Harry And Meghan Are Emotionally Abusing Little Baby Archie, Ignoring Him 90% Time

Meghan Markle drives herself to Canadian airport in Land Rover to pick up friend | Daily Mail Online

Markle and her Harry hurried three months ago to sue the Daily Mail for reporting the news about her abuse of daddy who she disowned along with all but one relative.  The Daily Mail is also reporting how neither parent spends any time with their new baby, Archie.  This is child abuse.  Now, she is getting her husband kicked out of his family, too, and she fled England and is rocking around Canada, laughing her head off…while many Brits call to have her head nicked off, too.  The implosion of the Royal Family, a dystopic dynasty of really horrible people, is amusing to me since my family played a role in all this, years ago especially with Sir Richard Steele and his ‘Tattler’ news service hundreds of years ago…HAHAHA.


The Daily Mail has been in court for the last 3 months in lawsuits concerning letters she wrote to her father who she disowned first of all, it is amusing watching her engineer the disowning of her husband, too.  Something odd is happening.  Both ‘young parents’ spend nearly no time with little Archie who is basically an orphan.  Meanwhile, daddy is being bitchy about losing his mommy, decades ago.  And shows zero interest in his own child?  This is, of course, utterly insane.


5,000 miles away in London her husband Harry made his first public appearance since the Megxit bombshell – and potentially his last engagement as a frontline royal – at the draw for the Rugby League World Cup at Buckingham Palace yesterday.


The other day, Harry was in Hollywood seeking work for his hausfrau wife.  He was supposed to be going to the guards who are on his ‘to do’ list as a royal,  he stood them up at Xmas.  Well, now that grandma gave him the riot act, he is doing his ‘duties’ again in England while his tiny baby is cared for by strangers overseas.


This is utterly insane.  At the same time, it shows how the Royals don’t view humans as people but as tools.


The event, which saw the prince chatting to youngster’s in the Queen’s garden, was marked with an official Instagram video set to Stone Roses hit This Is The One, which famously features the lyrics: ‘I’d like to leave the country for a month of Sundays’. The extraordinary blunder had nothing to do with Harry, palace officials said later, blaming the event’s organisers for the choice of song despite it being released via the official Sussex Royal account.


HAHAHA.  Even this stilly story about ‘the wrong music’ was Harry poking grandma in the snout and then playing dumb in order to avoid punishment.  It is like he poured ink in the queen’s teacup and then denied it and claimed, the footman did it.  Ahem…this sort of childish behavior is typical of royals, by the way.  They are all big babies and when they used to have power of life and death, were very nasty…off with your heads, everyone!

Note how the Palace has this errant daddy who hasn’t seen baby in many days, interact with children, thus showing how loving he is to utter strangers.  Meanwhile, the biological father of Meghan still hasn’t seen or touched his grandson which the pair of ‘royals’ seem utterly indifferent to, the baby’s only chance to interface with a relative that might actually love him is denied by the Court.


This is one of several reasons grandpa is joining the Daily Mail in fighting off Meghan and Harry’s lawsuit in England.  The royal louts are also suing other papers in England.  This increases their unpopularity not that they care much.

They seem to be losing popularity everywhere now.  The sight of both of them pretending to be interested in other people collapses when everyone now knows, neither of these disgusting people give a hoot about their own baby.

Funny how Meghan, who is ignoring her own baby as much as possible, claims to need to be ‘free as possible’ so she can…ignore her own baby and gad about the earth from one end to the other, demanding people worship her while baby has already had staff replacements several times so he doesn’t even have a consistent nanny to care about him.  Meghan is acting like she lives in a cheap hotel and the baby is for her welfare checks so she can gamble and use drugs.

And there are so many legal hurdles for this pair of ingrates.  The rage in England over spending millions to fix up a royal ‘cottage’ the size of a entire neighborhood has many very angry now.  These spoiled kids hardly spent one night there.  I suppose the croaking of the frogs annoyed them too much.

Why didn’t this brat ‘walk away from it all?’  Well…MONEY!  Hey, living the high life at taxpayer/estate tenants expense is fun!  Toiling to make a living on one’s own is hard work.  His grandma spends 5% of her time standing around, looking royal and nodding at people.  He thinks this is ‘work’, himself.  He is what we call ‘a spoiled brat’ which is normal for this family who have been spoiled for generations.

And Meghan is running around, trying desperately to cook up photo ops in the usual manner, lying about what she is really doing and what she really isn’t doing is taking care of a BABY.  These two nasty people had a baby very recently and he is probably the most emotionally neglected child on earth.  He doesn’t even have a welfare mom to give him some emotional support.  He has only a list of servants.  None of whom last more than a few months. This is the crime here, this pisses me off greatly.  This should anger everyone.


