Feminists Think Rape is OK If Criminal Is Muslim Or Black

In England, the police were under orders to ignore the rape/prostitution of white girls under the age of 18 because Muslim males from mainly Pakistan, were doing this and it is ‘racist’ to stop them.  This is a scandal there but here in the USA, the women’s movement doesn’t give a fig about women being abused or exploited or even raped or whatever if their Muslim/black male allies are the attackers.  Then, it is the woman’s fault she is assaulted, not the women’s movement’s top allies.


I have been endlessly amazed and astonished about this alliance which, from the Muslim’s point of view, is like stealing candy from babies.  I saw this many years ago on the left.  Black rapists were to be coddled!  Reporting them to the cops was evil.  Many a university/high school girl was brutally raped and feminists on the left sneered at them.  I, personally, had to save/give medical care to/chase after violent rapists who circled the universities, seeking naive young ladies to rape.


At no point in time did the leftist Maoist females shed a tear for victims.  They are still doing this, today.  Yesterday, a bunch of deranged leftist, bitter females marched against Trump, not against inner city rapists.  They blamed him for everything while ignoring true dangers to life and limb.  Suddenly, Alex Jones snuck up on these stuck up females, scaring them.

Thousands of protesters took part in the fourth annual Women’s March in the nation’s capital on Saturday, many wearing “Love Trumps Hate” buttons while spewing expletives about President Donald Trump and his administration.


The organizations supporting this year’s march, however, are many of the same anti-Trump groups that have opposed him since his election, including Planned Parenthood, Code Pink, Credo, Demand Justice – cofounded by Brian Fallon, former national press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential run – Indivisible, In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, League of United Latin American Citizens, League of Women Voters, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Organization for Women, and YWCA.


These insane leftists scream about men attacking women and wanting to protect women and then…demand all men attacking women be released with no bail if they attack a woman!  Cities run by these deranged females like say, Baltimore or San Francisco, are very, very dangerous for women due to high crime rates, disorders and like in NY now, these lunatic leftist females are now openly releasing rapists and killers with no bail much less, punishment!


This is striking very close to my own home.  Just up Route 22 is this story: Like this week in Hoosick Falls, near my home, another brutal man is allowed to run free, no bail, attacks co-worker female who was his girlfriend. He openly attacked her at work, it was filmed so there is no doubt about this and he spent less than two hours in jail for this attack and is back, harassing her. This is just the very first week of Cuomo’s ‘let them out of jail free’ cards. Just one week!


I am stuck at home right now, taking care of my husband who is getting better but can’t be left alone for several hours.  I really want to go to Albany and raise hell.  But it looks like nearly everyone around me is very aroused about this, now.


This liberal lunacy is everywhere these days with poor Sweden being a total basket case, what a mess:

White Swedes should win the ‘Stupidest Whites’ award.  It would be an axe for execution.


All this obvious danger to women and where are the stupid ‘feminists’ who support the DNC gang? Hello! Where is stupid ‘bomb Libya’ Hillary?  This is demonic.  It is the definition of  ‘depraved indifference to suffering.’  The feminist leftist solution is to destroy the police by letting blacks openly attack them:

Baltimore’s state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, took aim at the city’s police union Saturday after union officials condemned a violent attack Friday night against a city police officer.


Mosby accused the police union of “fanning the very flames they then call on me to put out,” saying union officials responded to the violent attack with “inappropriate political rhetoric.”


Getting angry about black mobsters running riot is blamed on the police.  Mosby wants the cops to shut up.  Many are leaving and the city can’t find anyone stupid enough to replace the police.

This deliberate chaos endangers women and children. Feminists don’t care and they in particular, do not care about children!  Meanwhile, in DC, it turns out that Trump hater Rosenstein admits he is the criminal who released the Strzok/Page text messages, not Trump.

Confused anti-Trump leftists think that this news means that Trump, not Rosenstein, is responsible for all this junk.  HAHAHA.  Hello: Rosenstein was working to impeach Trump, not help him!


