New York Times Endorses Two DNC Women For President (Not Tulsi!)

Warren planned this all out, conspiring with her female buddies at the New York Times.  I suspected this but said nothing until today’s NYT headline about supporting only females for President.  Of course, Sanders didn’t say anything like this, but he did fumble around a bit unlike Biden who is now way off base, barely able to function at all.  Sort of like Hillary when she ran and fell to pieces due to stress in old age.  Bloomberg is running on the ‘billionaire’ political line, that is, ‘I will buy the Presidency!’  The DNC is nuts.


The New York Times endorsed not one, but two candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sunday.  They know that Pocahontas is a serial liar who used fake information to get special privileges when going to school and then landing her first jobs.  This is utterly disgusting yet she trots relentlessly onwards, dishonest to the bitter end.


This is why the NYT also endorsed a woman who has zero chance of running on the DNC platform, as their second choice.  This woman is ‘middle of the road’ unlike Bernie who is a full communist.


“Her campaign’s plans, in general, demonstrate a serious approach to policy  making that some of the other candidates lack,” they wrote in the endorsement.


“Ms. Warren accurately describes a lack of housing construction as the primary driver of the nation’s housing crisis, and she has proposed both increases in government funding for housing construction, and changes in regulatory policy to encourage local governments to allow more construction,” they added.


In their endorsement for Klobuchar, the editorial board called her the “standard-bearer” for the Democratic center.


The traitors who run the NY Times, a founding member of the Bilderberg gang, attack Trump in their editorial for ‘America First unilateralism abroad’…how dare he! We are supposed to be ‘international’! Also, he is in a ‘cultural war’ with the internationalists, too! Imagine that.


I wish the editors used the proper term: kulturkampf.  The communists yapped about that in Germany before Hitler showed up and used the concept, too.  ‘The veneration of a mythological past’ angers these international crooks running the NY Times off the cliff.  Hey, that is my own ancestors they are yapping about.  I bet, if I got into the family background of the editors at that paper and I know some of them were born overseas, none have ancestors going back more than 120 years or less.


The people are doing this in Europe, too, demanding the natives there bow to recent invaders or else.  The NYT has decided to go the ‘sex/alien’ route in this election.  Also, about the housing issue: what on earth are they talking about?  The ‘housing crisis’ is 100% in DNC run cities.  These cities see housing collapse or rot due to welfare/illegal aliens pouring in.  Lots of housing is being built where there isn’t invasions going on, where there isn’t drug addicts and poo on the streets, we see housing being built.


In DNC run cities housing, the power base there makes it nearly impossible to develop housing and the only housing they want built is that which is funded by the taxpayers.  Since these cities also destroy the schools making these dangerous and dirty and with very poor teaching conditions, we see people leaving these cities when they have children!


The ‘fixes’ the DNC is proposing is for more taxpayer funded public housing for the very same people destroying these DNC cities!


Amy Klobuchar is a Yale lawyer who is now a Senator from Minnesota.  Her hour of fame was to attack Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh about his juvenile sex life many years ago.  How charming.  I love how females think this is a good idea.  What is even funnier is, she still ‘opposes the Iraq war’ but none of the wars of her friend who she supported previously, ‘Peace Award’ Obama!  Those identical illicit wars were OK.  Especially when Hillary was involved and laughing about destroying nations with zero war declarations!


Great ‘peace’ candidates we have here!  As per usual, of course.


National security official Kashyap “Kash” Patel filed the defamation suit Wednesday in state court in Fairfax County, Va. He’s asking for $44.9 million in damages.


“On October 23, 2019, in an article published online and tweeted to millions, Goldman and the Times, directly and by implication, falsely accused Kash Patel of lying, deceit, federal crimes, and illegal, conniving and unethical conduct,” the suit says.


The NYT does this all the time.  I am actually grateful they always left my name out of the news when reporting things going on in New York City.


The story was headlined “White House Aides Feared that Trump Had Another Ukraine Back Channel.”


This is all very attached to the present coup attempt: accusing Trump of colluding not with Russia but now, with Ukraine.  This raw attempt at preventing a President from doing what previous Presidents did all the time is foolish.  The DNC imagines they can resume destroying countries, invading illegally, etc. with no consequences.


“Senior national security officials grew concerned about Kash Patel, a colleague who had been involved in Republicans’ efforts to undermine the Russia investigation,” the story said.


Yes, the entire ‘Russia collusion’ hoax continues to function for the NY Times and the Bilderberg gang and their employees like the two crazy ladies running for President.  In between all this, the DNC is releasing an army of violent criminals upon states run by ‘liberals.’  Good lord, this is now happening within a 15 mile radius with my little house on the mountain!  Good thing, I have guns still.


And both ladies want to fix that, too!


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7 responses to “New York Times Endorses Two DNC Women For President (Not Tulsi!)

  1. AT

    Tulsi would have fighting chance, as you point out. Warren and that other person, not so much.

    Considering only the significance of a first woman President, all women in the Country should be angry about this sabotage.

  2. Floridasandy

    As a woman, I am angry that anybody would push a woman candidate just because she is s woman.

    That’s sexist, and most women aren’t sexist

  3. Petruchio

    The DNC is nuts? You aint seen anything yet. I still say that Hillary Clinton is gonna be the Democrat nominee in 2020. The DNC are stupid enough to think Hillary can win the Election.

  4. AT

    @ #2

    Re-read the dependent clause of my last sentence.

    What’s worse, your logic about sexism is worse than your misinterpretation of what I wrote. This type of muddled political correctness typifies what the Chinese derisively call the “white left.”

  5. AT, Florida Sandy was basically AGREEING with you.

  6. You post some rather confused stuff here. I would suggest reading yourself more carefully in the future.

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