Virginia Into Chaos Over DNC Gun Confiscation Bills

The Bilderberg gang is coming, the Bilderberg gang is coming!  After disarming all the English people at their main home base in England, they are beginning to eliminate arms from US citizens despite the Second Amendment.  This is causing quite an uproar in Virginia and the map above shows all the counties defying the State.  Like NY, the countryside is outraged about the insane programs DNC city people are imposing on us.  Already in my own community, a criminal with a long, violent record was released after attacking his girlfriend and immediately released so he attacked her the same day, again!  Liberals are EVIL and DANGEROUS.


The angry citizens of Virginia plan to invade DC and lobby against this draconian law on Monday, January 20, 2020.  “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” -Thomas Jefferson


We own various guns including historical guns like our colonial musket which we shoot off on occasion.  We shoot with these guns, we shoot at bears, at deer, aim at humans when necessary and yes, have done that in the past.  We are visited by bobcats, really big bears, moose, deer, coyotes and of course, hostile humans.


But I am a bigger believer in citizen’s arrests, I must hold the female record for making citizen’s arrests, I have done many, many arrests including literally tackling criminals, taking them down, disarming them, even knocking them out.  Now, liberals are making it basically illegal to make citizen’s arrests.  This ticks me off, greatly. It is very abusive of citizen’s rights to enforce the laws of the land.


Instead, liberals pass laws that harm citizens, enable criminals and make life very dangerous with zero ability to fight back.  I grew up on a ranch where I could shoot trespassers and that was taken away years ago so we figured out how to arrest them, instead.  The Sheriff deputized us to arrest anyone doing anything suspicious or annoying.


Well, that has been taken away, too.  The liberals want chaos for some bizarre reason.  Look at their cities! Covered in poo and filth and spent needles with drugs and diseases and crime running riot…who votes for that?


Oh, illegal aliens!  Yup.  What a fine voter base. Now on to Europe which is being systematically destroyed, too, by the Bilderberg gang.  Germany has seen some very angry farmers demonstrate.  So they hauled out the small handful of ‘organic’ farmers who produce around 10% of the food supply and had them march around Berlin, demanding modern farming cease so they can starve Germans to death:

This march of mainly young people who are communists (note the red flags along with the Green Party flags) demanding farmers who demonstrated yesterday, be eliminated.  The march was very feeble.  The marchers could barely wave their many flags.  The energy of the previous farmer marches was very strong.  And this march is pissing them all off, greatly.  Meanwhile, in France:

Macron and his gang thought, a month ago, the marches were losing strength so Macron imposed even more nasty rules on France and the marches have exploded in size and are increasingly violent with the troops attacking the citizens with more and more ferocity.

All the pro-ruling elite/EU globalist marches are peaceful as they are escorted about and the media praises them even when they are marching, calling for millions of people to freeze to death or die of starvation.  Anyone else protesting this plan is attacked and even killed.


This week, January 13th, which I missed due to having to put my husband in the hospital, Virginia’s DNC moved the gun bills through the assembly:

The Minstrel blackface DNC governor (note he was not forced out of office for this) is pushing through gun controls.  One the 16th, two days ago, the governor declared a State of Emergency due to fury raised by his hamfisted actions.

The leftists who run the DNC have declared war on three things: the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and…the entire Constitution!  Arrest them all.  West Virginia is asking Virginia if they want to leave that state and become part of WV instead:

The legislature has passed a bill encouraging this in West Virginia:

From crazy England where citizens have zero rights of any sort:  >Powerful Brits demand no more knives with sharp points!


ban on the sale of pointed kitchen knives has been demanded by the Church of England as it says there is no reason for them in the modern world.


In a letter to ministers backed by a judge, top trauma doctors and psychiatrists, police and victims, Church of England bishops say re-designing domestic knives to give them rounded ends would combat knife crime by making “life-threatening” injuries “far less likely.”


They say sharp knife points were only used historically to pick up food because forks had not been invented and it was a time when they could be carried openly.


In insane asylums, patients are not allowed sharp pointy things of any sort due to being insane.  Is all of England insane?  Incredible.

