A Right Royal Mess: Meghan/Harry And Evil Royals Roil Peasants

I am an American due to the royals in England kicking my ancestors out of England and they moved to the roaring wilderness of the New World and built America.  Watching this wretched family go under is very amusing to me.  I can’t help it.  The evil Queen of England continues to shelter and protect and live literally in her home with her evil son, pedo Andrew, while blubbering about how marriage is good and we should all love this wicked family due to them being so loving…HAHAHA.  Diana is somewhere in the afterlife, laughing like a maniac.


This is a life lesson.  I am a silly old woman.  I have no real power except that granted by the Watchers and whoever is in charge of lightning bolts (Thor).  I can spot evil pretty easily.  So let’s look at the Queen’s face here: Meghan’s father talks about why he is joining the Daily Mail in the Sussex lawsuit against the Daily Mail:

The Queen isn’t this nice old lady.  She is evil.  She raised her spawn to be evil and note how they go around pretending to be good, supporting charities and giving speeches about the planet earth and peace and all that rot while living like Caligula and Nero at home in England!  It is very astonishing to watch.

The Queen of England wants us all to think she is this loving, family-oriented Hausfrau aus Deutschland (several generations ago) who is ‘normal’.  HAHAHA.  A typical ghetto welfare family, she is.  All the problems of idle, stupid welfare leeches who intend to stay firmly on welfare for generations while committing CRIMES, she is quite different than the public image the media had to project.


Diana smashed all that when she refused to continue pretending to be married to a man who had a mistress in the next door room on her wedding night and who was right next to her at the altar at her marriage.  This was utterly depraved of her husband who was emotionally abusive from hour one.


After she was killed in Paris, the machine to keep these leeches in their palaces turned on full blast to belittle Diana and pretend her evil husband and his lover who is now his wife, were good people due to ‘charities’.  Now, this goofy family is on the ‘global warming’ bandwagon.  So they have turned totally evil: they gad around the planet earth and live in palaces and are yelling at us peasants, WE are ‘destroying the planet’ and must stop doing a fraction of what they are all doing.


They want to continue living like literal kings and queens while the peasants are doomed to freeze/starve to death to ‘save the planet earth.’  This is a declaration of WAR on humanity!  This is the definition of ‘evil’.


The Queen is believed to be ‘very sad’ she has barely seen baby Archie as she comes to terms with Harry and Meghan’s future plans as ‘non-senior Royals’.


His great-grandmother and the Duke of Edinburgh met him at just two-days-old at Windsor Castle, but could not attend his christening two months later because it clashed with a private weekend they hold at Sandringham every year.


Isn’t that funny?  The queen was busy with her usual hanging out at home in Sandringham and going to a church was not on her calendar!  Typical socially ineptitude Queen at work here.


Meghan and her silly husband are both living far from their ‘child’, running riot while the baby is invisible, cared for by utter strangers and hidden from view. Both are desperate to have ‘good press’ all while drinking, driving, flying, eating, goofing off…while baby remains utterly unattended.  The only reason the little boy hasn’t been collected by authorities is, they have servants to ‘care’ for the tot.


This goes back to the Queen: who raised these brats?  Hello!  NOT HER.  She barely spoke to them when young.  She would fly off all over kingdom literally come while they remained at home and when home, they had to stand in line behind all others when greeting the maniac queen’s return and then, shake her hand!


Psychopaths raise psychotic children.  And the ‘royal’ lines in history are teeming with psychopaths of every sort.  To gain and hold power requires being bloody ruthless and heartless.  But to keep power in the modern world, they have to PRETEND to be ‘generous/kind/thoughtful’ and this is a mask.  The real face is the one the children inside this insidious family get to see: cold, greedy, stupid.


The poor peasants in England are told, this cold, bitter female is to be admired and loved.  But what is missing in this welfare family?


LOVE.  Meghan isn’t a virgin like poor Diana who really loved small children and taught them before becoming the broodmare for the Queen.  Meghan has no history of being interested in children and the utter depraved indifference about her own baby is typical of the royal family unlike Diana who was very torn when her boys spent much of their time with daddy due to ‘royal duties.’