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23 responses to “Harry And Meghan Are Emotionally Abusing Little Baby Archie, Ignoring Him 90% Time

  1. Kerry

    Men can’t get pregnant nor can they give birth to a full term baby. The person calling himself Meghan did not have this child. Do I need to post another picture of it in high heels again during its supposed late term pregnancy? Really? Are you really defending this damaged person?

    Do you want to know where the baby is? The child is with the person who gave birth to it. It’s surrogate or probably his real mother.

    The royals use high level technology such as CRISPR to prevent the onset of inbreeding AND they get to choose the genetics they want in the child. The child may have a few genes from Markle for ethnicity but nothing else. And since Harry is most likely illegitmate, there is nothing in the child of him.

    Is it any wonder they that neither have an interest in it besides doing their initial press photo duties?

  2. timothy carroll


    Exactly! Amazing that women such as Elaine are duped into thinking ANY
    real mother would be separated from her newborn for more than a few minutes at a time. And this, supposedly, her first child. I remember over fifty years ago when my younger sister was born, my mother would NOT let them take the baby from her in the hospital, not even to give it a bath!

    No, Meghan is not the “mother”, Harry is not the father. Look, the elites would NEVER allow one of their bloodline to marry a negress, or “halfrican” if you would like to be more PC. No, Harry is not Prince Charles’ son and will never make it to any throne, other than the kind made by American Standard. This is all a psyop, advertising miscegenation is wonderful, especially if royals do it!

    Wake up! You’re being played like a guitar. These people are a farce. It’s as real as a sitcom. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of “Miss” Markle, especially in Diet Coke commercials, Disney voice overs, and the like. Harry is simply being led around by the snout. “Miss” Markle is holding the reins. He is the proverbial red-headed step child. 🙂

  3. timothy carroll

    OT: I get that we have a whole slew of trans-“women”…..and men, for that matter. What I don’t get is, their looks are indeed deceiving if you don’t actively look at skeletal structure, etc. So, my question is, how does the sex work? I mean, how does a trans “woman”, mimic the sexual functions of a real vagina, with a clitoris and sensitive, muscular vaginal walls? Likewise, how does a trans “man”, function in bed without testes, sperm. Not trying to be crude, but what allure would bedding down with one of these trans folks could there be?

    And I’m not poking fun at people who legitimately are trans, such as those born with both sex organs. I’m talking about those who actively pursue this change. If that’s what they want, then I have no objection.

  4. Kerry

    @Timothy Carroll

    All of this is their religion. Some of them are allowed to keep their genitals intact and others undergo the change.

    There are a vast amount of nerve bundles within our genitals. Once you cut into that area, all of that is destroyed. I have a suspicion that sexual intercourse is very painful, uncomfortable and traumatic for them. The hormones they need to take to keep their features feminine or masculine cause massive life threatening side effects.

  5. Kerry

    @Timothy Carroll

    Related to your question is the absolute disgusting modern “feminism” movement.

    The icons for this are all transgender.

    That is why they pushed LIES like this:

    ”Perhaps the wrong of rape has proven so difficult to articulate because the unquestionable starting point has been that rape is definable as distinct from intercourse, when for women it is difficult to distinguish them under conditions of male dominance.”

    “Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated.”

    Both by Catherine Mackinnon.

    Let’s take a look at MAC the knife here.

    Look at that huge skull. The brow bones. The mastoid neck muscles bulging out. You can see how they tried to shave the big male jaw down. The hands on this person are HUGE and can cover the whole face.

    Look at that hard stare. Does that say female to you? If you saw that staring at you, would it feel sexy? Or is that the stare another dude who wants to sucker punch you?

    Do you want to know why the Feminist movement was pushing all sex is rape lies? Because all the faces were Transgenders. Of course they would feel they were being attacked. They have absolutely no way to understand how a woman experiences sexual relations. Of course they would think sex is rape because they are men. They have male energy which must project and create a place in this world for themselves. Of course, sex would be a dominating for them, because they are seeing it as competition.

    Of course the spook controllers realized they went too far with that rhetoric then switched to the pussy hat, slut brigade. Which again, is headed by all transgendered males. In this instance these MtFs could then use their masculine energy. But most of them didn’t want men, they wanted women. Hello, to the LGBTQ MNOP mess.

    Our society has been torn apart for people who make up less than 1 percent of the population (including just homosexual people) who have no idea in their heads how real, well adjusted men and women act.