Florida Sheriff: “I Will Not Enforce Assault Weapons Ban, Neither Will Most Sheriffs” (Video)

More protests against the Bilderberg gang in Europe!



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17 responses to “Virginia Into Chaos Over DNC Gun Confiscation Bills

  1. Kerry

    They are going to be staging terrorist response exercises called HEAT in the area near the gun protest (Culpeper). I think Polly is right, they want to start serious trouble just so they can move in and make mass social changes without oversight.

  2. Shawntoh


    Since most US educated folks seem to be “geographically challenged” anyway when it comes to identify places on maps, we might as well merge the two states with the name of “Virginia”.

    Why, it might even save money, too. Who knows?

    However, I feel that the people living in both those states should decide that issue. Let’s leave it up to them, I say!

    [Maybe “North Carolina” and “South Carolina” could merge as well to make life simpler and easier but again, it would have to be up to the people living in both states.]

    Excuse me, “Zeke”, that’s what we call circumstantial evidence, I believe, and it explains nothing other than the fact he, DJT, may have had (or still have) the book(s) you cited in that article and that’s it!

    If I read a certain book called “Das Kapital” in the German language by a certain famous author whose name I won’t mention, would that make me a communist?

    In closing, to answer Elaine’s rhetorical question about England, I have decided there are probably only two types of insanity, “clinical insanity” and “socially-acceptable insanity”.

    Since I’m neither a psychologist or a psychiatrist, you’ll have to ask a qualified pro’ about the “clinical” insanity. Be sure to make sure they are properly licensed!

    Philosophically, in my subjective opinion, you don’t need to visit England to find out the answer to Elaine’s rhetorical question.

    Just go to the west coast of the USA, to either Seattle, WA, or, Portland, OR and, of course, San Francisco, CA, and note how the DNC controlled places give meaning to certain manifestations we could call “socially-acceptable insanity”.

    For the most of your experience, just ask any locals in any of these three cities where the best place is to camp on any of the urban streets to get the best results for your experience there of “insanity” and I’m sure you’ll just “love” it madly!

    [cue sound of maniacal laughter of the most demented kind]


  3. And Shawn knows up front and personal, what he is talking about. We have talked on the phone about all this in the past. Minus the ‘maniacal laughter’.

  4. Zeke

    But if you kept the impenetrable Das Kapital, Vols. 1, 2 and 3, about 700+ pps of blather by Karl Marx and posthumously complied 3rd vol. by his bro., Engels at your bedstand, in lieu of say – the Bible – – that should tell ya something.
    Even more so if you emulate such in your speech and mannerisms. Get it now?


  5. AT

    The real news over the last week is Putin’s Constitutional “reform.” In addition to consolidating power under his Presidency, he has immunized his Country’s sovereignty in some rather clever and detailed ways. For example, no official in Russia at any level is allowed to remain in office if they have a dual citizenship, a foreign passport or home, or other large sums of money in another Country that would make it possible for them to relocate. Stated reason is to fight outside influences. Lots of other stuff there too.

  6. The EU and US is learning all about ‘dual citizens’, no? Divided loyalty is a real problem.

  7. Zeke

    IMO dual citizenship is, like so many other things, neutral. It can be good for citizens but needs to be disclosed and renounced if, when running for national office. Similarly with officers of multinational corporations. Where corps. are ‘citizens’ of more than one nation.
    Likewise with people with property and other holdings or interests in countries other than where they primarily live.
    Non resident USA dual citizenship is dissuaded because of the extra-territorial nature of the “personal” income tax. Boris Johnson was a dual Brit-USA citizen until he got the tax bill (so to speak) from the IRS. Then he renounced USA citizenship.

  8. Rob

    Well no surprise that Antifa did not make a violent show … rally was well attended with folks with open-carry. Infowars Youtube video:

  9. Moe

    On a quasi-related note, some good news about America’s policing failure, otherwise known as trigger-happy cops:

    Excerpt: “In an interview with The Free Thought Project, former LAPD officer Alex Salazar pointed out why many of his friends ended their own lives:

    People are tired of being killed by these cops. They operate with a gang-like mentality similar to the military, in that they are pawns in a larger game, but perceive themselves as warriors for a righteous cause. Cops often turn to suicide after they lose control of their personal lives. They are taught to be control freaks and to be always be in control and it often ends in tragedy.

