A guy in his living room making fun of the DNC debate has nearly 5,000 people watching!  Nearly double the number!   This is hilarious.  The DNC, by the way, is demanding we stop having any fossil fuel use but of course, China will get to use whatever they want.  These clowns should never get near the White House or we will all end up like China under Mad Madame Mao.

So few people watching!

And here is a live feed the same size as the DNC debate:

The point here is obvious: the DNC is flying off this strange cliff.  The super rich Wall Street Manhattan Jewish guy, Bloomberg, isn’t in the ‘debate’ but he is running ads during this, boasting about how he can buy the Presidency via his own wealth and then…HEY…isn’t that what Trump is all about?  Manhattan, rich guy, etc.?


Funny how the liberals are elitists.

And yes, bit by bit, all non-whites were eliminated in the dying DNC debates until they are all white with two remaining females.  Most of the hard winners rated the highest by polls are…OLD WHITE DUDES!!!! HAHAHA.  I am seriously going to die laughing.


Actually, when I wrote all this, all was well at home.  Now, my husband is back in the hospital and doing poorly.  I have to rush off yet again at dawn to talk to the doctors.





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9 responses to “Project Veritas Releases Video Sanders Field Organizer Talking About Putting Political Opponents In Concentration Camps

  1. Arvind

    Best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery. God bless.

  2. lou

    OfFTopic, what will it take or some people to research?
    This is rom youtube,

    Geoengineering I lived in the PS area for over 8 years and the valley is under a constant haze of Geoengineering elements I can share endless pictures as well as videos of the dust raining down 24/7.

    I had the rain water tested 2000 parts per million of Aluminum, in addition Strontium and Barium were high. Countless lab results are also available on GeoengineeringWatch.Org. Must watch


  3. Petruchio

    First off, Elaine I’m praying for a positive recovery for your husband. Now on to the subject here. I find it more than a little disgusting about Tom Steyer in the Presidential Race. Haven’t we filled the “jewish Billionaire Quota” by having Bloomberg in the Race? Anybody who claims US Politics is heavily controlled by Jewish interests has a HUGE mountain of evidence. It’s kind of pathetic that so few people notice the enormity of the Jewish influence in Government. And elsewhere.

  4. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Yeah the DEMOS seem to have mutated into the “demonic-marxist-feminist gulag” where only the properly brain-washed need apply. Ain’t us.

    I’m ammused at “Mayor Pete’s” teflon success, especially in light of the expose awaiting the primaries:

    Carry-on til you are carrion,

  5. Good news: the intervention last night worked and my husband’s health is no longer in the red danger zone and he is doing amazingly well considering how dangerous it was, last night! I am exhausted now. It was a very busy, long stretch here but the doctors, nurse and I am very happy now. Success.

  6. lou

    5–glad to hear.

    Sheffield University has no History or German or Film Studies departments. Or, if it does, they can’t be very good ones: otherwise, someone would have pointed out by now that this was exactly the sort of thing the Stasi did in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  7. Kerry


    Gabbard being a puppet

  8. Jim R

    @Kerry, I fail to see how stating her own position is ‘being a puppet’. Gabbard is the most anti-war candidate running.. Followed by some U2be dufus selling snake oil. She won’t be the Dem candidate however — the deep state / warmongers / Bilderbergs will shut her out.

    @Elaine, I’m so glad to hear your husband is doing better. That has to be a hard thing, seeing a family member through a health care crisis.

    As for the war, Iran is still upset about the assassination of their general, and are demanding that the US demobilize from the area. They have missiles, and know how to use them (sometimes), and there are about 50,000 US troops in various bases outside its borders. And I don’t have absolute proof, but wouldn’t be surprised if it is getting current satellite pictures from the Russians.

  9. Iran’s government is collapsing.

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