Here is the sad grandfather who is not allowed to speak to or see his own grandchildren due to Royal decrees:


Mr Markle, who has not spoken to the Duchess since before the wedding, which he missed because of heart surgery, says he believes their relationship is now beyond repair. He tells the programme: ‘I can’t see her reaching out to me, especially now, and in light of what I’m saying now she probably won’t, or Harry for that matter.


He has been ghosted.  He can’t come back to life, this would require them thinking about how he, not they, feel.  Psychopaths don’t give a darn, what their victims ‘feel’ except when they are in pain.  This gives the psychopaths pleasure.  Pictures of Meghan after destroying Harry’s family as well as her own, is gleeful.  She is utterly happy!  Her glee is obvious.


 ‘But I think both of them are turning into lost souls at this point.

‘I don’t know what they’re looking for.

‘I don’t think they know what they are looking for.’


They are looking for emotional power over the planet earth.  They want to howl about how we are all going to roast to death while doing as they please.  There is a name for this: SATANISM.  ‘Do as YOU will’ and I was raped by a Satanist when only 5 years old.  I know what this is all about, utterly intimately and this is why I can ‘see’ these clowns so clearly even though people are annoyed about this because people are relatively easy to fool.


Every psychopath knows this and exploits this.  Meghan and Harry can ‘see’ perfectly fine.  They cynically use weak, helpless people as tools for power to do as they please which…they do most of the time. The ‘charities’ are cover for all this satanic pleasures they indulge in most of the time.


Visiting the Justice For Girls charity, which fights for an end to violence, poverty and racism in youngsters’ lives, Meghan sat at a table deep in conversation and posed for a group shot.


Earlier, she called in at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, which supports women fleeing violence, dealing with homelessness or living in poverty.


Note how this spoiled psychopath, while not bothering with her little baby, trots off to ‘visit’ women who are homeless and victims of violence.  She is using them as a cloak to hide her anti-human psychopathy.  She is one of the Hollywood satanists.  Yes, worshipping the ‘devil’ is what they do in Hollywood.  Look at what this group produces!  It is obvious to me!


The Crowley circle wasn’t in Kansas, it was in Hollywood and my own family had dire interactions with this coven before WWII.  They messed with me in the past, more than once, quite a few times.  Lightning works, by the way, this always amused me when we ‘intersected’ usually in hotel rooms because I prefer this to at home, lightning is messy.


And I now sound insane!  Well…I am one of THEM!  My family was doing strange things going back many generations including founding the Skull and Bones, for example.  It is in ‘our blood’ so to speak.  Poor Mr. Markle!  He spoiled his daughter, took her to work with him in Hollywood, exposed her to the Crowley coven there and she is one of them.  Has been since childhood, THEY RECRUIT CHILDREN!


And she was supposed to exploit the royal family, not destroy them.  Being foolish, she is way too open and obvious so the masses can see clearly how evil she really is.  I find this very amusing in a horrible way.  She is literally the ‘Black Swan’:

In this famous ballet the royals watch the black swan seduce their Prince son who then rejects the white swan and the magician who has enslaved the white swan did this deliberately, ahem!  By the way, the black swan wins, pretty much.  She destroys the Prince.


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3 responses to “A Right Royal Mess: Meghan/Harry And Evil Royals Roil Peasants

  1. snoosebomb

    The queen said the best time of her life was driving a truck during the war. It is often said how the royals feel it is the greatest fun to pass as ordinary people. the royal role keeps them prisoner in the gilded cage. Just look at Charles sad face , oh the tedium of wealth . Plus they are probably lousy company in private. And imagine having to have servants put your pants on every morning or having to keep them busy keeping the old stuff afloat . ?

  2. Pete

    Edward VIII and Hitler

    Meghan takes over like Wallis Simpsom!

  3. Zeke

    I was going to make a comment about the pair and Brit royalty in general, all true. But then I looked at it and although true, seemed unnecessarily cruel. I don’t want to be that guy. I feel sorry for them.
    I hope they get it together and live contented, satisfying lives.

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