    When I was a LAPD officer I had at least 6 partners and supervisors included who “ate” their guns. This police propaganda crap is occurring because they’re desperate and cops backs are up against the wall. They will resort to ANY tactic or issue and use it to inflate the situation. I perceive in the not so distant future some of these cowboy “John Wayne” types will instigate a fear driven attack against activists.”

  10. I used to arrest many people. I also have had criminals SHOOT GUNS AT ME. You are insane. I actually lived in crime raddled ghettoes. My neighbors respected me and even joined me in fighting crime. There are many nasty criminals out there in la la land. Leftists want them to run riot because leftists hate people.

  11. Moe

    I am insane? How is it that you are never able to reconcile the reality of cops often being out of control versus the need for effective policing? These are two entirely different things.

  12. If ‘cops are out of control’ guess what? Vast city populations ARE totally out of control! If people control themselves, the cops don’t bother them. My town has no cops but everyone has guns and so far, control themselves.

  13. Moe

    @14 EMS

    Quote: “If people control themselves, the cops don’t bother them.”

    Bullshit, cops intimidate, interrogate, beat and shoot innocent people frequently and repeatedly, It’s in the news every week.

    So you’ve had violent and dangerous interaction with criminal elements, have you ever had a cop shoot at you? I have. Have you ever been beaten for ‘non-cooperation’? I have. Have you ever been falsely charged? I have.

    You’re such a cop-lover you can’t see that police violence in America is a common occurrence.

  14. Good lord.

    The police aren’t perfect but all these ‘evil cops’ seem to work in DNC run cities, don’t they?

  15. lou

    DNC or genetics?
    Black family
    FACT #31: The rate at which Blacks commit murder is thirteen times that of Whites; Rape and assault, ten times. These figures, as given by the F.B.I. reports, vary somewhat from year to year but fairly represent the trend for the past decade. (27) (6) (13)
    FACT #32: According to the justice Dept, 1 in every 4 Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 is currently in prison or on probation or parole. (32) (6) (3)

    FACT #33: Though only 12 % of the U.S. population, Blacks commit more than half of all rapes and robberies and 60 % of all murders in the U.S. (32) (27) (6)
    FACT #34: Approximately 50 % of all Black males will be arrested and charged with a serious felony during their lifetime. (27)
    FACT #35: A Black person is 56 TIMES more likely to attack a White person than vice versa. (3) (32)
    FACT #36: Black rapists choose White victims over half (54.9 %) of the time, 30× as often as Whites choose Blacks. (2) (32) (28)

    FACT #37: The annual report from the Department of justice shows that when Whites commit violence they do it to Blacks 2.4 % of the time. Blacks, on the other hand, choose White victims MORE THAN HALF the time. (3)
    FACT #38: In New York City, any White is over 300 TIMES MORE LIKELY to be assaulted by a gang of Blacks than is a Black by a gang of Whites. (32)

    FACT #39: Many people argue that high Black incarceration rates show that police center enforcement at Black crimes and ignore white-collar crimes. However, Blacks commit a disproportionate number of white-collar of fenses as well. In 1990, Blacks were nearly 3 times as likely to be arrested for forgery, counterfeiting, and embezzlement as Whites. (32) (6)

    FACT #40: Many people believe that crime is a product of poverty and lack of “advantages.” However, the District of Columbia, which enjoys the highest average annual salaries and is second only to Alaska in personal income per capita, leads the nation in just about every category of crime including murder, robbery, aggravated assault, and vehicle theft. D.C. also has the country’s strictest gun control, highest police costs per capita, highest ration of police and correctional of ficers per citizen, and highest rate of incarceration. Its permanent population is over 80 % Black. West Virginia, which has the nation’s lowest crime rate, suffers from chronic poverty and has the highest unemployment in the U.S. It also has the fewest police per capita. West Virginia is over 96 % White. (33)

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