    That is the fact.


    ELAINE: all your examples look like me and my sisters, for example. Hello! We all are very much females. The ladies you rant about are…real women. This freakout about who is ‘female’ is crazy. Making up stuff about other women…dishonest. It is really annoying me now. I am a full female who did men’s work, ran around like a man, hung out with men a lot, like stuff men like and yet am 100% female.

  6. You are attracting nutbars, Elaine. Maybe you flirt with these ideologies because they support your nationalism, but look how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    ELAINE; Do you want me to censor everyone? I think many humans are confused. It goes with being animals with very big brains who have lots of hours at night, dreaming stuff so 40% of our life is in this fantasy world of dreams which fascinates me because all my long life, I remember many dreams and am highly aware that the horizon between dream world and reality is very hazy. People go insane, easily, due to our large brains. I said all my long life, people are the Insane Apes.

  7. In other news, Trump’s administration further rolls back nutrition standards for school lunches which Michelle Obama championed. Does anyone want to explain why this is a good idea, other than it might peeve the Obamas? https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/policy/article239402203.html

  8. Kerry

    “…look how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

    Who are you trying to conjure up?


    Why not say look through the locked door? Why not mention ruby slippers?

    Did you miss your date with Mac the knife MacKinnon?


    Next thing we all know, you’ll be writing about mirrors.

    LEARN everyone.


    Some of this is true and a great deal seems to be misdirects. But it explains why we have the mass media culture that we do and WHY they keep repeating crap over and over again.

  9. Kerry, I recommend Noam Chomsky on propaganda and mass media. You don’t need super-elaborate conspiracy theories involving kidnapping children and bringing them to a secret programming facility? It’s all out in the open. It’s called marketing, public relations, “Communications,” public diplomacy, etc…
    One thing I’d suggest to you is that the world is in reality more complicated than our models of it. We have certain cultural ideas about how men and women look, but if you study biology you find that these ideas are simplifications. We have ideas about matter and space and time which work reasonably well for us in our daily life, but which aren’t true either.
    Half of America figures it doesn’t need science, it seems. They’ve got the good book. They’ve got guaranteed agricultural exports to China, at least for the next two years. Let Asians do all that complimicated math and stuff; just buy their cellphones with printed money, and keep on living the dream.

  10. Here, this lecture “Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind” is old, but still interesting (at least to me). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9shpeKIXCMc

  11. Kerry

    @Steve M

    Noam Chomsky is a distraction. As is every other path they give us.

    “You don’t need super-elaborate conspiracy theories involving kidnapping children ….

    You are on a blog that proves the above statement happened.

    We are in a world of illusion that they built around us and it is built on the suffering of children.

    And MK ULTRA is not an elaborate conspiracy. It is the HEART of their power and, again, it feeds on children.

    “but if you study biology you find that these ideas are simplifications.”

    Spoken like an occultist. According to your precept no doctor, anthropologist, dentist, forensic scientist or anyone that studies human biology should know the difference. Because it would all be thrown out due to simplifications. No, right now they are HIDING it.

    “Half of America figures it doesn’t need science, it seems.”

    Do you think they have given us science? Do you think the travesty that is Global warming, global change and any other jackass idea that farts out from their mouths is science? Is dark matter science? No, it represents the empty space inside their heads.

    I’ll tell you what science they have been giving us..SATANISM. They have been using science to prove THEIR RELIGION.

    Think upon that for awhile.

  12. Hell’s bells! I come from a very long line of Brit elites. Guess what? MOST DON’T RAISE THEIR BABIES! They hand them off to others to cuddle and nurse! This leads to strange emotional quirks because Nanny is the ‘mom’ emotionally while ‘mother’ is this remote, forbidding creature who supervises the latter years including choosing the mates. Or rather, the adult leaders choose the mates for the younger ones, doing politics in the bedchambers!

    This is what has been breaking down in the last 100 years due to most ‘royals’ being literally killed off or dying due to inbreeding problems.

    Royals would use other women to carry their spawn except the curious would then question everything so they don’t do it that way…yet. On the other hand, I would love it if they did genetic testing of the ‘royals’ to see exactly how ‘royal’ they really are. That would be immensely amusing.

  13. @kerry, you’re typing on some electronic device designed according to the scientific principles taught in schools. In school they told you electrons flow out of the power outlet carrying electrical charge, a bunch of quantum mechanics goes on in the circuitry of your device, and text appears on screens. It’s not black magic, it’s all built on principles that can be understood, if imperfectly. And it works.