Now for a funny cartoon of the Indian Princess running for President argues with Bernie:

And the circus continues in Congress that doesn’t give a hoot if millions of invaders mass on our borders (right now, they are again, pushing into Mexico so they can come here and are waving foreign flags like any invading army):

It just amazes me no end to see Trump as the only sane adult in DC these days.  There are a few others but not many!  Ted Cruz is doing pretty good at being an adult these days!  Rand Paul is great at ‘get off my lawn’ adulthood, too.



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5 responses to “Feminists Think Rape is OK If Criminal Is Muslim Or Black

  1. Nina

    Western feminists complain about how awful white men are, while women in other cultures can’t even decide whom to marry.

  2. Kerry

    Feminism is a psychological weapon against people, both men and women.

    But luckily, IT ISN’T REAL. Just because we see it on their black magic tv’s and in their yellow rags, doesn’t make it real.

    This is what they count on, that we are still seeing their puppet Punch and Judy show as real.

    It would be funny if the situation was so dire.

    We have generations of men raised in single mother households. Households built on them taking on psychological responsibilities too early. Not only that, they had no real say in their own households. They were not husbands and they were not sons. So what kind of impression of marriage and women were they left with to live?

    Feminism now builds itself on this psychological break. Now it is going after men’s strength of agency. So that they will totally stand down during emergencies.

    A great deal of this I place the blame firmly on the baby boom generation. They were all raised in intact families. They should have known better. They received all the good society had to offer. And because they were all collectively spoiled rotten, they they thought it was funny to watch it smash. They set the precedent through free will choice.

    All because they were thinking with organs inside their pants and not in their heads.

  3. Nope. What happened was the Pill. I was one of the very first teens given the Pill when only 13 years old due to injuries from being raped as a child. It made me very ill so I refused to take the Pill but didn’t have sex until age 20. All around me, I watched fellow teen girls go giddy and happy due to the Pill and run around having sex with everyone only to discover the horrors of ugly diseases.

    The swinging from being free swinging sex to sick, unhappy, abortions and psycho was in less than a decade.

  4. lou




    Reeaz Khan is a 21-year-old illegal immigrant from a backwards country called Guyana. The fact that he’s an illegal alien and is still in our country is evidence that our country is broken.

    Even though we’re pretty sure the War Between the States was fought because the South disobeyed the federal government, we’re not sure how that’s different from several progressive mayors’ current practice of declaring one’s city to be a safe sanctuary for illegal immigrants to flout federal law. Isn’t there already some kind of law against saying, “Hey, you—that’s right, you—please come to my city and break the law”?

    As already implied, this “Khan” dude—who has that sort of atavistic indigenous South American tree-swinger look as if Dee Dee Ramone and Mowgli from the Jungle Book cartoon had a baby—should have been ejected from this country merely for being here without permission. But he was freed without bail in November for assault and gun charges. And despite an ICE request to hold him for deportation, he was released.

    “The climate is such that it’s controversial for a major Hollywood star to be friendly with the president.”

    Surveillance footage suggests that it was Khan who raped and murdered 92-year-old Maria Fuertes late at night January 6 on a street in Queens. The woman, known to locals as “Grandma,” had ventured out into the bracing cold to buy cat food. Police say Khan attacked her and dragged her to the ground during a struggle, whereupon he raped her and left her lying “incoherent” on the street with a broken spine and rib fractures.

    Fuertes died later at the hospital.

    Khan, showing the sort of stupidity that serves as a further argument why he should never have been let into this country, told detectives that, yes, he was present at the crime scene but, no, he did not attack her. He said he chanced upon the woman lying on the ground and was trying to help her up when suddenly “he fell down, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his penis fell near her vagina.” He reportedly confessed to detectives that he suffers from “uncontrollable urges” and that “something came over him,” at which point he “’lifted up Fuertes’s skirt and [tried] to put his penis inside of her.

  5. Petruchio

    “Feminists Think Rape is OK If Criminal Is Muslim Or Black”. There is NO inconsistency here; the Feminazis are merely showing their True Colors. Feminaziism is and always has been about attacking White Males. Destroying the Family Unit and the Western Institution of Marriage. It’s why Feminazi’s never squawk about the Rape epidemic by Muslims in Europe. And the MSM keeps their little Narrative alive. AND: notice how so many of the leading Feminazis do NOT have children and most have never been married?

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