German Farmers Fight Globalists Who Want To Destroy Agriculture

Die Bauern im Deutschland are very angry.  They are supposed to destroy their farms to ‘fix global warming’ which is communist-speak for ‘starve everyone nearly to death’.  All communist countries first tame the populations via starvation.  Rationing food after destroying farmers is 100% how communists operate.  The ‘global warming’ scam is all about imposing hideous restrictions on farmers so that they lose their farms and everyone else starves.


From a month ago: Angry farmers in Germany light bonfires, protesting how they are being steadily strangled by leftist politicians.


The fires come sharp on the heels of a huge protest in Berlin, when close to 9,000 tractors converged on the Brandenburg Gate – many farmers driving overnight from far-flung regions.


“We feel that government is being driven by green groups and NGOs. They are chasing the Green party vote and ignoring farmers even though we are their core voters,” said Helmut Lebacher, the organiser of a bonfire in the small Bavarian village of Tyrlaching.


The ‘Green Party’ is the new disguise for the far leftist Maoist operations which I tangled with in Germany and then Berkeley back in 1968 and 1969.  They hate farmers and want to destroy farmers and replace them with cheap slave labor with the State owning the lands.


Himself a cattle farmer, Mr Lebacher said that ever stricter regulations are threatening the financial viability of small farms.


One goal of these creeps is to eliminate cows.  The excuse is ‘global warming’.  Even if it is very cold, this remains the excuse for eliminating farmers.  Always, the leftists go after farmers.  This has been true for the last 150 years.


“I invested a million euros in a new cow shed five years ago, but it wouldn’t get planning today. Constantly changing regulations are making it impossible to plan for the future,” he said.


The question here is obvious to me: why do all communist regimes starve millions of people?  They are dead set on this.  They used to claim, they were going to increase farming.  But with the new mania of ‘global warming’ they can starve billions of people ‘to save the planet’ and the entire point is…to stop farmers from producing food and thus, killing most humans!


The current demonstrations started in October after Angela Merkel’s government agreed on a new agriculture bill, which sets tough new limits on fertilisers and pesticide usage.


Of particular distress to farmers is a 20 percent reduction in fertiliser use in large areas of the countryside. The government says it has to comply with EU rules on nitrate levels in the groundwater. Concentrations of nitrate in drinking water pose serious health risks to infants and fertilisers are a major culprit. But farmers suspect environmental agencies are exaggerating the extent of the problem.


This is hilarious. When I lived in Germany in 1968, at one point I had to swim the Rhine to get out of France.  Ahem.


The water was FILTHY!  I emerge from it, shaking off the nasty stuff, my dress was ruined.  I told an angry lady who scolded me for swimming the river that I was a Rhein Maiden and I was going to curse Germans for polluting my home.  Well, now there is nearly no pollution but now they have to get all worked up on whatever pollution is left.  The problem is, if you go too far, eventually the downside is much worse than the ‘problem’.


That is, all systems have their good and bad sides.  But if you go ‘pure’ you end up dead from disease or starvation, etc.  So we compromise.  But leftists want everyone to die so they are quite happy with demanding rules and changes so everyone starves to death say, due to insects destroying crops.


Ms Merkel’s Christian Democrats, who have locked down the farming vote for generations, have tried to appear accommodating, stressing that the bill “is not yet law.” But they’ve made clear compromising on environmental standards is a red line, saying their hands are tied after losing appeal against fertiliser rules imposed by the EU.


The elites are screaming at the British voters, angry about Brexit.  The EU imposes all sorts of rules on everyone and is run by increasingly, communists.  Well, the protests of last month are not dying down any more than the many protests in France.  These are happening more and more and the farmers can clearly see, the goal is to first, bankrupt or kill them and then on to starving many millions or billions of people all in the name of ‘nature loving’ which leads to hideous results including humans eating EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in desperation.

Funny video by Sargon about foreigners moving to Britain and then complaining that they are surrounded by Brits and then running off, back home to wherever, and yelling about how their own countries are better than Britain!  HAHAHA.

The anti-globalist marches continue in France, bigger than ever.  And in the US, the impeachment nonsense continues after being dropped for several weeks due to the entire thing being a farce in the first place.


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4 responses to “German Farmers Fight Globalists Who Want To Destroy Agriculture

  1. AT

    Global warming is more about mitigating Peak Oil without letting democracy have a meaningfully informed say in where the loss falls.

    Not so much Khmer Rouge type agrarian reform.

  2. lou

    I found this,
    Big doins in Davos coming up, all I know so far is a single hotdog cost $43.
    I don’t know what kind, maybe a Muckies. They probaably won’t be eating many hot dogs in Davos anyway.

    President Trump is not invited, not important enough, not in the club,
    I don’t know. Too bad he can’t go he’d be the first president in my lifetime not there to sell us out.
    The ‘America First’ theme is not big in Davos. Major topic will be ‘Climate Change’ and our need to reduce our dependence on ‘Fossil Fuels”. But a thousand luminaries flew into Switzerland on jet aircraft, and the buildings they are in, the hotels, the meeting halls, are all heated with No.2 heating oil. Do you see the irony in that?

  3. Elaine, don’t you do farming yourself? Are you utterly dependent on chemical fertilisers to grow anything? If tomorrow you drove to the store and couldn’t buy a bag of fertiliser, would you stand in the isle screaming “The leftists have killed me! Food can’t grow without this stuff in bags from the store!”

  4. I sold organic matter and guess where it came from?

    My ox team and the horses. But they are now dead and gone and we are retired due to my husband’s health problems so we don’t farm anymore. I am against forcing farmers to do things. It is essential people choose what they do, not be forced.

    Remember: ALL SOCIALIST NATIONS when they are invaded by freeloaders, end up starving to death as they turn to communism.

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