  14. Petruchio

    @#5Kerry: I look at the lower picture of MacKinnon and see a DEEP, almost savage HATRED and RAGE. Pretty accurate, I would say. And I would bet there are some genetic Jewish roots in her Family History.

  15. Kerry


    All media figures have Jewish background. But since they are cultists, that makes them apostate. They are perfectly happy to have regular people take the heat for them and they have allowed it again and again.

    “all your examples look like me and my sisters, for example.”

    Family members are not on the world stage telling people how to live their lives. Therefore they are not part of this conversation.

    “Making up stuff about other women…dishonest.”

    Ok, so all the information I posted from medical sites is wrong? Right? Forensics and the medical field cannot tell the difference between men and women.

    In fact YOU could not really tell that the Indonesian Hobbit wasn’t human because bones don’t tell the truth. Right? Perhaps it was just a human suffering from dwarfism.

    There is no difference between men and women. Which makes your various posts here NULL AND VOID.

    “I am a full female who did men’s work, ran around like a man, hung out with men a lot, like stuff men like and yet am 100% female.”

    Again, I’m not discussing your hobbies. I’m talking about BIOLOGY that has been taken from a myriad of medical sites and on PRO TRANSGENDER sites from plastic surgery to personal video sites.

    Transgenders admit to needing brow shaves, jaw shaves, nose jobs, tracheal shaves and myriad of drugs to achieve their look. Which makes them all look like Hollywood “female” stars.

    Apparently it isn’t necessary.

    UCLA is wrong. Because…you don’t agree and you hang with boys. I get it.

  16. Jim R

    Kerry, you are like a broken record around here. And it does get tedious after a while.

    Women exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. And with modern medical science, many of them can have babies even if they are not made from stout pioneer stock. When you see a picture of Queen Victoria in the early 1800s, you’ll see that she was quite a stout woman when she was young, and managed to blip out a lot of royal kids. The modern fashion of tall, slim women would not have survived long on the prairie frontier. Wouldn’t be able to pull a plow, and they’d have trouble giving birth. And even the royal women did not have modern healthcare until well into the 1900s.

    But now, they are not so constrained, and have not been for over half a century. They can have a skinny boyish figure with narrow hips, and still reproduce.

    Now, there have always been a few individuals who do not conform, with either physical or psychological differences to the norm. And it’s unfortunate that such variation is being very actively encouraged now. It’s absolutely scandalous to give an 8 year old child hormones.

    But still, the vast majority of people who present themselves as female are really female. Likewise for the males.

    As for that thing about bonding with your kids, and family togetherness, Elaine is quite correct about that. The royals and privileged uber-wealthy do not raise their own kids, it just isn’t done. Hasn’t been for centuries. They are raised by nannies and when they get close to puberty they are shipped off to boarding schools. They have closer emotional ties to their classmates at school than to anyone in their biological family.

  17. Kerry

    @Jim R

    Again, someone who will not address the medical evidence I gave. They even show OPERATIVE EVIDENCE on the Transgender surgery websites themselves.

    No. It is physically impossible for a woman to have a male skeleton. They will always have the correct hip to shoulder ratio. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SEE IT. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there or doesn’t exist.

    Still waiting for someone to convince me with biological evidence not their opinion.

    And I won’t stand for these people to call themselves female, thereby making life harder for real females. Case in point that Mac the Knife man. Look at the quotes. This person did decades of damage to women’s lives. DECADES.

  18. Jim R


    It is because all the “evidence” you present is NOTHING AT ALL. You’re like the “fake moon landing” people. You squint your eyes at a photograph and make a specious claim that something looks different than you think it should in your own private universe.

    And then you can’t be reasoned with. You have taken some evidence, and some testimony about something that happens once in a while, and extrapolate it to every freakin’ picture you see.

    People come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Get used to it.

  19. Jim R

    @Elaine, now that I’ve read the essay, it’s a good one!

    Royal mothers are a lot like dairy cows. A farmer once explained to me that cows of the dairy breeds are all lousy mothers. It’s because their calves are always taken away at birth and raised separately. When they have a calf, they pay little or no attention to it.

    After several generations of that, they have no idea what to do with a baby. You’re right, it’s like a welfare mother, the baby is just to ensure a regular check so she can party and cavort.

  20. Kerry

    @Jim R

    The biological markers are sound and can be measured. A woman with masculine like features WILL NOT LOOK LIKE A TRANSGENDER.


    EVIDENCE from an Etsy creator using female models.

    Look at this model. That is female. She has a masculinized face due to makeup. Because that is the look we are taught to think is beautiful.

    Look at how the hips flare out. She uses poses shown in high fashion but see how different she looks compared to the she boys that are used as models in professional fashion magazines. When she throws her hip to one side, the other hip doesn’t magically disappear. It is still there. The arms are short and end near the pubic bone. The shoulders are small. The HIPS MATCH THE SHOULDERS.

    Another real female.

    Timeless Optimist fashion blog

    Look at the hip flare. The ratio matches the shoulders. She has longer arms but the frame is still female. Her facial features are strong, but again she was taught to wear makeup by transgenders. So she tries to make herself look like them. Look at the neck. It is short. There is subcutaneous fat hiding the muscles. There are no deep troughs because she is a she and didn’t shave down her trachea.

    A female with more weight. Her head is larger. Oh, look. HIps Match the Shoulders.

    View this post on Instagram

    That moment when it’s been 5 minutes and you’re dressed for work. 👌🏻 #ad . I found this super cute leopard print tank at @Walmart! The smocking around the neckline is ultraflattering and the tiny print reads beautifully from a distance or up close. Shop this and other animal instinct pieces I’m loving at Walmart via http://liketk.it/2F0oU #liketkit @liketoknow.it #walmartfashion #wedressamerica . . . . . . . #fallfashion #fallstyle #animalinstinct #whatiwore #falltrends #falloutfit #effortlessstyle #styleeffortlessly #LTKunder50 #LTKstyletip #wiwt

    A post shared by Thea roxy Cripps (@roxyturtle) on

    You are the person who can’t be reasoned with, because you are ignoring biological evidence and stating it’s just what I’m making up. It’s all just fantasy in my head. Even though transgenders spend thousands of dollars in surgery just to look somewhat like the two examples I posted. And they can’t. They can’t look like these women. It is easy to see, if you really want to see.

  21. Moe

    @18 Jim

    Quote: You have taken some evidence, and some testimony about something that happens once in a while, and extrapolate it to every freakin’ picture you see.” endquote

    In fairness to your proposition, I too query the frequency of these transgender occurrences. What Kerry proposes, and which cannot be in dispute, is that hormonal, surgical and additional therapies are applied to engender transgender.

    To give full credence to Kerry’s perspective requires one to accept her version of the controlling elite’s religion (i.e. belief system) goals and modus operandi. That’s the real sticking point and one I am presently unable to resolve. Keep your mind open though: for a starter read Alice Bailey’s books. They’re either delusional fiction or a revelatory description of the the energies of the Universe. Note that Bailey’s husband Foster was a 33 degree Mason,and her books are published by Lucis Trust, formerly named Lucifer Publishing Company. 🙂

    The rabbit hole is deeper than we think.

  22. Jim R

    Yup, @Kerry, those two women look like they’d be able to make healthy babies.

    The thing is, I just don’t think the ‘trans’ phenomenon is all that common.

    Now, one thing that has been partly exposed recently is the prevalence of pedophilia among the elites. Epstein apparently had thousands of ‘clients’ in his now-missing address book. It must be a lot more common than the handful of colossal scandals like Jimmy Saville or Joe Paterno.

    I think a symptom of this is the prevalence of models and celebs trying to look like pre-pubescent teenagers, for as long as they can possibly get away with it.

  23. Kerry


    I personally am still unsure what the religious beliefs are of the elites. But all signs point to them being deeply religious.

    Some of it may be show business to confuse us. However I think they are now caught inside so many tall tales, things are bound to collapse.

    What they do seem to hold as true is a shamanistic belief in Ancestor Genetic Memory. Which they can access in trance state. This is one of the main reasons why they believe in bloodlines and interbreeding. If they accept outsider DNA, it dilutes their access to their own ancestors and invites in ones they don’t know. Some of the crazier ideas out there is that they are using DNA studies to find their own distant relatives i.e. the non-royals. Then their genetics are used to renew the bloodline and preclude inbreeding side effects. And if they don’t use distant relatives, they find bloodlines that are acceptable to them with ancestors they want to access. It is suggested this is what they did by breeding with Native Americans (especially from the shaman families).

    An example of seeing this access to ancestors in action is in movies. Anyone you see an actor playing an historical figure, he/she will be a 100% proven relative. Acting is considered calling in the beyond, being CHANNELERS. So the actor is channeling these royal ancestors who have passed.

    Have you ever seen that silly movie “Assassin’s Creed”? They show this idea in the context of science fantasy.

    @Jim R

    I’m not claiming transgendering is common at all. It is only a practice of the elites for religious reasons.

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